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Hey everybody! We have mentioned time and time again how hard it is to win the food games in arcades. We still like to play them especially new games. Every now and then we get lucky with food games 🙂

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  1. So how was the cola?
    Those lollipops looked so good!

  2. Ouch on the Cola price! We can get a big bottle for $17 but it's from the UK so I can kinda understand the price 😅 Now you've gotta follow up with a video if it's any good or not.

  3. You could win Curiosity’s Cola?! That’s my favorite soda!!

  4. Personally that cola is not my favourite and I felt like shouting at the screen and saying 'don't do it!' 😂

  5. You can find Curiosity Cola in Cost Plus World Market, Walgreens, and certain specialty shops.

  6. I love those colas! Here in the states we sell them for like $3, they taste very good

  7. Curiosity killed the coin purse 😅

  8. Let me see one more comment about Nancy's weight and you will be permanently blocked from this channel. She is self conscious about her weight and I will NOT stand for anymore insulting and rude comments towards her, mouth off about her and you're GONE period. No more warnings.

  9. Hey I live in the U.K. and that cola is worth about £1 or £2 and then add to tax and duty to enter Japan so it’s probably worth abit more. Enjoy and thanks for another great video

  10. I've had some of those cute chocolate lollipops 🍭 😋 there so good 👍 I hope to see you play that game

  11. Nancy we can hear micaiah just fine with out his mic.

  12. Most definitely play the candy pusher 😊 and ouch that $10 soda better be worth it lol I thought paying $4 for one in Branson was expensive 🤣 loved the videos though, please try the soda and let us know🙏🏻💜

  13. As someone who spent $40 winning a ramen topper figure… the struggle is real.

  14. They sell curiosity cola here in England it pained me watching u spend so much on it I'm glad u had fun tho 😁

  15. We have that cola in the uk, not sure where it originates from, but we got it. Its gross XD

  16. YESSSS!!! Curiosity cola is the BEST!!! 😀

  17. I think we all want to know how the cola tasted!=D

  18. Fentimans is an English drinks brand, they started in 1905 and they make traditional recipes 😋😋

  19. I ❤️ them drinks and that one you guys are holding is my favourite one

  20. Ohhh nooo the cola you paid $15 to play for We can buy them here in the U.K. for £1.50 😬

  21. OK everyone me and the other mods are sick and tired for these rude comments. There for this everyone last warning from me and I mean last. Anyone and i mean anyone who post any more rude comments on this channel you will be banned from this channel. We as mods are stick of you trolls and we will not stand for it anymore. So if you cant say something then keep you beeping mouth shut or get bannd your choise here. also those who are trolls I the U.S you should be thanking micaich and his family for micaiah servies on keeping us save and putting his life on the line every dam day. If you have a problem with that then I'll put you all in your place because my brother and brother in law are marines

  22. I can't belive you found curiosity cola! It's widely available here in the UK but that size bottle is usually around £2 – £3
    It tastes like haribo cola bottles though!

  23. Omg what does the cola taste like?!
    And yes I'd love to watch a push game!

  24. We have curiosity soda in the uk. Personally the lemonades are way better then the cola

  25. Nancy and Macaiah are always an absolute treat!!! I just absolutely love it!!! Way to go guys regardless!

  26. the cola is made in the UK made with natural ingredients and there is a lot more flavours to discover they are amazing

  27. Great games, Fentimans Cola is really nice, for a bottle that size it is about £1.95 here in England. Enjoyed watching you both.

  28. Nancy: "that better be a good cola"
    Narrator: "it was in fact, not a good cola"

  29. Fentimans is so good, though! I love their rose gingerale.

  30. The Cola is around £1.50 a bottle in the UK. They do a Rose lemonade it’s so nice!

  31. Oh Fentiman's its a british brand they make alot of different sodas. Gotten them before at big lots here in Illinois

  32. I got tickled at myself. While watching your food videos I catch my muscles tensing up and I’m holding my breath and even leaning toward the direction your trying to maneuver the claw to. Lol. It’s a workout just watching. Yippee that means I don’t have to go to the gym today right.?

  33. I think the food videos are my favorite, well maybe second favorite because the play for me on old faithful are really fun to watch. We don’t have these kinds of games here in the US. Don’t have an arcade at all here in Melbourne, Florida. Have to drive an hour to Orlando just to get to a Dave and Busters or Main Event location which are nothing like Japanese arcades.

  34. Damn, I'm jealous, I want to be able to win something else then plush toys in arcade machines…

  35. Why do keep referring to the currency as dollars? You're in Japan. It's Yen 🤦‍♂️

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