Day 62 Trying to Win an iPad at the Mystery Cup Claw Machine! #shorts #arcade #clawmachine -

Day 62 Trying to Win an iPad at the Mystery Cup Claw Machine! #shorts #arcade #clawmachine

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Day 62 Trying to Win an iPad at the Mystery Cup Claw Machine! #shorts #arcade #clawmachine


  1. I feel like you could’ve just bought an iPad with all the money you wasted

  2. Imagine if that lucky person used that money and pulled a A

  3. team to make him win the ipad, just like i had an ipad.

  4. When is this guy going to realise its a scam and there is no a🤦‍♂️

  5. Oh my god this showed up my feed. The last time I saw this series it was at day 33!

  6. Friendly reminder that he was looking for the A since Day 6.

  7. Do you know guys there is no a in these claw machine I saw I vid he didn’t get the a and me to a couldn’t find to

  8. There’s probably 5% chance you’d get it. It’s probably hidden deep down in there. That’s why there’s so many.

    Ya gotta be very lucky to get it.
    The owner of the claw machine isn’t gonna let you win it that easy.

  9. You probably spent more money at that claw machine that just buying a regular ipad


  11. Lets see 62 days every day 5 dollars so 62×5=310
    So idk whats the ipad price but i think if u save the 5 dollars for like 200 days u can get it

  12. I think the A is hiding in the mystery cups

  13. Bro is gonna end up spending as much as a iPad is on a claw machine for a iPad. 😅

  14. Bro the machine don't have a "a" it's a scam 😅

  15. Bro has spent 310 on this machine just go and buy an ipad

  16. Erik will go to the machine one day and the prize will have changed!

  17. bro all the money u spent on this I could have got the iPad instantly like whaat

  18. the money hes spending on getting an ipad he can just buy it

  19. Bro spend more money on the claw machine he could have bought the I pad 😂😂

  20. Dang bros never giving up dont give up W ur patience

  21. at this point its not about him winning anymore. Its about how long we keep bothering to watch the videos.

  22. lmfao i found you on day 18 bro .. 😂 give up

  23. What if there's no a and it's a scam

  24. That is a scam i have saw employees put every single letter without A

  25. Check the nearby dustbins may u able to find a

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