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I never had the chance to play this game on the real arcade machine and I really regret it because this game is for me the best horror shooter game I have ever played.
This game should still be present in 2023 in all the major arcades still in existence

Ready or not, it is time to face your fears in Namco’s showpiece horror shooter, Dark Escape 4D.

Dark Escape 4D is an arcade exclusive title that is in a class of its own. Wearing anti-bacterial coated 3D glasses, players try to escape from a mad man’s sick and twisted game by shooting their way out using only weapons that he provides. Each stage is based upon a phobia, with five phobias that once must confront to progress. They then must face off against grotesque experimental creatures and the undead in their bid to survive. The bonus fifth stage is available once all four stages are completed.

What makes this a “4D” style experience is in the hardware features that are perfect for an arcade setting. First, the game is housed in a compelling “theater” cabinet which seats two. The graphics are displayed on a 46″ HD stereoscopic 3D screen. Players can shut the 3D off at the press of a button; otherwise they simply wear the 3D glasses attached to the seat. Then each user has their own 5.1 channel surround sound speakers to completely envelop them in the creepy audio environment that the game provides. But that is certainly not the end of it…THE GAME KNOWS WHEN YOU ARE SCARED! To progress and use your weapon, players must hold onto the mounted gun controls, each uses a panic sensor to display each player’s heart rate on the screen. This also records an “panic attacks” experienced thanks to the tense situations Dark Escape throws their way.

Topping off the 4D features are built-in air blowers placed in the front and back, allowing players to feel the breath of a chasing zombie on the back of their necks or a blast of air on their face when a monster lunges at them. Heavy recoil guns and a rumble seat provide additional terrifying elements that complement the game’s immersive game play.

All of these intense features combine to create one of the most unique and frightening arcade gaming experiences ever. Players all over the world have raved about how Dark Escape scares them unlike any other arcade machine out there!


  1. Can you shoot the girl? If i play i might accidentally shoot her for first time if she keep showing on screen 😅

  2. This was probably one of the best modern arcade games I've played in a while. The immersive experience was so unforgettable. From the surround sound, 3D effects, air blowing on your face, etc. The parts where you see a monster in the darkness and can't move the camera felt like real life sleep paralysis. Truly added to the horror experience.

  3. You did your best. You can still try again. It's entertaining.

  4. This is like a New House of the Dead! Love it! Hope I‘ll get a Chance to play it in a Arcade Venue one day

  5. this looks like a reimagining of the house of the dead seires i like it

  6. name a more useless NPC companion then the girl in this game

  7. Hello, I have a question. Did you change resolution of game? I change resolution scale to 3840 x 2160 at gpu tap of RPCS3, but nothing changes.

  8. Well.. I played this game today and it’s sooo good! However when I tried to get to the ending when playing it at an arcade the game randomly turned off right before I finished fear of Vermin, the stage right before the ending and i remember i was so sad but I would give this game a 9.5/10 it was too good but scary

  9. I saw this game at Adventure Landing (I think). During that time, I never payed much attention to it since my focus was on other things (such as Adventure Speedway and the other games in the Arcade)

    But now, with my expanded mind, I can safely say that this is what would happen if you took Resident Evil: Code Veronica (That's what the Prison level reminded me of), Resident Evil: Revelations 2 (The Prison level start reminds me of that), and Killing Floor 2, and you mixed them all together. 🙂

    Also, at the end of the game, it sort of feels like Dormitabis: Remastered, as you go through the campaign and what do you get? Yes, the Bad Ending. (I hate games like that, where you do all of that work and you end up getting nothing out of it.)

    This game looks very promising, indeed. The next time we go to AL (Adeventure Landing), or any other Arcade location and this game is there, I'm going to try this out and see what I think.

  10. いや、バッドエンドかよ!あのクラゲ全部倒してたらハッピーエンドになるのか?

  11. How does the panic system work?

  12. When i seeing this new game, it looks exactly like " The House of the Dead".

  13. Hello. Salam. Shalum. Salude.
    Buenos Dias. Здравствуйте.
    I know this DIAMOND Project for in the GAME'S INDUSTRY.
    Serious Sam + Doom + R Evil…
    Я и не знал про этот АЛМАЗ В ИГРОВОЙ ИНДУСТРИИ…
    Крутой Сэм + Рок + Обитель

  14. Why do you keep stopping shooting? It's so frustrating… Please keep shooting

  15. Man, they really don't know when they're scared or afraid of the dark.

  16. Some footscripts are meant to give you hard damages…such a coin eater😅

  17. Too bad this game it's not in PC like house of the dead 3 and the remake of the first onw

  18. Man I know the game is made for 2 player but some of those targets like in the final boss or for the stage 3 boss just ask you to be basically a God to not take damage.

  19. How scared were you in this footage? The jumpscares are pretty unexpected

  20. I played this game at Dave & Busters 6 years ago. Fun as hell, surprised that there was no line wait for it at the time. Is there a console version of this?

  21. All of the people were screaming when they played this but I didn't even scream like once lol, I just know the jumpscares were coming

  22. I remember this game being at a local arcade. I tried it once with a friend and we didn’t even make it through the first area before we died. Real good idea, semi bad execution.

  23. This reminds me of my childhood, plus imagine this you have to wear 3D glasses all the shattered glasses and spiky things yiu feel it real coming against you, plus the cabin has special effects like they inject air when someone was next to you , or every trap you feel it right infront of you as this was in 3D, and the cabin shakes with the game play unexpected this one of the best games ever

  24. This arcade is so loud….everywhere i met the machine,the damn volume is just so high up

  25. i am always afraid to play this game. i’ll stick to my pirates.

  26. So never heard of this game before, BUT GOD THAT WAS NEAT THOUGHHHH-
    Would've left her behind though ngl-
    If I heard that 2nd fall and cough I'd be DITCHING-

  27. es imposible jugarlo de a uno sin recibir daño

  28. I actually am curious how to play this and what emulator should i use

  29. I have never been able to touch this game for 2 reasons

    1. I'm a huge pansy but now I really want to get into it.
    2. My sisters try to get in when I just want to solo it. I just really hate doing duo shots.

  30. The girls screaming all day inside that darn arcade box from timezone mate

  31. Monday dark escape 4d model 287 machine gun🎉 ❤ 🎉 🤬🔫😡⚔😈⚔😈

  32. You are not trapped in there with them. They are trapped in there with you.


  34. People just keep failing during the emergency 🤦🏻

  35. マジで懐かしいなwこれの前身の船バージョンはクリアまでやったなぁ〜…5000円ぐらい使ったけど

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