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Enter the Gungeon: House of the Gundead – Arcade Game

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Coming to Arcades in 2020:

Enter the Gungeon: House of the Gundead is an original two-player light gun arcade game in which players crawl alone or with a fellow Gungeoneer floor by floor blasting your way down through the army of the Gundead. Unlock new weapons, dodge roll around oncoming fire, and face down legendary guardians of the Gungeon from the friendly confines of your local arcade or at home.


  1. GialluGamer - L'Otaku del Quartiere ʕ•̀ω•́ʔ says:

    it's fucking beautiful! Too bad he will be alone in the game room from what I understand? Because even with a mouse or joystick it would be possible to play with it, i think. I who am Italian I doubt they will ever bring it to our game rooms >.< $5,000 of cabin cruiser, they are really scary, but i admit that I would buy it if I had it haha I hope it never goes out of stock, that maybe one day I will really buy it

  2. Wouldve been cool to play this then this virus had to come so nevermind

  3. I need it, it will come to latin america if yes i will be the first to play

  4. Александр Ермаченко says:

    Please do enter the gungeon in 3d((((((((((((

  5. oh god oh fuck i didnt know this existed and now that i do i know what i must do

  6. With the Sinden Lightgun coming out, I really hope they chose to put House of Gundead on Steam. Be able to play it at home

  7. Has this light gun game been ported to the Nintendo Switch yet?

  8. Where can I buy one??? Shut up n take my money

  9. House of the Gundead sounds like a play on words of house of the dead.

  10. Look at this great game that only 7 people in the whole world will get to play

  11. Is anything happening with this? havn't heard any news since pre-covid. Really hoping for a pc port.

  12. Did anybody ever wind up owning one of these or did they just never ship because of Covid

  13. Please, it's been so long now;
    Port this game to consoles like Nintendo Switch! 🙏

  14. If I didn't already know better, I'd have guessed ETG, Moonlighter, and CotL were all made by the same team as they're basically clones of the same game with a dodge roll action and hub area…
    Devolver must actually have a checklist of things that need to be in their games, there's no other reason multiple teams are making the same game

  15. Dodgerolling can be the new unitower

  16. Did this ever come out?

    Or did the pandemic kill this release ?

  17. It's 100% impossible this will make it to my countrys arcades. Please consider a PC release at some point. I even got two Sinden Lightguns hungry for this stuff.

  18. Guys this wasn't a joke can you believe this?

  19. Thank you. Arcades need more love. A social hub for gamers outside of discord and the metaverse. It’s one of my favorite date spots

  20. I once saw something about Devolver just wanting to make cool games. Now that they’ve invested into the arcade field, I truly believe them and they have my absolute respect and loyalty. Thank you for breathing life back into the OG gamer lobby, the arcade.
    Bold move. Brave move. Great move.

  21. I look foreward to pirating this cuz i dont have an arcade near me.

  22. Am playing this game since 2021 until now😅

  23. i wanna buy this because having an arcade machine is cool

  24. From any company, this would have stayed just as an April fools joke, but no from Devolver, and that's why I love them.

  25. This sure look gorgeous but you can only play it by buying the arcade that cost like 5000 dollar. Screw you

  26. Can you buy this for PC ? That would be awesome to go with my sinden light guns. I just played this at Free play arcade in FT Worth Texas and it was using the sinden light guns on it.

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