Does The Hack to Win Every Time at the Hammer Arcade Game Really Work? #shorts -

Does The Hack to Win Every Time at the Hammer Arcade Game Really Work? #shorts

Mystery Matt
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  1. I helped a person get the jackpot when I got the jackpot doing this at incredible pizza. 💀

  2. Fun fact I use to do this at my arcade. After a week I came in to see that the string was shorter making it impossible to do it

  3. It’s rigged. Everyone should know that most games are rigged.

  4. On your game, someone added more string. You could see the knot, but if you just lower it down to where the knot and you went automatically.

  5. Yay the game is rigged so don’t waste your time on it

  6. I actually did this at an Adventureland in my home state and it worked first try.

  7. BTW you can use your hand instead because it doesn't sense it as the hammer so use your hand guys it's so much easier

  8. It could be used to pinpoint strength settings and resistance

  9. we were at surge, and my friend just did that and it worked and I tried it every single time but I never got it but he did it

  10. It really depends on where you go. I went to an arcade an hour and a half away from me, and I needed to hit that thing hard. Like I mean all my kid strength (I was like 9 when that happened)

  11. I got jackpot like three times by smacking it😂

  12. Most of the games in an arcade or something like that can have their probabilities changed. Something one of my managers taught me when I worked at incredible pizza

  13. I did this and it worked. The reason is that you won so the game doesn’t let you win again for a while so you don’t get too many tickets

  14. It works it’s not a cap I did it and hit 2 jackpots

  15. This works I do it every time and usually win

    Like if u agree
    Only top GS have this option

  16. I've done it before and gotten the jackpot

  17. I tried it recently, it did not even come close.

  18. I tried it and it worked twice you just have to angle the hammer slightly up

  19. I did it once at a place called Pinz and it worked first try and I got 700 tickets 💸

  20. It does work I saw a video yesterday "Truckshotter vs Arcade" and he did it with no hesitation

  21. Me thinking the jackpot says 50b at the end of the video

  22. Yes it works, I made this and land it everytime on jackpot, you have to put the hammer 90° to directly hit

  23. Works in Dave and busters in the Staten Island mall

  24. I remember I smacked it as hard as I could a bunch of times it worked I got the jsckpot and my tickets but u can’t pay medical bills for my hand with tickets

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