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Exzisus 1987 Taito Mame Retro Arcade Games

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► Exzisus 1987 Taito. Full game.


Loop 2.

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  1. OMG!!! I used to play this in the odd Fish & Chip shop years ago!! I'd love to play again. I'm 48 years old!! I own an AppleMacBook Pro , Toshiba PC , Apple PC. Any ideas on how I can play this again at home?

  2. Thank you Space Mario!But our princess is on another planet!

  3. Can this early Taito game be considered a "bullet hell" shmup?

  4. Oh shit, that parallax effect is literally making me sick! And I mean literally. Looking at it makes me feel dizzy and nauseous.

  5. The adaptive difficulty on this game was always cheap.  It seems to be based on powerups and time alive.  The game doesn't START as a bullet-hell.  If it becomes one, it's your fault for being good.

  6. what world regional version is tnis game?

  7. this game looks cool..taito rules the soundtrack is awesome

  8. Sigh, we used to have Mame 32 on our computer, but when we got a new one it was lost forever… incidentally, I played this game on Taito Legends, and I must say this version has noticeable differences. The barrier, the way the missile upgrades work… very interesting. Also, the game's WAY stingier with upgrades, the robot helpers and airship are significantly harder to come by.

  9. 4 levels only, and for good reason. This game is as hard as nails, and loops endlessly.

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