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Episode 363 – The Sega Saturn utilized expansion ROM, RAM, and even video cards to enhance some of their games. In this episode we look at each of those games and what the expansion did for each title.

0:00 – Intro to RAM and ROM carts
1:46 – Astra Superstars
2:50 – Cotton 2
3:51 – Cyberbots
4:53 – D&D Shadow Over Mystara
5:38 – Fighter’s History Dynamite
6:38 – Final Fight Revenge
8:12 – Friends
8:53 – Groove On Fight
9:53 – King of Fighters ‘ 95
11:33 – King of Fighters ’96
12:44 – King of Fighters ’97
13:42 – Marvel Super Heroes
14:48 – Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter
15:48 – Metal Slug
17:27 – Noel 3
18:04 – Pia Carrot 2
18:53 – Pocket Fighter
19:50 – Real Bout Fatal Fury
21:16 – Real Bout Fatal Fury Special
22:27 – Samurai Shodown 3
23:26 – Samurai Shodown 4
24:36 – Street Fighter Zero 3
25:50 – Super Real Mahjong
26:39 – Ultraman
28:32 – Vampire Savior
29:36 – Waku Waku 7
30:35 – X-Men vs SF
32:00 – Intro to MPEG games
32:54 – Falcom Classics
33:44 – Gungriffon
34:31 – Lunar Silver Star Story Complete
36:10 – Moon Cradle
36:52 – Sentimental Graffiti
37:21 – Vatlva
38:19 – Wangan Dead Heat+ Real Arrange
40:09 – End skit

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  1. My favorite thing about these videos is seeing the side by side comparisons and hearing "the graphics are improved significantly" and me just agreeing because I don't see a damn thing different between the two

  2. Groove on Fight comes from the Power Strike franchise , just saying…

  3. I thought angry joe was puerto rican. I think you take that name now for that photo CD image lol

  4. I had KOF '96 and played it with the Action Replay 4M cart and it worked fine with no issues concerning the sprites on my end. Maybe a different third party one or two, but mine did the job.

  5. What is your favorite Samurai Shodown ?

  6. I thought the cartridge slot in the Sega Saturn definitely had potential because of the options you were granted. It's a shame that the original Playstation did not have anything like that, but it is what it is. The Playstation is still a fantastic console, but could have benefited from a cartridge slot feature. Well, the PS1 did have the I/O slots but it wasn't utilized for RAM expansions and later models did away with the port probably because of piracy and unauthorized mods. Whoops. Anyway, I did get a few cartridges for my Japanese Saturn last year. One of them was The King of Fighters 95, but the cartridge worked only half the time. I cleaned out the cartridge pins with rubbing alcohol, but the cartridge still worked half the time. I decided to use brass polish on the cartridge and now it works all the time. I only use brass polish if I really have to, and all other cleaning options fail because the polish itself could eat away at the pins. What I do to remedy that is after I rub some polish on the pins, I use rubbing alcohol to rub away any polish residue.

  7. I really wished Xmen CotA used the ram cart like Marvel Super Heroes did. It could have benefited from more frames of animation as well.

  8. This was an interesting one. The ram carts were always a cool idea to me; I wonder why they're not considered "cheating" like the Super FX chip games for the SNES?

  9. Very surprised to learn the Dreamcast port of Alpha III has missing animation frames. The missing animation was noticeable on the Playstation version but on the Dreamcast I didnt notice what was missing. I mean I dont remember playing as T Hawk ever on the DC port.

  10. There are actually 3 known games which require a proprietary rom cartridge. If memory serves its some type of board game. So you are missing one game from your video. Eventhough I do not remember the name of the game it comes in a pink rom cartridge.

  11. people ask "why did the saturn fail"? this iis a video i would recommend for people who may not fully realize the blunder

  12. I would love to see a switch conversion of many of these NeoGeo games and hopefully without any compromises.

  13. X-Ism: Street Fighter 2 mode. do more damage, have the most guard bar, have one super.
    Z-Ism (also known as A-ism in the west): Street FIghter Alpha style controls. Multiple supers, Air blocking, Alpha Counter, Taunts, average stuff.
    V-Ism: Low guard meter, lower damage, has all of the universal mechancis of Z/A-ism, but the super meter gets replaced with the custom combo meter. at 50% you can activate it and flash invincible for a moment before enjoying all your moves being faster and anything canceling into anything. obviously, the more meter before activating,t he longer you'll have this custom combo state.

  14. I remember now. The game was Tamagotchi Park Power. It required a very specific 7000mb backup ram cartridge. While it could play without it, the game will not save without the backup cartridge. So this should have been included in your video. Just sayin!

