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Evolution of Video Game Graphics [1947-2022]

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It’s truly unbelievable how much video game graphics have evolved over the years!

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Microsoft Flight Simulator:
Forza Horizon 5 Trailer:
by Xbox

Marvel’s Spider-Man:
Horizon Forbidden West Trailer:
Horizon Zero Dawn – E3 2016:
God of War – Be A Warrior:
Marvel’s Spider-Man – Be Greater:
Horizon Forbidden West:
PS5 Hardware Reveal Trailer:
Hogwarts Legacy:
by PlayStation

Red Dead Redemption 2 Trailer:
Red Dead Redemption 2:
Grand Theft Auto V Trailer:
by Rockstar Games

Original Atari PONG:
by andys-arcade

Cathode Ray Tube Amusement Device:
Computer Space:
by Old Classic Retro Gaming

Bertie The Brain:
by DangitGaming!

Tennis for Two:
by The Dot Eaters

original Spacewar!:
by CuriousMarc

Space Invaders 1978:
Game Archive – No Commentary Gameplay

Combat – (1977):
by vghchannel

Star Wars :
Super Mario Bros:
The Legend of Zelda :
Final Fantasy 1 :
Fighter II: The World Warrior:
Ultimate Doom:
Grand Theft Auto III:
Half-Life 2:
Halo 3:
by World of Longplays

Top 10 Atari 2600 Games:
by wizzgamer

Atari 2600 Donkey Kong:
by NML32

The Sims: Complete Collection :
by Andreva

Sonic the Hedgehog:
Gears of War:
by LongplayArchive

Virtua Racing:
by Retro Gaming TV

Gran Turismo:
by RacingGameArchive

Bethesda Softworks:
by Bethesda Softworks

EA Crysis 3 :
by Official EA UK

by High Quality Gaming

Star Wars Battlefront:
by EA Star Wars

Unreal Engine 5 Revealed:
The Matrix Awakens:
by Unreal Engine

Cyberpunk 2077 — E3 Trailer:
by Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 – Free Roam:
by Red Dead Saloon

Skyrim LE Ultra Modded 4K:
by Toxic Gaming

GTA V: Insane Graphics MOD:
by GameSource

4K Zelda Botw CEMU:
RdR2 8K RTX 3090!:
[4K] Cyberpunk 2077 :
by Digital Dreams

Cyberpunk 2077 Bugs:
by Kudos

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  2. My channel sucks that’s why mine and your channel are simalit

  3. Why didn’t you include doom eternal in this list

  4. Kinda hurt they didn’t mention the 2002 Spider-Man game

  5. Well if they end up looking more real than this??? How can we say we are real???

  6. Lol I got CD player in my gaming pc

  7. at this point video games are more realistic than real life

  8. Dude people create Game dury the cold war

  9. 16:38 the hair animation still needs work m8
    It was moving upwards 😅😅
    Still notice a lot of flaws but looks amazing 😉

  10. Bruh how can Skylanders not be apart of this increasing development and even though it was partially shown at the end, Minecraft too for its procedural generation?

  11. gta V graphics still beats a lot of games in 2022

  12. hi flat please make evolution of land cruiser

  13. I remember myself as a kid, 8 years old, looking at Madagascar looked so realistic on the Playstation 2. I just couldn't believe.
    Now look at how far we've come.

  14. Arcade games were already successful with pinball, Foosball, pool, darts, ping pong, throwing basket through hoop to win prize, shooting Cupie dolls off shelf to win prize, miniature crane to pick up prize, roulette and other games.

  15. Wait a minute Pacman was created because of a lack of appetite

  16. it's amazing how the graphics have evolved, 1947 to 1990s the graphics evolved and got better a little one at a time, then 2000s to 2020s it has evolved really quickly lol

  17. I'm sorry but can we just take a minute to point out how he said clears voice while looking at the script Die Ab Low…..

