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Exploring Abandoned Cottage with Arcade Games

Abandoned Steve
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Urban Exploration: Abandoned Cottage with Arcade Games

This abandoned cottage known as, Campbell Cottage, belongs to an abandoned school that been closed since 2001. The school closed due to financial issues. There is also many other cottages on the 200 plus acre property. The school started in the early 1900s as an all girls school for juvenile delinquents. Children up to 18 years old would live on this property. The school was designed to help these troubled kids. In the 70s, the school turned into a coed school. In it later years, the school has a problem with abuse from students. Pregnancy was the main issue. Even though the girls and the boys were seperated into different cottages, control was obviously an issue. The school closed in 2001 after being for sale with no buyer willing to take on the school. I explored this cottage in 2013. I decided to remake this one to provide a more smoother experience. I hope you all enjoy!

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Disclaimer: Exploring Abandoned Structures can be dangerous and you could be trespassing. You could get a fine, get hurt, get sick, and/or get arrested. Therefore I CAN NOT be held responsible for your actions if you do choose to enter an abandoned site. I am not providing this video to show people where and how to get to these places. This video is meant to give my viewers the feel of an abandoned structure safely in their home plus provide some history. Just don’t do it. If you choose to ignore this disclaimer, you are taking full responsibility for your actions!


  1. Somebody should have stolen all that stuff before it got ruined! It would have been better off!

  2. it's a dam shame that they busted up those arcades! rotten they are worth thousands! also if they were broke why didn't they sell a couple arcades and pool tables worth thousands! why leave them to rot ! wow that's just crazy

  3. I remember playing them games when I was young, nice but no respect to the games why they have to mess with antics

  4. Who in the hell just leaves arcade machines to rot, those things were expensive? You figure someone would have taken them at some point. What a waste!

  5. Sad to see that these "soulless" bastards cannot even leave the arcade machines alone.

  6. Americans have no appreciation for anything unless it benefits them. We must visualize better things than this. It is saddening.

  7. Books being left to rot kinda reminds me of fahrenheit 451. If there were good titles I would have taken them. No sense in good books going to waste. Other people will eventually come and vandalize them.

  8. That could be Michael Jacksons house with all of the kid attractions.

  9. Surprised this stuff was not looted first before being vandalised!

  10. such a waste of old arcade machines, your only hope is that they were already broken, still get those screw drivers and remove the decals of the fronts and sides there worth something! plus i think baby pacman was just the junior verson of pacman

  11. Don't make excuses or apologize for your videos…if people don't like them..fuck em – they don't have to watch.

  12. Seeing those old arcade machines completely destroyed made me sad 🙁

  13. I remember the RoboCop arcade game. On the side they had screenshots of the movie.

  14. those games could have been a few hundreds of dollars if in great shape and able to still work — especially Pac Man — Tragic So Tragic

  15. Do some research this was obviously more than just a "cottage" that huge cooking exhaust… C mon now lol

  16. I choked a bit seeing those poor machines. Luckily, the "TOP SPEED" machine you saw seems to be in fantastic condition compared to the others. Out of them all, "Baby Pac-Man" suffered the least, simply shattering it's screen. I couldn't stand looking at the others, they were soooo bad, almost like they've been melted.

  17. It's amazing how many comments of: "What a shame, wish I had arcade machines". The truth is…. YOU CAN! Stop eating out, reduce your cell phone and TV plan, stop wasting money on pet manicures, AND YOU WILL HAVE MORE MONEY. Then go on Craigslist, ebay, Trading Post, OfferUp, or arcade forums. Look for the games. Find out who supplies the games in your area. They are called "operators" and they like money. They will take your money if you approach them the right way. You can then have arcade games and stop making posts that sound so ridiculous. There were possibly around 200,000 total Pac cabinets made… They are everywhere. Otherwise, you should change your statements to "I like the IDEA of owning arcade machines, but not enough to do something about it."

  18. oh man! That's a damn shame what happened to the old arcade games!! If they were in mint condition they would be worth thousands of dollars. Pac-man was the bomb!!!

  19. what kind of stupid useless person would get off on vandalizing these.

  20. what stupid morons the people were that vandalized these acrades! break the coin collector in the hope to get a few dimes and dont think forward just a little to realise they could take these games and sell them for a few hundreds of bucks each with ease. even the unique parts of these machines sold as spare parts would bring more money than they ever could find inside the machines.

  21. if places like these are fully abandoned are people able to salvage stuff that could still work

  22. Baby Pac Man was a Pinball game video game combo.

  23. If there was a Neo Geo or a CPS in this wreck I would have cried

  24. Wow very cool. I remember all those old arcade games from when I was a kid. Looks like you could of still played a game of foosball lol. I messaged you a while back on your google+ urban explorers page, but never heard back. Wondering if the message went to spam or something? Anyways I got lotsa new vids and Im working really hard to bring my channel back from the "dregs".

  25. Hurts my heart to see these machines abandoned. Arcades are still my favorite way to play video games.

  26. I'm surprised that theres arcade games still inside da Campbell cottage I highly recommend wearing a gas mask in here though Good Luck

  27. Gotta love the idiot kids that broke in there and destroyed those arcade games.. Better they had stole them, those old pacmac machines are worth thousands now.. Good job morons. Gold before swine.

  28. Ever notice how vandals never mess with books on a shelf? it's almost like the idea of thinking or education scares them.. Typical trolls that rush into a home and destroy everything.

  29. shoulda zoomed in on the date of one of the magazines

  30. Wow, that Baby Pac-Man cabinet is rare. It's a shame that it was left in such bad shape.


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