  15. Try sticking your action replay in with Panzer Saga and watch what happens. Sega: haha nice try!

  16. THX Joe, had no idea Fighter's History Dynamite was available on Saturn — just picked up a copy on eBay.

  17. 1:15 just so you know Joe , for the Action Replays especially the ones without the serial port ontop like you have in this shot are not beveled as good as the AR carts that have the serial port . Trust me , playing games that call for the 4 MB specially the later Capcom fighters can sometimes freeze during gameplay on your Saturn or in some instances not even boot into the game passed the Sega lisence logo 🪐

  18. At about 6:25, on Fighter’s History Dynamite, it sure sounds like the guy is yelling “dick tornado!” with every attack… 😂

  19. Best Sega Saturn capture I've ever seen, great job!

  20. I feel attacked by this video lol
    I had a Saturn but I never had the possibility of buying these magical cartridges… let's face it, they're magical (not really but), it was the time that Sega wiped the floor with Sony, the Playstation looks like a terminal patient trying to load these games.
    Unfortunately I could just rent X-Men vs. SF to witness the Saturn working like I have never seen it before…

  21. why my uk pal saturn not see japan 4mb ram cartrige and all the time i see the screen 05:10

  22. I hate that they killed of the saturn before we could use any of this in the US. back then I always wonted a VCD card in the 90's. Then my friends imported Marval supper heros vs street figther and I said if only they would release there the saturn would be about to do great in the US but sega was like no we would rather kill it off because we dont care about your hard earned money and time.

  23. I know the Saturn and its library had a lot more 2D emphasis than its rivals, but it's still strange and a little disappointing to see that the RAM expansion was never used for enhanced 3D worlds. The potential for larger, more varied environments, along with more caching and less loading, is practically endless- it's like having some of the N64's and PS1's biggest advantages, all in one!
    I know the speed of 3D rendering would have been an issue, but hey, it's not like that stopped Rare (with the N64) back in the day! 😉

  24. Fun fact for everyone: the Saturn modding community has been modding games like Dracula X and others to wotk with the 4MB expansion pack, and it's really cool to see what that extra ram can do for 2d games. I'd love to see many of the Saturn's best games modded to work with the 4MB Expansion cart

  25. Very complete video. Great job.

    But I think Pocket Fighter also adds more voice with expansion carts. But I don't recall any specific situation who adds new lines with the carts, because I always use the 4MB cart to play it.

    By the way, it could be awesome if the video could add a list of games who uses the backup cartridge to store large save files who don't fit inside the Saturn's internal save memory, like the ghost/replay data of racing games. The game with the most insanely big save file come from Fantasy Zone, who freezes the game a good amount of time to create the save file (on emulator, the process is instantaneous). I think it creates a save file who eats over 2.000 blocks of the cartridge (the game only allows up to 2 replays to be stored inside the cartridge).

  26. And I assume you need to buy those cartridge-enhanced rom, ram seperately? Or does it come with the console or any specific game?

  27. I Believe Sega find a more pratical use for the expansion, improving the capabilities Of 2D games. However Nintendo had more games making use Of the expansion.

    If sega had understand that they can make a living by doing what psx and Nintendo 64 can't do BETTER they probably would invest more on 2D games and the optimization for games using the 4 Megs Of RAM.

    Imagine Playing Street Fightet 3 – The New Generation on the Saturn in 96/97 with almost ALL animations and some more bonus content and extra modes.

    And about the VCD – I think sega should have invested more on this vídeo format and sell more the Saturn as a console who plays music and movies.

    Surelly would not be the same impact that PS2 did by Playing dvds but would do some impact – and probably justify companies making a BETTER usage of cgs and animations on the console – something that at time was allready getting huge as an important issue for gaming, specially on rpgs where It help tells the story.

  28. @17:28 I'm actually more curious if the MPEG card helps with video playback.

  29. Yaaaaaay! Pocket Fighter! I <3 Pocket Fighter!!!

  30. Can anybody tell me what movie was shown at the start of the segment about the video cd enhancement? I'm dying to know what movie had both Chevy Chase and Patrick Stewart in it.

  31. I remember seeing a bug in X-Men vs. Street Fighter, where if I just left the character select running for a really long time the game would freeze up. Don't know if there was something wrong with my Saturn (which was modded with a USA/JP switch) or the game itself. I usually just picked a character and didn't encounter the bug, though.

    I bought the PlayStation version of Street Fighter Zero 3 when it came out, as there was no Saturn version released at that time. Then Capcom released a Saturn version a while later, which I would've waited for and bought if I'd known ahead of time is was going to be released.

  32. Final fight uses the extra ram for advanced precursor to ray tracing. Jerobmobooooooo

  33. Only if sega of America didn’t kill the Saturn. Imagine all the great games that would have been made

  34. Samurai Shodown 3 doesn't have the best reputation but it gave us one of my all-time favorite game characters (Shizumaru) so for that i am always grateful

  35. I wonder if it's possible for someone to make a SVCD card for the saturn that'll allow for even better video quality? given that an indie game makes full use of it that is*

  36. Great video! Glad someone made a video on this topic!

  37. Joe didn't fart, so he doesn't need help practicing his dating.

  38. SOA really had their finger on the pulse of the American consumer in the mid 90s.

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