Do you remember? Phoenix arcade game. -

Do you remember? Phoenix arcade game.

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  1. Yes, i remember blisters, sore indexfingers and lacking quarters all the time.

  2. Used to love this game. Got it on MAME, but it's rubbish in comparison to new games.

  3. Che spettacolo… Memorabile.. Avevo solo 9 anni quando ci giocavo in sala giochi….grazie per avermelo ricordato….😢💖

  4. Yes I do, it was one of my Favorite games of all time that I forgot about! It killed my coins, so I could not master it. One of the only games that going to old store front on the off street with great candy and super old 1960s games that few remember!

  5. Just walking into an arcade back in the late 70s and 80s was so fun… trying to make that $5 in quarters last as long as you could… 🙂
    The sounds … the place lit up mainly by the machines only. Good times 🙂

  6. I think it's the best arcade game. However, this game was in a different league of difficulty. Like someone was really getting asleep over the regular arcade games and decided to make a really challenging game from the first stage. What's more, if you try playing this on a table/phone it's just not going to work with the touch screen buttons: you need real physical buttons for this game.

  7. The best arcade game of the early eighties.

  8. Goddamn man! Lead them. You never play Phoenix before this?

  9. Still playing it from time to time. Strangely satisfying game. Hard, but after a while you got the rhythm down.

  10. I still play this using mame.
    It is without doubt the annoying sounding arcade game of all time.

    Great game though.

  11. I had this and 4 other games on this small controller I connected to the tv

  12. Argh those annoying birds zig-zagging around at the bottom of the screen ! They always got me

  13. It may have only cost 10p to play but it cost me £5 to master it! Oh how I miss these games! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

  14. First played this in Oahu Hawaii at the arcade before it came to the mainland

  15. Yes I remember this game. And thanks to this video, I also remember how much I fucking hated this one. Have a great day.

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  17. A well done emulator. Is it for PC or an adaptor module for a game system box?

  18. I used to like the way they looked like watermelons were you killed them

  19. Yep used to play this when I was 15 yrs old. I am now 56. Thats how old this game is. God Im old, where did time go ?

  20. Loved playing this game at Chuck E. Cheese back in the day during the 80s! Good times!

  21. The big alien saucer…. i has forgotten about that one…and the eggs…..

  22. 2:30 – all these years later I realise it comes to a stop at the bottom.
    Great game and memories.

  23. I have the actual arcade cabinet of this game.

  24. Oh jeez, me and my cousin Paul used to sit opposite each other and spend hours playing this in the arcade on holiday when I was a kid, man, so many great memories, sat there, each with a stack of 10 pence pieces, a couple of bags of crisps, and a can of coke to keep us going!

  25. This was my favorite game at the time. Fond memories of the pizza restaurant down the street from us and wasting too many quarters.

  26. Dumped thousands of quarters into this game. It's always the ones that you can't beat that you spend your money on. Gorf and Tron were nearly free to me because I dominated those games.

  27. I was obsessed with this game. I remember my parents took me to London to visit my brother, but all I wanted to do was play this game some more.

  28. That alien in the ship was the coolest of all in the 80's

  29. Played this last week in the arcade a few dozen times and I am still CRAP at it, even after playing it for 40 years!

  30. This was one of the first video games that came to my town. It seems primitive now but I remember being so captivated by it, especially the sounds of it, as we had never heard or seen anything like it before. I just wanted to play it over and over.

  31. Even the game is so old @ so dated but I dare any of you to try to shoot at those enemy birds !!!

    It's NOT easy. Their flight paths were so evasively chaotic and hard to hit. Considering what a big target those birds are (can be HUGE at times), it's still a challenge.

    I was very impressed with the 2600 conversion also. They're so close!! Phoenix is one hypnotic fun game to play.

  32. I was an expert in this fantastic game

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