Dave and Busters TICKET HACK ‼️😲 #daveandbusters #games #mythbusters #arcade #jackpot - jadeusgames.com

Dave and Busters TICKET HACK ‼️😲 #daveandbusters #games #mythbusters #arcade #jackpot

Dom Christian
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  1. If stupid was a hack, this would be Anonymous

  2. This waant a hack your just dumb …. ASS !!!

  3. This dude hired by D&B to get us to trythis dumb shit and lose all our credits

  4. Has to be fake. The 5 cards I bought makes you wait a certain time before swiping on another machine.

  5. Just enough tickets for a fake moustache and a rubber bouncy ball cost $10 too

  6. I saw no hack in that worthless video.

  7. She has 4 kids by 3 daddies and he's the step-dad and they are out blowing the formula money on this stupid shit.

  8. Now you can go get that .30 piece of shit from the gift shop after spending $40.

  9. Bad content. Do better. Its not cutesy hearing you cuss either.

  10. Best hack! I especially like the part where they hit the jackpot for all of the machines.

  11. As long as you're having fun I guess😅

  12. And now he has enough tickets for a Ring Pop

  13. I said the same thing you did at the end after watching this video…

  14. Kid recording just started being able to cuss 😂

  15. I wouldn't shit you. Your my favorite turd.

  16. You’re so retarded you can’t even name your shit YouTube shorts right ? This isn’t a hack

  17. My 4 year old.played that for the first time last night and hit the 1000 first spin.

  18. “Ass” “no ass” “awe youuu shittin meey”

  19. She’s gotta mouth on her ?!? 😂😂😂

  20. 194 tickets on 5 plays. Not that impressive

  21. Lmao man that bitch recording sure as doesn’t appreciate nothing ungrateful whore

  22. Ya you are an ass so stupid your dirty hole up.

  23. I see you come to Alaska… it’s kinda cold here… but Dave and busters is always recognizable in the Dimond mall… Big Bass Wheel, nice pick

  24. I remember when Dave and busters you could get 500 tickets for beating the basketball high score now they completely took it away after me and my dad found the hack. For me and him combined we got up to 2-3 million tickets then they bumped it down to 250 per high score win now they completely took it off 😕. We’d walk out of Dave and busters with 8-10k tickets every night

  25. So when i was a kid and those were around. You could barely push it and get the big prize😂i remember sittin at that thing all day barely makin it roll to 500😂

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