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Pac-Man is probably the most well known video game character made by Namco. I’m sure you played at least one Pac-Man game in your life. This video will show his iconic death and how much it has changed throughout the years. The Evolution of Pac-Man Deaths and Game Over Screens. Pac-Man has been in a ton of games but this list is only for basically the main series and not remakes except for the original game which has been ported to a lot of devices but only showing a few of those games. I also made a small Thanksgiving clip at the end for your enjoyment! His proper spelling is “Pac-Man” though I seen his name as “Pacman” or “Pac Man”

What’s your favorite Pac-Man Game? Do you like the arcade games, Pac-Man World, Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures, Pac-Man Championship or something else!

Thanks to YTSunny for recording me Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures 2 Clip

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  1. PAC Man To The Rescue. November 9, 1999.

    Trivia: This is the last episode to use cel animation before switching to igital ink and paint animation.

  2. Top Cat.

    Evil Dungeon Cat. Air Date: January 10, 2000.

    Trivia: This is the last episode to use cel animation before Switching to igital ink and paint animation.

  3. Speed Buggy The Colide Of Events TV Movie.

    Air Date: February 20, 1999.

  4. You forgot google doodle version (2010)

  5. Remixed prototype music of Carnival Night: NES PAC-MAN Game Over
    Original prototype music of Carnival Night: Arcade PAC-MAN Game Over

  6. We also have some miscellaneous ones, like Sonic Dash

  7. Underdog.

    Dog Vision. Air Date: April 23, 2001. Trivia: This was the last episode to use cel animation before switching to Digital ink and paint animation.

  8. A.N.G. Arefion naticon games channel offical says:

    ᝆ ţī?ėß

  9. The Pac-Man death sound never goes old, lol.😅
    BTW, you missed a few games:

    – Ms.Pac Man Maze Madness for the GBA.
    – Pac Man: Google Doodle.
    – Pac Land for the NES.
    – Pac Mania on the GBA.
    – Pac Man World 3 for the DS.

  10. i am aware of the cringe comment i made 4 years ago and i have deleted it for good

  11. Professor pacman had to be the scariest one

  12. PacMan 2 the new adventures, anybody remember its cringeworthy box art?

  13. Love the black White Pac-Man NES

  14. Do Godzilla deaths and game over screens

  15. I remember playing some of these games on the PS4 and the Pac & Play

  16. who was when I was little and I'm a teenager now oh was really young when I explain this game

  17. I watch this while I eat waffles with butter, even pot pies, even lemon pie,

  18. Hey Master0fHyrule I heard there was a new Pac-Man world game called Pac-Man world Re-PAC you should make a remastered version of this video I would love to see the game over

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  20. Todo entendí menos el final del video I not speak inglish

  21. Falto el pacman world re pac claro que se entiende que el video es de hace 4 años

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