Escape from Tarkov is an Arcade Shooter. Here's how to play it in 2023 - Tips for Beginners & Vets. -

Escape from Tarkov is an Arcade Shooter. Here’s how to play it in 2023 – Tips for Beginners & Vets.

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So, you want to get better in Tarkov, progress faster, learn strategies, techniques, routes, gun builds or just some general tips to improve your game and win more fights and escape more raids but, you think Escape from Tarkov is an immersive, tactical, realistic survival looter shooter. You think about the gear, the loot, getting that item and extracting, you care about your progress and about your stats.
Here’s the truth on how to be a better player in Tarkov.
Stop thinking about realism, immersion, atmosphere etc. Look at it like any arcade shooter and you will win more fights and progress faster.
Tarkov is an Arcade Shooter Game.
It’s just CS, Valorant or COD.
Don’t believe me? Then let’s go over some successful ways to play the game and then you can make your own conclusions.
Test your reaction time here

If you have other tips or an opinion on this subject, leave it in the comments below, just please be respectful.

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  1. Unfortunately I came into this thinking it was a tactical methodical shooter and came to the same conclusion. Running and gunning in the most unrealistic way wins the fight most of the times, like pretty much every other game.

  2. I'm sorry but about the scav i disagree. As playing scav brings consequences to your pmc, both a hefty reduction in proces from fence and, most importantly: money.
    I am level 40 with 500k rubles
    And i don't scav much

    My father barely plays but is lvl 34 and has 8M rubles… just seeing 5 Icases in his stash makes me ask if in 5 years of tarkov did i really learn anything.

    Of course you are hindering your experience playing as a scav, but not all players have a reaction time of 200.
    And not all players extract every game.

  3. why would you need a ledx fir to get a dust catcher thicc case for items you are supposed to throw into the raid and not into your stash… l feel you no thicc for me this wipe and no bitcoin farm either
    living high is not a crime

  4. Hufflepuff bitches I hit the floor thank you

  5. You should have shown clips and actual in game use cases of some of these tips so we can better learn how to use these methods.

  6. "iz real" is what we say every time we shoot a rogue in the head twice, unload 200 bullets into tagilla's legs, heal bullet wounds with injector drugs etc. The good news is, once you set yourself free from the "iz real" mindset tarkov wants you to have, progression itself doesn't matter. You just load in for the lols, which means scav raids are fun again. 😉 I've scav'd nearly full time this wipe and had a great time. When I pmc, the chance of running into cheaters goes up ten fold, because cheaters are by nature impatient. They run through the map at the start and then get out.

  7. Yea.. but I also see alot of successful players who abuse map knowledge and tactics to win fights

  8. Perfect title arcade shooter

    This game went from " realism milsim" to dumbass COD stim popping min maxing stats captain America super solider bullshit

    Used to love this game but damn after years of playing its just gone down hill overall, laggier and laggier servers, more cheaters, worse game mechanics.

    Sad they didn't stay true to what they wanted this game to be, sad to see it go the Rainbow Six route

    This is what we promised you, yet this is what you got

  9. I treat scavs as basically PMC Insurance. If you have a good Scav loot run. Do one before you start for the day. Get 500k~ roubles. Now you have a nice buffer. Do 3 – 4 PMC raids. Then scav the loot run again for another 500k. Doing it this way has always kept my money higher and also be less tilted when I have a bad day. Bad Day running PMC only can be a 2 – 3 mil roubles on the day. Vs My way I only lose a mil or 1.5. Best way to use Scavs imo.

  10. As a pretty new player I think a lot of this is very good advice. I played it more like a survival game for the first month or two that I had it and I think I'm ready to get out of that mode of thought now that I want to actually kill players instead of trying to avoid them. That said I think it's worth taking a little time to just immerse myself in the non-pvp aspects of the game before immediately donning your best kit and trying to take down players so you at least know why what you are using is good and what its proper use is. The other thing I will say is that scaving has been very important for me to learn where loot, not run out of money, and acquire kit that's above my current trader level. That said it does hurt watching all of the XP I am missing out on.

  11. This is why I cant play like I used too, the games gotten too fast paced. I wish this game was obscure again.

  12. I'm kinda wondering how we went from 'dont care about your progression' to 'dont run scav raids because you don't progess'

    I mean, sure, don't only run scav raids, but saving can be a useful tool, especially for new players to learn and build up to be able to run that better gear.

  13. Even I like and play the immersive way most of time, but I have to admit at current state of the game, all those tips are true and are the better more effective way to actually progress the character and player combat skill. Thank you to point it out

  14. "I wish there was no desync" – someone just needs to invent FTL communications and we will be 90% of the way there.

  15. More ppl resort to a slower playstyle, either cus of gear fear or view of the game. But they are simply just slowing their progression, ultimately skill capping themself to a certain playstyle. Then ending up blamming the game for their misfortune.

