Cyclone Arcade Game JACKPOT #shorts -

Cyclone Arcade Game JACKPOT #shorts

Mystery Matt
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Won the jackpot on the cyclone arcade game at dave and busters!

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  1. I played this game at a skating rink that recently got demolished 😢 and I tried several times to win this game, but never could. When I was 13, I finally did! But due to my lack of self confidence and the fact that I’m a dipstick, I thought I broke the machine at first but didn’t realize what happened until I saw the tickets pouring out!

  2. I land it at d&b and it lights up, but I get nothing

  3. hey, mark rober proved this type of game is rigged

  4. You cant trust this game. Its rigged at a lot of places.

  5. 💁🏻‍♀️This is the only arcade game I actually always win at…It takes me ~10-15 tries for getting the rhythm and then it game on if it isn't already on👍🏻

  6. Where do you even go for all the claw machines and stuff I miss arcade stuff

  7. Third but this is rigged just so you know so that it was all

  8. 205like=502😅😅😅😊😊😂😂

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