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Every Cartridge-Enhanced Saturn Game – Game Sack

Game Sack
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Episode 363 – The Sega Saturn utilized expansion ROM, RAM, and even video cards to enhance some of their games. In this episode we look at each of those games and what the expansion did for each title.

0:00 – Intro to RAM and ROM carts
1:46 – Astra Superstars
2:50 – Cotton 2
3:51 – Cyberbots
4:53 – D&D Shadow Over Mystara
5:38 – Fighter’s History Dynamite
6:38 – Final Fight Revenge
8:12 – Friends
8:53 – Groove On Fight
9:53 – King of Fighters ‘ 95
11:33 – King of Fighters ’96
12:44 – King of Fighters ’97
13:42 – Marvel Super Heroes
14:48 – Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter
15:48 – Metal Slug
17:27 – Noel 3
18:04 – Pia Carrot 2
18:53 – Pocket Fighter
19:50 – Real Bout Fatal Fury
21:16 – Real Bout Fatal Fury Special
22:27 – Samurai Shodown 3
23:26 – Samurai Shodown 4
24:36 – Street Fighter Zero 3
25:50 – Super Real Mahjong
26:39 – Ultraman
28:32 – Vampire Savior
29:36 – Waku Waku 7
30:35 – X-Men vs SF
32:00 – Intro to MPEG games
32:54 – Falcom Classics
33:44 – Gungriffon
34:31 – Lunar Silver Star Story Complete
36:10 – Moon Cradle
36:52 – Sentimental Graffiti
37:21 – Vatlva
38:19 – Wangan Dead Heat+ Real Arrange
40:09 – End skit

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  1. A whopping 4mb !! I wish I never sold my Japanese Saturn but I was damn near homeless at the time gotta get that baby back!

  2. I will never stop playing my Saturn. Love this episode.

  3. So many games used the ram cartridge. Saturn had quite a library. I never owned one, but played a bit of the fighting games in arcades. Say Joe, what is utmost favorite Saturn titles? (Ports included)

  4. No wonder i went from the genesis to p.c. and then playstation 2 and had no interest in the saturn, n 64, xbox, or playstation until after playing playstation 2 for a bit now that im hearing what i missed.

    My gawd how many god awful crappy fighting games did they release from 93 to 00? That to me is the real arcade crash and not the supposed video game crash in 1983, which in my opinion wasn't really a crash, since we were all going to the arcades as much as we did if not more during that time.

    We stopped playing home consoles mainly because the home games graphics and levels did not match the arcades. We also only had one console and most of us didn't think of buying or could buy another console back in those days like people did in the xbox/PlayStation era. Personally i think colecovision sabotaging their competitors on purpose caused us to move away from consoles for a time. It became more apparent the home games just werent as long, looked the same, or were as fun as the arcades

  5. Stop looking at visual novels Joe, even the japanese ones. U don’t like puzzle games for same ol same ol playstyle, same for those games

  6. A lot of games getting high praise from Joe here, so you know they're worth playing. Also, I want to thank you, Joe, for years of clean entertainment. So many channels curse incessantly; it's a major turnoff and an indication of a lack of creativity by my estimation. And wouldn't you know it, YouTube's latest rules are causing many gaming channels to get their videos demonetized for that very reason. So you retroactively dodged that bullet. Good on you, Joe. We all love you, brother.

  7. It sounds like you're doing the voiceover for Haggar's 'Geronimo!'

  8. Loved it. You should do a series of games that run at 60 fps on original hardware, like fzero-x for n64 and tekken 4 for ps1. You can do an episode for each console. Excellent work!

  9. It's impressive how many of these games looked better on the Saturn than the PlayStation. If it weren't for the fact that I, and everyone else in the entire world, were literally more than ten times more likely to have owned a PlayStation I would have totally purchased the Saturn versions. Seriously though, I really do appreciate Joe making so much Saturn based content as I never owned this console nor did I know anyone who did, and it's fun to learn about Sega's 5th gen system.

  10. I think it's bullshit that the Saturn didn't have 5 megabytes of RAM in the first place.

  11. This is why I bought the PS1… I'd rather have a bit more loading time than have to buy any accessories over a memory card. Just make your system better.