  16. so basicly you are as great as you can exploit the game

  17. As I agree with the whole ping abuse and the way the game and servers interact and display information.

    I can’t agree with a few things. Scavs being pointless, especially if someone’s a new player. The more “successful” players in this game play 8+ hours a day, some of them have thousands of raids already so obviously they aren’t going to play scavs. And I understand that you address that you aren’t denying that scavs are a free kit etc but then use an example of the “top” players out there not playing them because it’s “counter productive”. I think that they’re far from pointless. I have come more stacked on a scav raid than most pmcs and the amount of knowledge learned about maps, looting, quest spots. There is a lot of practical uses for scavs, and that’s not even me getting started on scav rep 6. A scav can be a free keycard for players under level 35. I think scavs preserve one of the great aspects of this game, learning.

    I understand the rhetoric of “this is the way the game is making me play” but reinforcing the shitty “meta” of the game also discouraging scavs is where you lost me and where any other content creator has lost me. I think people think the point of tarkov is to pvp, which is a super fun aspect of the game (especially when the playing field is even) but the main objective of tarkov should be survival. It’s to escape tarkov. (Some day)

    What I see is a justification for the way the game is shitty right now. This is part of the reason i am taking a break from the main tarkov or until arena drops, if people want to play this game like cod or an arcade shooter and dolphin dive around, Ferrari peak every corner that’s gonna be the place to do it.

    Once you’re level 42 and have max traders, what’s the point past that? Grinding through tedious quests to get kappa or lightkeeper? (beside access to the island), which in my opinion are both far more pointless than running scavs to enjoy the game.

    That brings me to my next point, is games should be fun right? That’s why we all play games, is to have fun and enjoy ourselves. Display our skill to our friends and enemies.

    A lot of the points brought up in this video are what made the game not fun for me anymore. Min maxing, trying to race to max traders because the game has forced us to do that, not playing certain parts of the game because it’s “pointless”. Not to mention cheating and RMT. This is coming from someone who is level 47 120m stash over 650 raids played 4K hours. Things like this just make the game not fun.

    All in all, I see why you are saying to play it like an arcade shooter, and a lot of your points but I don’t agree with it, and it’s sad that this is where we’re at. I’m glad that players out there can enjoy the game differently though and don’t feel like they have to follow the meta of the best players out there. Enjoy games and have fun!

  18. I agree with you 90%, I do think you have the wrong opinion of running scavs though. They are an extremely useful tool for find and transfer quests and have their benefits when it comes to certain areas of the map. I agree that people who run more scavs then their PMC are wasting their time, but it all depends on what you are trying to achieve in the game. They are a great sorce of income if you are proficient with the loot spawns of maps and take the burden off trying to make money when running your PMC. Thus minimizing the amount of gear fear and looting you will do as a PMC and let you focus more on just questing and progressing.

  19. I'm disappointed in reality, it wasn't suppose to be an arcade shooter but its played like that because of the desync among others but mainly the desync of peaker advantage turns it into an arcade shooter and the dreaded right hand peak that makes you loss 9/10 fights when you have no chance but to peak left.

  20. Very spot on on all points! My first 2 months of playing Tarkov begins with me playing it like an immersive, realistic shooter. Playing it slow, holding angle, make no noises as best as possible and I found out that I lost a lot of engagements. People playing it very aggressively and to cope with my losses I play even more defensively; when I sense someone is pushing, I back off to the next corner/angle until there's no more space left and I die. Then watching streamers playing Tarkov, it dawned on me how DIFFERENT they play Tarkov – they play it as if it's a competitive shooters! Always aggressive, doing quick peek a lot (to gather intel) and doing 'Australian peek' much more often it kicked me in the head how they don't play Tarkov by it's rule; they play it by their own rule!!

    Months after months I started copying Lvndmark's playstyle. At first it's obviously a fail for me; did many pushes wrong, opponents had better gear (because I save my high-tier equipment for "later") and me living in 3rd world with bovine excrement-level ISP puts me at severe disadvantages. Slowly but surely I stopped caring about gear fear and ALWAYS taking the best gear/ammo that I have with me. It improves my fight when it comes to fighting lower-tier opponent. And then learning how to 'abuse' desync to close the gap even more. And then learning all the "competitive" elements to the point that the gunplay doesn't resemble ANYTHING that BSG ever hoped for (comparing it to their Raid films as base argument). I can say that while I can't be like Lvndmark but I'm a much better PMC today than in my first few months playing Tarkov, playing it by it's rule. Once I attained this level of gameplay, I just can't go back to my olde Tarkov days playing it slow and tactical. It's sad actually, the game that pride itself being realistic turns out actually close to be Call of Duty.

    Thanks for the 'tips' video. People need to realise that Tarkov is NOT realistic game. Play it like CoD and you will win MANY fights. Good luck on your raid o7 May your gear always be extracted by you :))

  21. Scav-ing is fun – Grabbing good gear, grabbing money – Getting kills – But the best point of scavs is learning maps intimately. After say Lvl 40 – You don't bother.

  22. This makes me want to rat and camp extracts even more

  23. Huffle puff is goated have you seen there common room 😎

  24. If the audio worked correctly, I think it would slow people down a bit. It's just too messed up right now. You can't trust your ears and I think that is pushing people to play faster/harder as well. I'm at the edge of my seat waiting to see how this game releases.

