Donkey Kong 1981 Nintendo Mame Retro Arcade Games -

Donkey Kong 1981 Nintendo Mame Retro Arcade Games

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► Donkey Kong 1981 Nintendo. Endless game.

1. Donkey Kong 1981 –
2. Donkey Kong Junior 1982 –
3. Donkey Kong 3 1983 –

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  1. His name is Cranky Kong Who Captured Pauline and Terrorizes Mario and Bug Swatter Stanley.

  2. In 1981 my mama was 12 years old and longer playing this game 🙂

  3. You know the background music in a video game is too repetitive if you can still remember it after 30 years.

  4. Wow,didn't this Donkey Kong arcade game lists for $2000. Back in the day circa 1981,i was the Donkey Kong champ going thru 24 levels and getting the high score of 685,000.Yes i was in college and instead of going to class,me and my bud would go down to the local arcade of this college town of Ruston.Dave would hit the Make Tracks game and i would find the best DK machine and doing what most all nerds do,play video games,old style.I haven't played games since Nintendo 64 was out and i thought that was great visuals,but today,OMG, i'm just too old to get it with what the young folks are doing.

  5. Now why was the 2nd level of Donkey Kong omitted from the arcade version?

  6. Question: What type of death do you witness if hitting DK? Answer: Donkey Konga. Answer from: Newsgrounds

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