  12. Could have just put the ram in the machine.

  13. You know whats good is instant Mac & Cheese? ……. .. …. 😀
    I do NOT recommend do the full water line? NOPE do slightly less yes.

  14. What you're kidding – it HAS to have the 1MB expansion. NOT the four? Hahahahahahah

  15. If only there was a VCD Cart enabled Craig Stadler, Saturn would of destroyed the PS1 and N64.

  16. Great vid as always Joe (you English subs for Wangan were oddly close in some respects).

    Question; did you get a steam deck? If so are you planning a vid for it? Thanks!

  17. Those Neo Geo ports have me thinking a whole video looking at different console ports of Neo Geo games would be interesting.

  18. Considering how you usually don't introduce slowdown with the Saturn RAM… I think the Saturn's expansions edge out over the N64.

  19. Hey, I thought the most important question was how many cartridges of GREEEEN DAWG you had.

  20. 39:09 I'm in tears laughing at the "Going to crash into a wall? Please let me crash with you!" joke from the Wangan Dead Heat racing game. Joe sure knows how to be romantic!

  21. I find it hard to believe that the most asked question isn't: "Hey Joe, where you goin' with that gun in your hand?".

  22. Ole saturn was a tank and when the devs actually got down with it. Things got amazing. Love the unique look of the Saturn's graphics the same way I love the unique graphics of the dreamcast. Something just hits different.

  23. What does the MPEG card actually do? Give it more memory or add a faster processor?

  24. Saturn had a shitty hardware to program to, but boy how amazing arcade ports it had, I really wanted xmen vs street fighter at my home at that time. Nintendo should have made a better version of the ram cart + CD for the N64 and things may ended differently that generation.

  25. Falcom Classics on the Saturn are to this day my favourite versions of Ys I and II. I adore the visuals and music for that version, and the FMV was just gravy. The 8-way movement feels a lot better in my opinion, too.
    I actually tracked down those versions back when I first watched your original Ys video, Joe, so thank you for that!!!

  26. There was a very brief period in history when it made sense to buy into all this nonsense. From around 1999 though, you could just download an emulator instead and play the arcade versions directly with no compromises. That is, if you really cared about the games themselves rather than collecting plastic. I'm amazed that, even after buying those special cartridges, you still got an inferior experience in basically all cases, and many of them don't even work with the 4 MB cartridge and expect you to buy another one with worse specs for no good reason.

  27. When it was released I bought Lunar Silver Star (Complete) on the Saturn (Of course I already had the original) It stated it needed the MPEG expansion card. When I booted the game it would not run. It required the Japanese version of the card… Mine was PAL… It was noogoood.
    Lunar SSSC game came with physical versions of the Bromide cards you can get in the game.

  28. Samurai Shodown III did come out in the Saturn before IV did- maybe it was a re-release of III that caused some confusion? There was also some speculation back then that SNK did not want to use the 4MB ram cart because they wanted their NeoGeo CD games to look better by comparison.

  29. Damn I want a Saturn collection. I think my collection is alright for the moment. Check my hidden gems videos!

  30. Ok. N64 RAM expansion: done. Saturn RAM expansion: done. So next will be PC Engine, I guess!

  31. Saturn was ahead of its time just like the neo geo

  32. I wonder where you got the information that Samurai Showdown 3 was released one year after SS4. Japanese wikipedia and Sega Retro states the opposite, and the back cover of SS3 box advertises it as the second game to use the 1MB RAM cart (after Real Bout FF). On the other hand, if those sources are correct, It is really strange that SS4 has way more glitches with the 4MB RAM cart…

  33. I'm sorry Game Sack Lunar you can play it with out the video card in NA units, you only need the region free card, I used to played back in the days.

  34. Thanks for going in alphabetical order as I was unzipping as you were going 🙂

  35. I think someone actually hacked the twin advance games to work with 4MB cart. I would imagine they just dumped those 2MB of ROM stuff into the RAM and redirected the calls to be RAM pulls.

  36. The Expansion Pack made serveral games run WORSE than without it, but the visual improvements are immediately noticeable. The Saturn USUALLY doesn't make things worse, but it's improvements are generally a lot more subtle. Hard to say which is better.

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