  25. If tarkov were a shooter like any other game I wouldn’t play it. Why would I want to play a 45 min S&D match on cod? Breaking the immersion and only focusing on getting levels and kits is boring. Just let people have fun and stop being so damn salty

  26. I swing like a mad man. Anytime I try to "outplay" someone I get smoked. I agree! It is arcade af

  27. Funny thing is, this is just another tactic in the tactical shooter

  28. You assume I play this game to win it. I play it for the immersion. Though winning is nice, I don't think I'll be taking your advice. However, I thank you for posting this as it shows me that this game really is an arcade shooter because that's how people play it. And they play it that way because they can. Even if it's not intended to be played that way. And for that reason, I won't be purchasing the full version of the game until the arcade aspects are removed.

  29. Don’t even try to argue with this comment until you google client authoritative networking in gaming and understand that Tarkov is just that. As opposed to server authoritative networking. Tarkov is NOT even a PVP game it’s an arcade looter /questing gaming where you happen to have a gun and some things to shoot at and progress is frequently and Inhibited by dying for one reason or another – many of which are “unfair” and not in the nature of a competitive fps game.

  30. Don’t even try to argue with this comment until you google client authoritative networking in gaming and understand that Tarkov is just that. As opposed to server authoritative networking. Tarkov is NOT even a PVP game it’s an arcade looter /questing gaming where you happen to have a gun and some things to shoot at and progress is frequently inhibited by dying for one reason or another – many of which are “unfair” and not in the nature of a competitive fps game.

  31. Angle holders lose most their fights…….?????? there goes my iq ig i have a 63% surv rate chad everywhere watch streams perma if its a good player vs another good player 9/10x right hand peek angle holder wins

  32. Took me a whole season to realize these points. We need a death cam, it would help with knowledge for players to see how others play as well as expose cheaters.

  33. The game is a mess with desync and peaker's advantage being so prevalent in every situation and I agree with the premise of the game is an arcade shooter with less and less tactical game play.
    But the PMC progression is so stale and questing is truly dull after 6+ times of kappa etc.

    At the end of the day to each their own but I disagree that scavs are pointless, I regularly help new players and having them scav a map they don't know to familiarize them with the lay out of buildings, loot spawns, extracts and where to take vantage points when you hear gun fire at a distance are all huge things to new players need in order to not feel overwhelmed by the learning curve.
    I regularly run into people who are level 30+ and avoid lighthouse for the simple fact they don't know routes, extracts or places to shoot from without incurring cross fire. Teaching them in scav runs lets them accomplish everything they need for when they go into PMC runs and know where/what to loot and look for. Yes they could learn on PMC runs too but I think personally they gain the confidence and knowledge to take fights using desync after they've learned the map more.

    Not to mention it's a game and we all log off at the end of our sessions. With lots of us playing so long we look for new experiences and interactions within the game that aren't just W key anyone on holding an angle or tossing nades to force them out.

  34. Everything you listed is exactly what has turned me off the game over the years, well that and BSG themselves. Everyone and their mother sprinting around, bunnyhopping, abusing desync, endless meta gear after a month of wipe. And now the new waves of players are being taught the same things and will carry on the same shitty playstyle. I don't get on Tarkov to play Apex Legends but that is what the majority of players have warped it into.

  35. I can hear the 40 year olds getting really angry at this video in denial lmao

  36. awesome video started taking this approach myself. only thing is i like to use my scav to hoard millions of roubles lol

  37. At the start when you were talking about how you die holding angles more often than pushing, I literally said desync in my head. The next thing you say: "this is because I'd desync". I've died to desync probably like 3 times in a row the last time I played. It's soooooo annoying.

  38. I agree on almost all points… except for the scav issues. I don't think people use their scavs enough.

  39. I bought EOD edition and I wish there was a refund system to take back my money – buy snacks and feed the pigeons on the park . I thought i was buying the ULTIMATE tactical – immersive – simulation experience .. but i just bought an EXPENSIVE , another 1 on the thousands casual shooters..

  40. "IT'S BEEN FIFTY FUCKING RAIDS AND YOU FINALLY HAVE IT" I felt that in my soul lmfao.

  41. 9:00 i will say scavs are good for collecting found in raid items that you need for pain in the ass quests. So if you are a broke bitch, and have to scav make sure you are hunting mainly for found in raid items you need. (think ofz shells, snacks for jeager, mechanics cigerettes, shit like that).

  42. this video makes me wanna cry
    i wish things were different with this game

  43. I just hit 1,000 hours in Tarkov recently. This section about gear fear hindering you is pretty spot on.

    I learned that if you have that juicy fir loot and you are forced to engage in a fight, the best solution is to triple down and fight for it.

    I think scaving helps with map knowledge while also learning how to loot with a lot less stress. Having time to learn to maximize profit while looting is crucial because during pmts runs you’re far more invested. A scav run is a chance to practice to map while still online. maybe band together with some other scavs to fight the last few PMCs if you can find them, free pvp training with no investment needed.

    Pmc and Scav are valuable, just for very different reasons. New players need to scav to maximize their skill growth without risking the limited money they’ll inevitably burn through.

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