DIY Hammer Arcade Game -

DIY Hammer Arcade Game

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How to make Mr hammer game with cardboard at home.


  1. Bhai aap bada hi accha accha video laate ho,
    Bhai kabhi giveaway bhi kardo,
    Aur bhai video daily laao hum sab ko intejaar rahta hai aap ki video ka,

    Love you bhai
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  2. Could you plz send the length t

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  7. Hey man it's good but you have points in serial vice why you have first 20 points second 10 points and third 100 points why tell me but please you don't sad I don't tell it's bad it's good but why. You have points in serial vice

  8. Can send templates pdf in description it would be useful

  9. how do we know sizes? Good idea, but i don't know how to make it.

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