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Exploring the North Pier Arcade in Blackpool, England!!!

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We went to Blackpool, England! Our one and only purpose in Blackpool was to visit the arcades and experience what British arcades were like. The first arcade we went to was North Pier Amusements which is located on the North Pier in Blackpool, England :P. We ended up playing a variety of games and even a few we have never played before. We also had to give the notoriously rigged United Kingdom claw machines a try. How much will we win? Will we even be able to win? Enjoy the video!

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  1. I live in the USA not United Kingdom I spend $ not £

  2. His laughter was so priceless haha 😂

  3. That puppy from boss baby it's so cute

  4. I go to the pier in Devon cuz my Nan owns a house their btw I live in Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

  5. I was so glad you got the 2 chocolate bars after investing so much. They will glue them on now 😂

  6. I was in Blackpool the weekend before u guys were there

  7. Ya not gonna get any luck when you go to the uk arcades.
    Especially the claws.

  8. I live in Blackpool if you go underneath the North Pier you'll see a shipwreck providing the tide is out

  9. Omg you went to Blackpool I could’ve seen you

  10. I won a large claw machine once with only 1 pound when I won I was out of there, not wasting my money this time 😂

  11. Your girlfriend sounds weird in vid every time I watch

  12. They were doing the paw patrol big One me to you game did he really just say Ninjago or something

  13. Just saying all they nemo’s have one big fin and one little one. That’s why nemo can’t swim properly

  14. 😯😯😯😯😯You guys were in Blackpool? No way!!!! That's just down the road from me.

    Anyone else shake their tablet to push that chocolate down? 😁😁😁

  15. I bet you had some looks when you said candy’s haha we call them sweets in the uk

  16. I just randomly stumbled across this and I can’t stop watching lol you guys are so adorable🥰

  17. I tried a bounty one time and personally I didn’t love it. Sry England

  18. They always sell buy tubs with these in especially around Christmas in England!

  19. the candy is celibrations you can get them of amazon in the uk thay come in tubs

  20. Having the ROUGHEST day (it's literally 4:30 in the morning…) so rewatching the first videos I saw from you guys. THE BEST cheer up

  21. Omg I love Blackpool! In fact I played on that very machine, with the boss baby in. I'm from england so we go there a lot.

  22. when it touches the glass you can aaask someone to get it for u

  23. Who else is watching this because they miss how it was before corona cause same 🖐

  24. How are you so good at arcade games is there any technique?

  25. Dude the coin pusher with two pence you can make some serious profit

  26. You’ve never seen these small chocolates?🤣 as someone from the uk this drives me crazy🙌🏼 good video though

  27. I can't believe you were there I'm near Blackpool!

  28. Amazing vid, luv your channel, the galaxy chocolate is called Dove in America

  29. Like you don't have the mini versions of (Candy bars) Chocolate bars in the U.S that's crazy, you'd think the country what has everything would have these.

  30. 10p pushers always have the best prizes but can take sooo much before you realise. You know North pier isn't even the best arcade, you should of spent your time/money in Coral Island 🏝️

  31. if it didn't budge in the uk you can get an enployee to open up the machiene and get it for u

  32. I actually followed the boxes on deal or no deal and I got 10 as the 200

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