Fixing Atari's Legendary 1980 MISSILE COMMAND Arcade Game Cabinet! PCB Repair & Ram Faults -

Fixing Atari’s Legendary 1980 MISSILE COMMAND Arcade Game Cabinet! PCB Repair & Ram Faults

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  1. When ever I need to clean solder I use solder wick it's a lot easier

  2. WOW I can't believe it…. you get ALL the easy repairs! 😉

  3. Don't trust those solder suckers after they lifted a trace once. Desoldering braid much safer.

  4. This video game right here. That is the first game I ever bugged my dad for a quarter to play. I was so young he had to prop me up on his knee so I could see the screen. Damn man, thank you for the video!!! 🙂

  5. I still think this was the best game ever…

  6. WOW I remember playing this at the 7-11 yes 7-11 and Burger King had games too fun game but i'm left handed damn ! it looks almost new hopefully it wont be THE END for this classic

  7. I guess you guys are suckers for suckers 😄 I have been using a cheap one too like you showed with the black tip. Somehow it is not as bad the white tipped ones. But for around 100 smackeroonies you can buy the zd-915 desoldering station which beats all manual suckers. Loads of reviews on YouTube.

  8. I hope you guys realize you are not only technically blessed cool dudes that like to have fun, but are preserving important electronic entertainment history all the while.

  9. Seeing all those junk solder suckers, I was about to recommend the same one you got. Hands down the best manual sucker I’ve ever used. So smooth and consistent.

  10. I got lucky because I bought an electrified solder sucker when the local Radio Shack closed and it has been amazing.

  11. What are your thoughts about people cleaning their G07 monitor with a spray bottle of simple green and a garden hose? (made me cringe)

  12. You cant beat a real Hakko .. used it for 20 years ..

  13. we can almost see what he looks like in the reflection big forehead

  14. 0 I so want 2 C rycar..spell check lol ya goofy m8te from Australia

  15. Just wanted to say a huge thank you for taking the time to make these videos. I was a huge arcade rat and technophile in the 80’s. I loved any opportunity to see inside a pinball machine or arcade cabinet, but the technician usually wasn’t patient with my questions. These videos are so interesting and immersive that even your longest videos seem to pass by so quickly. This channel would have been an absolute dream for my 13 year old self.

    Ive always wanted to acquire a non functioning EM pinball machine to repair. Unfortunately space prohibits but hopefully one day. Your videos will be a huge part in the success of that future endeavour.

    Thanks again.

  16. Love the videos,how do you fugue out the repair charge.i do old tube radios.and their isn't any repair labor guides like for car repairs,just trying to be fair,thanks

  17. hey to save yourself a headache use copper mash it will drag aluminum off board on copper mash n have use hot iron heat it up so will stick to copper
    i never have use any machine soilding only hot iron pointer and copper mash that all what i have been using to fix pc other stuffs
    i hope this help you out

  18. I didn't read all the other comments, but why are you not using de soldering braid?

  19. Ronnie 3:16 says I just fixed your game 💀..what???..what???😂🤣

  20. Used to play this at the local toystore on the Atari 2600..well that and berserk

  21. Soldapullt works. You need volume and tip diameter large enough to clean the holes and a non-stick tip. Flux also helps. I do like the silicone tubing and I might copy that…

  22. as a long time electronics tech , really enjoy your patience ,,never had your perseverance. takes a special tech guess I had it easy

  23. so what i got from this is that if you just buy Silicone tubing to put on your CHEAP solder suckers, your problems with them are over… come on guys!!! – I stopped the video at 14:00 to type this… maybe later i'll see that this simple fix wasn't lost on y'all….

  24. love this channel. it tickles my nerd bone like this old tony does.

  25. I remember hanging out in all the local arcades in the early 80's as a teen….just thinking about all the noise and lights still gives me a rush. 80's were awesome to be a teenager. I still clearly remember walking into a 7-11 on the way home from school and seeing a Space Invaders machine for the first time. Actually, now that I think about it, I remember seeing and playing the first Pong machines at the local Pizza Hut as a youngster. Damn, good times.

  26. Ah yes, there's that Southern "own the libs" attitude. Nice.

  27. Whoot!! Missile Command fixup! I am going to be kicking back and enjoying this! edit I didn't expect a lecture on solder-suckers, but I like it. I was going to buy one anyway, now I know which one to buy.

  28. Lmao the solder suckers are supposed to melt you can get the tips in uk. Also you can get metal ones that heat up like a soldering iron

  29. I was hoping for a zoom and freeze on the ceramic. I know its a 6502 but I couldn't quite see which source it was from as I couldn't quite catch the logo. Was it actually MOS?

  30. I too went through all the cheap solder suckers, imitation HAKKO guns, and wick. Finally bought the HAKKO. Works way better than all of them. Not perfect, and sometimes gets plugged up, but overall, no comparison to the cheap stuff. Great videos!!!

  31. This was my game in Seattle. They had the table top.USA .

  32. First off, good job! Second, go to eBay and look up "S-993A". It's a great Electric Vacuum Desoldering Pump for around $100. I have one I use almost daily and it's worth every penny. Also it's imperative to buy the 3 extra nozzle sizes so you don't destroy pads and surrounding areas. US sellers charge an extra $10 or so but it's worth it, in my opinion. It'll come in 2 days. I can guarantee you won't be disappointed with it. I'll never use a manual pump again.

  33. "What did he say was wrong with it Joe?". Joe, "It's broke" – brilliant haha. great vid guys

  34. LOL Trust me all Joe's know what's wrong 👍

  35. had a friend in ‘82 whose dad supplied arcades with machines.. we got the chance to use a missile command sit-down cabinet at home .. it was like xmas came early 😄

  36. Solder sucker #3: got one on my desk right now with a ruined tip lol.

  37. I gave up on those cheap solder suckers and bought the Hakko. It works flawlessly, easy to clean, dont have to clean often. I've had it for a couple of years now. You probably have spent a lot of money over the years buying the cheap ones 🙂

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