Discover: Arcade Mode -

Discover: Arcade Mode

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Play games using your steering wheel, touchscreen or a controller while parked.



  2. I’m now gonna pretend like I play roblox on my Tesla now

  3. Add roblox to the arcade mode so I can get my mom to buy it then I’ll have a entire gaming car

  4. Hello. My name is Anton, I'm from Ukraine. I have developments and ideas that will be able to interest Tesla and make its cars more unique and desirable for buyers. I currently have 3 ideas, one of which is in the final stages and 2 more in development. I am very fond of Tesla cars, and Elon Musk. I will be very grateful if you pay attention to me

  5. There is very little left before the release of Tesla's cyber gamepad

  6. like the previous comments so that Elon Musk would notice them👇👇👇

  7. Own my tesla is great play games you should buy it

  8. What operating system does the tablet use ?

  9. Coughs** this epic gaming system will cost my whole body 🤣🤣

  10. PLZ go to Isaia Photo on YouTube and watch his videos. He really want something from Elon musk him self😉

  11. This is technically the most expensive game console of all time, right? Unless you made a PC out of solid gold.

  12. But the main question is

    Can it run minecraft at 60 FPS?

  13. "Why is the screen borken?"
    "Oh sorry i was just playing cuphead"

  14. put crew dragon docking simulator on tesla. THE ULTIMATE TESLA X SPACEX

  15. Now we dont need game consoles if we had Tesla lol

  16. You can also play Atari games on a Tesla to enjoy your good old games.

  17. it says "Ticket Avoidance Mode" at the 1st second of the video…
    only og's remember what that means…

    (it was an april fools joke by Tesla, on April 1st, 2015)

  18. Not anymore
    You can now play Cyberpunk of COD if you want

  19. Is this for playing games or for driving.Garbage

  20. We are Russians, we are very much waiting for Tesla in Russia

  21. When a babysitter is over
    Kid: hey can i go play games
    Babysitter: sure where will you be?
    Kid: in the tesla

  22. PC / Console players : whatever game your playing it won’t work. You can’t defeat me
    People who travel a lot : oh I know …… but he can

  23. … samsung lcd also kills = you can actually smell the toxic front panel + epoxy pcb

  24. It has been updatesd since this video, now you get points for hitting pedestrians

  25. … tv … monitors … maybe not the touch screen ones …

  26. This is now the most expensive gaming setup i

  27. …And Minecraft?
    Because The Controllers Are Existing

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