First time back at an Arcade in 3 months! -

First time back at an Arcade in 3 months!

Plush Time Wins
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We finally went back to an arcade after 3 months of not going to arcades. It felt good to get back to playing some arcade games and winning some jackpots.

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  1. Hi omg There is small down the clown omg

  2. Oh my god, I remember watching this channel a year ago! I am really happy I found it again because I love this channel!

  3. I don't think you noticed guys but on that first game you were playing it says if you hit the ones that are lit up pink you get double points. It might help you next time x

  4. I’m happy that you’re back at an arcade.

  5. So glad to see you back at it! Be safe out there, win big, and oh my gosh bring hand sanitizer! Those machines are germ breeding grounds on a good day! LOL

  6. Congrat Angel, looks like you still have your skills with that skee ball!!

  7. OMG GUYS CAN YOU BELIEVE IT it's been a 6 months since I actually got to a Arcade and get rewards

  8. Who else watched them 3 years ago then came back

  9. Marathon Watching 7/21/2020 Welcome back to Arcades! For now…

  10. Me: sees video title
    Also me: first time

    Background info: I only get to go to arcades on holiday which happens once or twice a year even before lockdown

  11. Number one fan and I am SUBSCRIBE to you and I like all your videos and I have got 3 or 4 jackpots in my hole life that all

  12. Looks so close from the camera angle, but I have always struggled with down the clown!!

  13. I am going to my favorite arcade again next month. It will have been 8 months since my last visit.

  14. Hi guys we were just there 2 weeks ago . A great arcade in Lakeland and the have the pearl game 😁😁😁😁😁👍🏽

  15. I loved plush time wins in 2017 but I lost their Chanel this year

  16. While i was at an arcade like 2 years ago and they say 3 months is forever …

  17. I like arcades because when I went to the red dragon centre I went in the arcade and there were so many cool games

  18. You guys are so lucky. Here in Melbourne Australia we can not go out

  19. I really like the arcades, really fun time you had there Plush. If you guys want to check out some cool really old school arcade retro games then come over and check them out.

  20. BEUHHH!!! I haven’t been arcade since 2020 and I don’t mind lol

  21. I used to watch this Channel with my dad all the time if there was a new video it would be presented on the screen. Today I randomly started thinking about it and I’m so happy I found it

  22. I watched them when I was younger and I jus turned a teenager this year and I was like let me watch it to bring back memories

  23. you guys could say that life is all fun and games, at least to you it is?

  24. Well now it's almost been a year since you guys have been in an arcade

  25. You guys are in japan in this video?

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