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Evolution of Mario Bros. GAME OVER Screens

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This video features the death animation and Game Over screen from the hit arcade game Mario Bros., across a whopping 17 consoles and handhelds.

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Video Chapter
00:00 Arcade
01:12 Atari 2600
01:29 Atari 5200
02:08 NES/Famicom
02:45 Commodore 64/C64(Atrisoft)
03:14 Commodore 64/C64(Ocean)
03:42 Nintendo PlayChoice-10
04:20 Amstrad CPC
04:56 Sharp X68000
05:39 Atari 7800
06:15 Atari 8-Bit
07:15 Apple-II
07:50 ZX Spectrum
08:12 Famicom Disk System (Kaettekita Mario Bros.)
09:09 ColecoVision
09:51 GBA Classic NES Series
10:31 Game Boy Advance(Super Mario Advance Series)


  1. ファミコンがいかに優れていたかよく分かるなぁ

  2. You Forgot the SNES. In Mario all stars go to Super Mario bros 3 then in the Super Mario Bros 3 menu select Battle Mode and you can Play Mario Bros

  3. Mario Bros. Arcade (1983)
    Mario Bros. Atari 2600 (1984)
    Mario Bros. Atari 5200 (1983)
    Mario Bros. NES (1983)
    Mario Bros. C64 Atarisoft (1988)
    Mario Bros. C64 Ocean (1984)
    Mario Bros. play Choice 10 (1983)
    Mario Bros. Amstrad CPC (1984)
    Mario Bros. Sharp X68000 (1983)
    Mario Bros. Atari 7800 (1990)
    Mario Bros. Atari 8 Bit (1983)
    Mario Bros. Apple || The Vtech Game (1984)
    Mario Bros. ZX (1992)
    Kaettekita Mario Bros. (1983)
    Mario Bros. ColecoVision (1983)
    GBA Mini Mario Bros. (1983)
    Mario Bros. GBA (2001,2002,2003)

  4. The noise in Arcade Mario’s shoes sounded like birds to me as a kid.

  5. So many versions that im sure lots of people forgot about outside the nes and arcade versions

  6. y'all remember when yoshi's island on the gba game with mario bros free

  7. you forgot about luigi bros in super mario 3d world

  8. ゲームボーイアドバンスが1番見慣れてるな

  9. 8:27 Does anyone notice that Kaettekita Mario has his original Donkey Kong uniform instead of his Original Blue overalls uniform?

  10. I think the NES and the Arcade were the best!🎉

  11. *Waluigi is on The Atari 2600*

  12. Mario Looks Blue And Red And Shoes Brown Is Like FireMaster🎉

  13. Why Game Over sounds different that the NES Edition what is the audio

  14. Just just a GBA version is so good no, not the NES remake The super Mario advance series Version is my favorite

  15. For Apple II when Mario walks it sounds like Mr Krabs form spongebob

  16. The arcade version of Mario bros. Has funny step sound effects, which is very cool, just listen 0:43

  17. I just realized this is Mario's first game 👀 I mean he first appeared in 1981 in the arcade game donkey Kong but now he has his own game Mario Bros in 1983 super Mario Bros what is made in 1985
    And that game he became a superstar

  18. Game Boy Advance(Super Mario Advance Series): Oh~Mamma Mia!🤣🤣🤣

  19. Okay Mario Bros is so forgotten about even though it's a such a fun game

  20. 😅 why is it game over theme so cachy

  21. Why the he. Ll is there Mario Bros for gba nes classic

  22. The c64 ocean actually sounds disturbing and it's way worse than the NES Mario world music

  23. Sharp x68000 why does it sound like there's a soft lock when you stand in place and it kind of orchestrated

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