  18. super mario world absolutely downgraded the graphics it could have, have you seen the toy story game for the genesis and the super nintendo? thats how good graphics were but they went with an 8-bit style.
    7:30 and earthbound)

  19. No mention to Revolt in 1999 looking absolutely incredible. In fact this video glosses over the most important years of Graphics development and jumps into some weird console ad. Very strange video, could have delved deeper than some console hits. Its amusing Crysis 3 is mentioned, but not the very first one that was truuly the one that broke the concept of detail down to incredible levels at the time. A video made by clueless people clearly.

  20. I like how this dude completely fail to mention the ray tracing revolution that began in 2018

  21. Basically graphics almost stopped evolving in 2013-2016. Now progress doesn't make big leaps.
    What we have today we could have earlier. But thanks to consoles…

  22. When I was ten or so playing "Poopl of Radiance" and "Test Drive" I remember telling a friend that I couldn't wait until someday we had games that looked like real Saturday Morning Cartoons. Heh, yep, I'm that old… Then at 25 I remember telling my girlfriend _"Hon, check out these graphics, we are almost at cartoon level!" 17 years later and Spiderman came out on PC and I realized that literally, just a few years previous, we'd finally reached what 10 yo and 25 yo me would have considered as good as video games ever needed to get for me to be happy.

    And now I want photo realistic 1440p at 100+FPS locked minimum with real-time pathtracing and what would equate to high level PC graphic settings which needs to run perfectly stable on a $700 PC. Though we are so close to getting to that point, you do need to stretch that darn $700 budget a bit unless you are playing a game that doesn't show many people/animals on screen (or rendered way in the background) at the same time along with not having to many instances of complex AI programs keeping track of too many things happening across the world since modern CPUs seem to get eaten alive in games like, well Spiderman for instance, while GPUs still say Yeah, get off me" in Cyberpunk with the settings cranked, even at 1440p if you have raytracing on too high and aren't using DLSS. ten more years and I think we'll have it, though that $700 number ill probably need to be bumped up to $1k.

    I do find it a bit odd how when you look at many games from 2007-2011 the graphical improvements just don't seem to have come as far as they had before. ei 1997-2001 games when compared to 2007-2011 are night and day, with many of those titles still looking and feeling like they could have been made todsy. Most people playing ME 2 or 3 (even the now Legendary versions) probably would not know they were decade+ old games if they didn't show the dates on screen and had never heard of them before. If you sat someone down to play, idk, King's Field 2, they are 100% not going to mistake it for a game made for the 360/PS3 or newer.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying you can't tell the difference in newer games, but are there really any huge open world games The Witcher 3 doesn't hold up well against? It certainly doesn't feel like a 7-year old game to me. Does Mass Effect 2 feel all weird and clunky to play? Or Deus Ex: Human Revolution? Certainly not when playing on PC, at least not to me, and you could literally be playing them on a $300 PC and get a tremendous experience.

    It really is odd how far software is behind hardware in most cases nowadays, because I find it hard to believe that if a 7900X with a 3090 can run a real time simulation of an entire state in the US that they should struggle running, well anything. At the same time, if dev times have ballooned well past the previous 1.5-3 years an AAA title typically took 15 years previous all the way to 4-7 years for a TON of modern games, I shudder to think of how long maximizing performance out of current hardware would take.

    Whelp, I've rambled far enough off topic. Great vid, and fun trip down nostalgia lane.

  23. a super mario game with real life graphics

  24. To those asking why certain games were not mentioned, this video is focused on graphics. It would take too long to list every game ever released.

  25. I do have one request. Can you do an evolution of The Sims on console, mobile, and PC? This is my favorite game series. I have played it on everything from PC to XBox.

  26. People in the future are going to think, “wow people in 2022 thought they had good graphics, look at them now!” Honestly I can’t wait till the future of games

  27. After the evolution of sonic the hedgehog can you talk about the evolution of street fighter

  28. What will graphics look like in 2030? They must look stunning.

  29. It hate you a lot for not mentioning legend of Zelda ocarina of time and super Mario 64.

  30. Idk i feel like it skipped a lot of games that broke the norm

  31. Fun fact; In 1993 there was a program called raytracing that took 48 hours to create one picture at a resolution of 1280 x 1024

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