Fightcade: The best way to play retro arcade games online (emulation setup / tutorial) -

Fightcade: The best way to play retro arcade games online (emulation setup / tutorial)

Mr. Sujano
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Hey all! In this video we go over Fightcade – one of the best ways to play retro arcade games online. Fightcade is a matchmaking platform for retro gaming, bundled with different emulators for seamless online play (using GGPO)

Download Fightcade here:

Create a login to FightCade here:

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  1. Where is the rom info at? I got the Jason files but there’s no info on where your roms are placed.

  2. The fbneo folder has a whole load of subfolders in it. I'm trying to get the marvel crossover games to work but it's not happening for me

  3. Make sure you use a VPN as its p2p and can easily get hacked.

  4. Do you think it is worth it for someone like me who is actually not super great at fighting games to go join lobbies with the people who went out of their way to play these games? I want to but I am worried I'll be the only noob and i'll just get stomped too hard lol

  5. I challenge u on fighcade hhhh.good job

  6. you didn't give any idea where we need to paste ROMs in which folder… disappointing

  7. You are doing the lord's work, good sir. Thank you!

  8. it is normal mine is stuck at 0%? its been 10 mins already

  9. Do you have to setup imputs each time you launch a new game or is that stored?

  10. I get "connecting to server" a lot when trying to play Arcade games specifically Finally Burn

  11. I did all the steps and just got an FBNEo error showing me all the files im missing when i already dragged the needed json files. im pretty tech savvy and followed all steps but im going to wait till the download software is more user friendly like steam or wait for fightcade 3.

  12. I hope they come out with a arcade fightstick friendly version of fightcade so we don’t need a keyboard and mice to navigate and play games

  13. dislike. I put the roms on the folder that says FBNEO,,, but it still doesnt upload

  14. I don't even use this software but I have to appreciate the clean look

  15. where do we purchase the files to play games.. i dont own any of the games yet and have no clue what im doing yet lol. but i wanna play xmen x street fighter

  16. Interesting video man, thanks. I’m new to this, so this might be a stupid question, but is there anyway to do this through Xbox one ? And is it relatively simple steps to follow?

  17. i swear people on here on comment section are stupid who can't follow simple rules how to set it up. It's very straightforward, download fightcade, registered for free, download roms (there is a script to auto download roms when you click on the game rom name in lobby) setup your controller/stick, than challenge someone to play, done.

  18. Leaving the channel does that force you to keep downloading the game or is that a one time thing

  19. I can only play games when my PS5 controller is plugged in via USB, but when I have it bluetoothed FC doesn't recognize it in-game at all. Has anyone else run into this problem ?

  20. damn, this looks a lot more polished then when I played on the GGPO client in 2011/2012

    thanks for the video

  21. I didn't know it existed but now I'm going to spam sf3s kof

  22. Great tutorial! Thank you Christian Cage. 😊👍🏼

  23. How can I play games just solo through fightcade. I know there's test play buuuuut I wanna play the actual games

  24. Yooo this looks dope. Does it have games like Secret of Mana as well? Do save files work for progression?

  25. I'm unable to use fightcade. It won't load anymore. I've tried various fixed but it just won't open. Anyone else have this issue? Problem is on Windows 10 and Windows 11

  26. Yes! Thx for this video I've been waiting for it!

  27. Vids like this are about to get flooded with views and it's got me feeling some feels <3. Retro Rebirth!

  28. Indeed it is nice to play these games. Imagine playing Blitz or NBA Jam a few years from now.

  29. I think I need to give Fightcade a second chance… I appreciate your vids 🙂 Good work~

  30. Oh this video is great I love playing retro games online. Thanks Mr Sujano 👍

  31. Needed this . I kept getting confused between the fight cade 1 roms and the fight cade 2 roms

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