Collecting Money From Our Arcade Machine Business Location!! -

Collecting Money From Our Arcade Machine Business Location!!

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What’s up, guys? It’s time to go back to the arcade and see how much money the machines collected over the past few weeks!!! Make sure you watch all the way to the end of the video for a chance to win some prizes also! This Arcade Machine Business Location is currently set up at a flea market and we are trying to secure a better spot at the flea market that gets higher foot traffic.

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  1. Nice video ! What type of camera are you recording with ?

  2. Where did you get the gravel for your jewlery crane? I can't find it anywhere

  3. I do see those tin pokemon balls at Walmart I used to see Pokemon cards at my local Walmart as well Haven't looked in a while

  4. You should do the Pokémon toys since you are taking out the NFL whistles

  5. Hi what was the total for your collection and over what period of time? I'm thinking about putting machines at a flea market

  6. That toy taxi would be my choice its bright and colorful and catches the eyes

  7. The change machine is our most popular here😂😂😂

  8. DJ Schwartz Be With You pumping up the jamz and the hustle!!! Good vid Matt!!!

  9. How much are the fees when you purchase a arcade at the auction…gonna hopefully go to the auction to buy a game soon..maybe a short vid on how the auction process goes from 8 to 10 then after it starts to loading up your arcade and leaving thanks cheers

  10. Toy Taxi or toy soldier do decent in pizza restaurants keep up the good work

  11. totally the toy taxi would do good. keep up the great work

  12. Love the video buddy keep up the work and growing

  13. I'll have to say Toy Taxi should go Matt.

    Thanks for the video and I enjoyed it while I was eating lunch. 🙂

  14. Looking for my 1st arcade spot. Keep making the videos they keep me motivated

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