Donkey Kong (Original) Full Playthrough (US Arcade Version, All 4 Levels, 3 Rotations, 0 Deaths) -

Donkey Kong (Original) Full Playthrough (US Arcade Version, All 4 Levels, 3 Rotations, 0 Deaths)

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I’ve been wanting to do this for a very, VERY long time.

Whether you know or not, one of my previous Donkey Kong playthroughs is actually my top-viewed video in the entire history of my 4500+ channel, and by a very VERY large margin. Entire playlists of games you’ve seen me cover get ALL of their views outdone and totally drowned out by that one video. However, it also has an insane amount of dislikes because it’s really flawed due to me dying a few times in it. I wanted to fix that in some ways and did a bit more research on why some versions of the game have a different level order, which I was also criticized for getting a few things wrong about.

If you’re curious, I’ll provide links to my other runs of this game:

Japanese Arcade Run:

First American Arcade Run:



The American version of Donkey Kong opens up more levels in later rotations, rather than having them all unlocked at once. Rotation 1 has you go through 25m and 100m. Then it leads to Rotation 2, which lets you play through 25m, 75m, and 100m. Then beating those makes you go through Rotation 3, where all 4 of the game’s levels are playable from that point on, including 50m.

The game keeps track of the rotation you’re on at the top-right corner of the screen with the blue “L=”, with the number next to it being your current rotation. This increases every time you beat the game and go back to 25m.

In this video, I go through all 3 of these rotations on top of not having a single death to slow the experience down. This took me quite some time to do this, because RNG in full effect for a lot of the things that happen in this game, such as whether a barrel rolls down a ladder in 25m not.

I made this video to make up for how clumsy and naive I was being in my previous runs of the original Arcade version of the game. I present to you all a much more cleaner and refreshing take on this timeless classic.

I hope you all enjoy it!


  1. My first time playing Donkey kong was on my family’s Commodore 64 C back in the day then Playing it in Donkey Kong 64

  2. The music for the first stage is “dude, I’m on a date”

  3. Why doesn’t the game always give you 100 points for jumping over a barrel?

  4. Donkey KongArcadeRelease date: July 9, 1981, 42 years, 5 months, 11 days ago (42.448 years)Today is December 20, 2023.Donkey Kong (the person turned 30 years old when the game was released)Date of birth: July 9, 1951, 72 years, 5 months, 11 days old (72.448 years)

  5. This guy makes it look easy, but it's way harder than it looks. This game requires lots of practice, which must have been expensive back in the day considering 25 cents was worth a lot more back then. I beat this last night so I watched this video to confirm that I did indeed play all the levels.

  6. I like how the US Version makes you unlock Pie Factory (50m) and Elevator (75m) by reaching Lvl 2 (Elevator) & Lvl 3 (Pie Factory), as if the where bonus Stage's.

  7. Tomorrow is my birthday! I'm very excited! Dad said he was going to take me to play my favorite game! I love Donkey Kong!

  8. Yo, I never even made it to the conveyer belt level, yo.. This dude is a master!

  9. Ah yes, Pauline the very upmost unforgettable Nintendo video game character; who used to appear in the 'Donkey Kong' cartoon series. 😀

  10. Fun fact, the US set of Donkey Kong has 22 level rotations, just like the Japanese version, the levels are just out of order. On level 22 you will get killed for no reason, it's called The Kill screen, it's just a glitch in the programming and it's an interference with the bonus timer on the right. The numbers go out of order then start counting upward and downward then downward again, which messes up the game, Nintendo admits that it was just a glitch.

  11. Also, level three and four have the correct level order, which is pretty interesting, since the rest of the levels are completely out of order and random, in the Japanese set of Donkey Kong the levels are in perfect order and it always Loops the same level order every time, in the US set sometimes the levels are out of order, sometimes they are not, the reason why. Is probably just because Nintendo of America is a different company than Nintendo of japan. Because in the Japanese sets, there is a glitch where if you're on the first ladder and you hold right and jump at the same time you can fall through the floor and glitch through the top and skip the first stage all together, there are also a few glitches where if you're touching the girders the barrels will never roll down on you, this is most likely due to the fact that the Japanese boards were a modification of Nintendo's classic failure, radar scope. The first ever cabinets designed in japan, kind of looked similar to Midway cabinets. And when it came time to release them in the US they were just conversions of radar scope, which were red cabinets.

  12. The colors of the radar scope donkey kongs, are slightly different from the US donkey kongs, this is not anything like Mame by the way, early versions of m a m e, look somewhat similar, but not exact. The colors of the girders are more red, the peach colors on Donkey Kong are more yellow. Etc

  13. This game better be a scene in the Mario Movie showing off Mario’s origin story.

  14. Fun Fact: This was the first game Mario appeared in
    Fun Fact 2: Mario's original villain was DK
    Fun Fact 3: Mario's original GF was Daisy

  15. Cranky Kong was once the original Donkey Kong until years later he became old.

  16. 80's arcades were the best! Wish I was back in time now.

  17. Why not just turn off the dislike button.😊

  18. surprisingly tough to beat deathless, currently going for 101% in DK64 and they have us do this…

  19. In the first few frames of the video a bunch of zeroes can be seen and I was able to pause at the correct moment and figured out how many zeroes are there.
    Their are 896 zeroes here's the equation. 28*32

  20. 0:35 I don’t think the arcade knew you jumped over it

  21. The sound he makes when he's walking is funny

  22. Would it be okay to use clips of this video (credit will be given) in my own? I'm making my own arcade game, and I'd be using this as an example.

  23. I too miss the good old days of the video game arcade. Wow, did our quarters disappear like crazy.

  24. So it’s 3 times then you win the game?

  25. Hermano no tendrás un link para descargarlo? Busco y solo encuentro el de nes😭

  26. El Juego Completo De Donkey Kong Acarde

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