Complete Arcade Business Guide & Buyers Guide | GTA Online Diamond Casino Heist DLC -

Complete Arcade Business Guide & Buyers Guide | GTA Online Diamond Casino Heist DLC

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The arcade is pretty cool, but it might not be worth it depending on how much you play. Here’s the best location and extra info you should know.

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GTA Online Diamond Casino Heist
Best Arcade Location
How to make money with the Arcade GTA Online


  1. 0:53 Yes I have getting paid with 𝗣𝗔𝗬𝗡𝗘𝗧𝗝𝗢𝗕.𝗖𝗢𝗠

    $600 in a month is easy

    ඕනෑම කෙනෙකුට බොහෝ සම්පත් ලබා ගත හැකිය

  2. so this is passive income? i don't need to buy any supplies or anything. just buy arcade machines and wait? as well as a bunch of fun minigames? hell yeah

  3. The bussiness commando central should be to get on the yacht

  4. Location is the only difference in the arcades

  5. The top one is also free for premium edition owners

  6. I think Lester should give you a very very old arcade with no machines, because I get calls from him saying "I'm getting antsy" WTF WHERE DO YOU THINK IM GUNNA GET 2 MIL IN 5 MINS

  7. I bought the top one, It was the cheapest.

  8. I watched 10 videos about casino hiests and I can't understand what the hell shall I buy….

  9. What is better , an arxade or a nightclub?

  10. Somehow I own every business and I own all the arcades

  11. The price for the arcades and the return is bullshit, nearly each arcade is £350k adverage. Unless you do the heists then the bronal return is crap, it would be nice to actually see it full with NPCs playing arcades like your nightclub.

    I also believe your MC club if you have the custom bike shop it should make money from say legit bike fixes etc, would be nice to change the building into a legit garage front and customize your buildings a little on the outside

  12. Is it worth getting the Arcade if your doing solo?

  13. Add me on ps4 vicious_760 I’ll help with business and heist.

  14. I got every arcade but still they didn’t spawn

  15. I bought an arcade and went through the cutsene then nothing happened

  16. I gave up on the heist after being constantly teamed up with trolls and incompetents.

  17. Easily the most disappointing business in GTA 5. The idea of owning a arcade and being able to buy games…then you realize all the games are either shit, rigged, or just random RNG. Legit haven't played GTA since this half assed DLC.

  18. I can upgrade my guns in the arcade and turn them into mrk2 variants

  19. is the pixel pete arcade still free for twitch prime subscribers? coz i just bought the game and it shows that i have to pay the 1.2 million even though i have linked my twitch and rockstar accounts.

  20. Help me out, should I buy the nightclub or arcade first? I only have enough money for one.

  21. I did buy some machine’s but they didn’t came

  22. Thanks for this guide I’m a new gta player but have purchased it In the past on my Xbox 360 I can’t wait to purchase the terminal

  23. Very helpful thanks. I would recommend night club biz and import export, much easier and worth the grind specially for solo intended players.

  24. I paid for all of it but my arcade still looks destroyed even after setup

  25. I have 5.5 mil and I’m thinking of buying the videogeddon la masa

  26. you only need to buy one arcade game and fill it with that one particular game. Its easy cash

  27. i got a couple of machines in my arcade. but after my safe emptying from the arcade and nightclub. its still a nice adding. im clearing them after 20 hrs playing or so.

  28. Can u awnser i got a arcade but lester never told me where to go?? To get the stuf

  29. Perico Heist is way Better Than Casino. You can do it Solo and way faster to set up and to get it Done. You don't need anyone to help you out unless you're greedy and want to get more supply then get some frienda to help but it ain't worth unless you pay them less than 15% to het way more profit. I do it solo and my avarege from 1.5mil to 1.2mil and that's solo.

  30. Every time I need info on an online related topic for gta TGG is always there to save the day

  31. Gta online best game ever can do so much .

  32. I'm pretty sure I'm a twitch prime member but the arcade still isn't free.

  33. I think you should get paid more than 5k but R* always makes you feel the need to buy their over priced shark cards and from what I hear the casino heist isn't even worth it bc the payout is very low

  34. If you're gonna do heists, do not have your arcade at Paleto Bay. The 5 minute trip to the casino will pi$$ randoms off and they'll troll your heist so it fails.

  35. Im only buying an arcade cause its on sale. Eight bit for only 1.5 mill is a steal

  36. Just need to figure out the finished setting up part 😂

  37. You still gotta drive all da way up there smh rockstar wasting ur time smh

  38. Thanks for the heads up. Instead of getting an arcade I’ll stick to Cayo and Nightclub + Auto Shop. With all my businesses rolling now, I think its time for some fun cars 😄

  39. I'm looking for someone to help me on the diamond heist

  40. I have 30k in my arcade at the moment

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