Fightcade: The best way to play retro arcade games online (emulation setup / tutorial) -

Fightcade: The best way to play retro arcade games online (emulation setup / tutorial)

Mr. Sujano
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Hey all! In this video we go over Fightcade – one of the best ways to play retro arcade games online. Fightcade is a matchmaking platform for retro gaming, bundled with different emulators for seamless online play (using GGPO)

Download Fightcade here:

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  1. Yes! Thx for this video I've been waiting for it!

  2. Vids like this are about to get flooded with views and it's got me feeling some feels <3. Retro Rebirth!

  3. Indeed it is nice to play these games. Imagine playing Blitz or NBA Jam a few years from now.

  4. I think I need to give Fightcade a second chance… I appreciate your vids 🙂 Good work~

  5. Oh this video is great I love playing retro games online. Thanks Mr Sujano 👍

  6. Needed this . I kept getting confused between the fight cade 1 roms and the fight cade 2 roms

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