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Elvira: The Arcade Game Longplay (Amiga) [QHD]

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Developed and published by Flair Software in 1991

My first and only experience with the game prior to recording the video was the demo of the C64 version, which featured on a Commodore Format magazine Power Pack cassette. I can’t remember if was any good or not, but it remained a curiosity, especially once I’d played the definitely-not-a-suitable-game-for-kids, Elvira: Mistress of the Dark.

The gore and scariness present in Horrorsoft’s adventure-cum-RPG are absent here, and it’s not even the remotest bit spooky. I guess Flair decided to do something else with the Elvira licence, and a platformer made for a logical choice.

What we got was a Gods clone, which replaced the hulking gladiator with Elvira’s more svelte form, but also dispensing with the clever traps and puzzles.The game reviewed reasonably well at the time, gaining scores between 70 and 80% range; Amiga Power praised the visuals and gameplay, describing it as “a real treat to play”, but it’s not a sentiment I share. Yes, the artwork and animation is good, and the fundamental platforming elements (moving, jumping) work well enough, but the vast, maze-like levels are confusing and difficult to traverse, often containing pits and traps off-screen that you can’t see. The Ice World proved especially problematic, thanks to use of switches, triggers and keys that are meant to remove barriers at key locations. There’s no real way to understand how or where these objects are linked, aside from traipsing from one corner of the level to the other to see if anything has changed. I checked out the level maps over on Hall of Light, and there were quite a few secret areas I couldn’t figure out how to get into, but the monotony meant I had no inclination to try and figure out why certain teleporters didn’t work.

My biggest complaint by far, however, is the collision detection. Elvira’s projectiles will pass through certain enemies unless they touch a very specific pixel, and the fact she throws weapons in an arc makes it difficult to hit things anyway.

For those wondering about the plot, Elvira receives a vision during a dream from a supposed ancestor, King Gustav of Transylvania, who promises to leave his castle to her if she can clear out a bunch of demons from the various worlds he used to inhabit.

Coding: Mick Hedley
Graphics: Phillip Nixon
Music: Phillip Nixon

0:00:00 Intro (music by Phillip Nixon)
0:01:50 Main Menu (music by Phillip Nixon)
0:02:31 Fire World (music by Phillip Nixon)
0:22:26 Ice World (music by Phillip Nixon)
0:52:48 Castle World (music by Phillip Nixon)
1:17:49 Ending (music by Phillip Nixon)



  1. Never knew this game existed and I've played the other Elvira games on Amiga

  2. I played the DOS version of this game. It's a good game, though cryptic (had to ask someone for help with the Ice world) and and has a few bugs.

    Fun fact: The game was apparently to first to feature what was called the "ACTI-MAP development system", according to the back of the box which also has "AS SEEN ON TV" on it… was this game featured on TV somewhere?

  3. Never played this one. It looks a lot like Dracula on Snes/Megadrive

  4. Feels a lot like Gods from BitBrothers Studio

  5. Wish that the Music would bé rearranged into a metal genre

  6. This doesn't look like a particullary good or fun game, lmfao.

  7. If this is the same Flair that developed Surf Ninjas and Danger Streets for the Amiga CD32 then I already know this game is going to be crap.

  8. ¿Esta hecho por fan el juego?.

  9. You know there were at least some hundreds of teenagers constantly pushing left-right-left-right with one hand while holding themselves with the other hand.

  10. There are always at least two things to like about any Elvira game.

  11. Why did so many Amiga games lack sounds? Devote a channel or two to interrupt the music and give the game some depth and life. It was done all the time on the NES and never seemed to bother anyone.

  12. Never played that game, and I'm glad I didn't. Music is great though.

  13. Cassandra Peterson, the ALL-TIME great! 👠

  14. Nice game! Gameplay is like gods with dragonslair

  15. @2:09 – During the level selection screen one of the books is "Fly Fishing J.R.H." which is a reference to the British Yellow Pages ad featuring a man looking for "Fly Fishing by J.R. Hartly".

  16. what is this garbage, no sound effects? I never once saw this in the arcades. A big pass from me.

  17. This game was universally trashed by all video game magazines of its era. However, its RPG equivalent was praised all the way to high heavens due to advanced detailed graphics, unheard of its time.

  18. The game is too repetitive..a lot of amiga games are..like Gods…the only thing is great about amiga is the music. How could they call this arcade game when it isn't an arcade at all.

  19. She has the perfect amount 16 bit figure, I love it.

  20. Thanks, I'd nearly forgotten this one. That music! The ice world was really memorable too.

  21. First 28 seconds of blank screen really had me on edge

  22. My life is complete just knowing that this actually exists. Lmiao. I love Elvira. Dressed as her for Halloween. It went very well. Lol. 💜🖤💜

  23. Dude. This reminds me of Jill of The Jungle. Musically and visually. Love it, very cool. I had no idea Elvira had a game. Hail the Mistress of The Dark! Lol

  24. Damn. We could have had this ported to the Sega Genesis in the states instead of Legend of Galahad and Stormlord.

  25. holy this game is shit. disgrace to elvira.

  26. Horrible, slow looking game for any generation.

  27. Ah the 16 bit days, when the name of the game only meant your protagonist looked slightly different.

  28. I don’t think the game designers understood the appeal of Elvira

  29. Okay, what was this Game? Really. Looks to be like Elvira was just thrown in for marketing. Somehow I can't see Elvira in a medieval fantasy world. Hell, it could have at least been made it horror based! XD

  30. I had NO idea this game existed?!?! Is there a rom for it? I gotta have this

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