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Cozy Apple Arcade Games

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  1. I don’t have time to be playing “cozy games” go outside and get a life guyd

  2. How do you connect your controller to your iPad??

  3. naomizoran chuchay and Nicole with eraastro arts says:

    Who noticed he's/her face on the tab and he's/her hand is a gurl?.. 💀💀

  4. Where can I buy Xbox controller for my iPhone?

  5. nice choice! Can you recommend farming games? aside stardew 😅 thanks +1 follower here

  6. honestly speaking I think that all games Apple Arcade are shit. I'm in apple ecosystem but I think my ps5 has way better games arcade

  7. When I didn’t had a iPad I use to watch ur videos and bee satisfied about how good an ipad looked like but now I have a iPad and I’m bored :/

  8. You should get sneaky Sasquatch! It’s rlly fun

  9. Hello i wanted to ask how you made ur ipad like that, like when you touched the ipad it was smooth when it entered your gallery of games. How do you customize it?

  10. imagine wasting your money on Apple Arcade 😂😂😂😂

  11. Hey!! How much storage is enough for the best Ipad games + 10-12 extra apps….128gb or 256Gb?

  12. Bro how to connect controller with iPhone

  13. im ngl bro you have a xbox controller. Im guessing you have ultimate too like any reasonable person does. So just use cloud gaming.,

  14. how do uconnect the console to ipad

  15. bro your ipad scratched with the casing?

  16. You should try INSIDE too! It's a great game.

  17. Her playing the games:🙂vs her iPad storage:👁️👄👁️

  18. How did you get your screen to work like that for “Alba”? I makes me turn it parallel, straight up.

  19. When the power goes out this man is ready for a fight💀

  20. Apple Arcade it suck need to pay the play nah

  21. I played all of those games before, except for the last one

  22. This song is so aesthetic I love it. Btw what is the song name?

  23. I can’t download ‘Alba a wildlife adventure’ on my IPad…. Why is that?

  24. May God bless you sir 🙏♥️🤎❤️‍🩹

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