Deadstorm Pirates (PS3) - 2 Player -

Deadstorm Pirates (PS3) – 2 Player

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ARRRRRRRRR! Alright there me hearties? Here be some 2 player Deadstorm Pirates on PS3 with gun housing encased PS moves. ‘Tis a fine game.



  1. My father and I would always play this first when we go to Iplay America when I was younger. It was always fun

  2. Wait, if you play alone then how do you clear the "shoot together" targets?

  3. This game may be old but they did a great job on the graphics, art style, gameplay, music, 60fps so it's always going to feel fun and satisfying

  4. Voice cast in Japanese

    Eric Morgan: Masakazu Morita (Tidus, Ichigo Kurosaki, Keiji Maeda)
    Leah Stuart: Masumi Asano (Risa Harada, BlackRose, Tira, Sun Ce)
    Joseph: Minoru Inaba (Buzz Lightyear, Neoatoran, White Tiger, Dale)
    Duncan: Takashi Nagasako (George, Big the cat, Dodoria, Darun Mister, Magmard Dragoon/Slash Beastleo, Bowman Delgado, Cervantes De Leon, Donkey Kong)
    Bruno: Yasuhiri Takato (Artemis, Romero, Gluttony)
    Heath Gilbert: Hidekatsu Shibata (Hiruzen Sarutobi, Yi XingLong, Fuhrer Bradley, Dragon, Igneel, Hell Spider, Rinaldo Gandolfi, Gizalof)

  5. i Remember Playing This Arcade Classic with me and my Father at Old School "Dave and Busters" in the Early 2010s Many Times. i Miss Those Times…
    This is one of my Favorite Nostalgic Arcade Games along with "Sega's – The Lost World Jurassic Park" Which i also Remembered Playing Many Times With My Father at "Dave and Busters" Aswell Back When Those 2 Games where There.
    i miss being a Kid… 🥲

  6. I remember playing this when I was like 7 it's so nice to see it again

  7. Posideon Breath (Deadstorm Pirates) Villains Wiki Fandom

  8. those bugs from mountain stream have given me nightmares for the past 6 years

  9. I’m gonna keep it a buck with you: This was the coolest fucking game at Chuck-E-Cheese, no competition.

  10. I remember playing this with my former best friend at birthdays in Chuck E. Cheese’s, I say former because we ended up going to two school districts so after a few years we’ve lost contact and I have this game to think back on

  11. 懐かしい、子供の頃を思い出します

  12. Oh man… me and my dad would always play this game at chuck e cheese

  13. Dude… this game brings back so much nostalgia. I played it one time at a place called game works. I had an unlimited pass and I played almost the whole game. It was AMAZING.

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  15. Tuesday ghoul skeleton pirate hostile attack!!!

  16. Oh yeah, do you play Gundam Extreme VS PS3? Actually there is an Arcade too. I finished it as well.

  17. I have this on ps3 and the graphics are amazing

  18. Finally the time where Player 2 has the most highest score? I hope that wasn’t an offensive message! I’m sorry!

  19. Damn can they make shooting games with guns that shoot that fast

  20. I totally remember this. I played it in that Chuck E. Cheese in Dartmouth.

  21. This was my go to arcade game everytime I’d go somewhere with one I miss this game

  22. Dang i didnt know pirates have automatic guns😂

  23. I wonder what treasure they'll find next the One Piece also why does the captain looking like Jack Sparrow plus I feel bad for Bruno being bullied by his own captain

  24. Yesterday i played it but i lose at the kraken stage

  25. Wait what about the other ending that boy holds poesidon’s breath to make the pirate ship flies?

  26. When i was a kid i thought his eyes was yellow like the monster now i realized that it was his glacces lol 3:01

  27. I played this and Dark Escape 4d yesterday at an arcade near my grandmothers nursing home and I came 92nd in the leaderboard for deadstorm pirates in that game only after the stormy sea stage (i never ever entered the leaderboard)

  28. 1:05 this part when i play at any of the two arcades near me with deadstorm pirates sounds like earrape

  29. 19:20 i always die to the bats even after scanning my timezone card once

  30. tbh i thought that captai was greedy asf but i was wrong

  31. Going back to this game as an adult with money and getting through the whole game felt powerful

  32. My favorite boss fight in this game was an andaconda a giant snake 🐍

  33. When I was 3 and 4 I always used to play this game at Chuck E. Cheese in Atlantic Terminal

  34. This one game played a very important part in my childhood. I will never forget going to the arcade in the mall on a saturday, begging my dad to play this game with me. Good times😊

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