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Classic Game Room – TURBO arcade game review

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Turbo review!

Classic Game Room reviews TURBO from Sega, released to the arcades in 1981. Drive your Formula 1 race car like a maniac through a wide variety of environments in this classic, arcade racer from back in the day. Turbo is like Out Run before Out Run. It features a massive cabinet (there’s a sit down version too!), vertical screen, steering wheel, shifter, gas pedal, LED readout and it says TURBO!! CGR Turbo video review features Turbo arcade game gameplay filmed at the Intergalactic Space Arcade.


  1. That game looks very impressive of its time!
    But… Turbo… tastic? Guess this isn't a coincidence :3

  2. Never heard of this one. I'm very impressed with the graphics.
    I have to find the Colecovision version now.

  3. It's a bit like Enduro for the 2600 and the game is still great.

  4. Looks suprisingly good for an 1981 racing game! But then again, Sega was always a specialist in arcade racing games.Never saw this back in the day, but i'm glad i've seen it now! The arcade cabinet must be a really rare item now.

  5. Used to have this on colecovision with the wheel.

  6. This game looks amazing for 1981, Considering Pacman came out just a year prior.

  7. I spent so many quarters on this game when I was a kid

  8. // I agree with Mark, old arcade/arcade style racing games are the best. Rad Racer and Outrun outdo Need for Speed any day of the week, at least in my books.
    Oh, and I think I saw one of these when I was on a trip to Cedar Point in 8th grade. It was broken sadly, as were much of the machines there.
    Monaco GP was there too, it was the cockpit machine and I really looked forward to playing it. So I put 50 cents into it expecting to have loads of fun… and instead the quarters were spit out.
    I mean it was on and seemed like it would work, that was just a tease to me. And since it was raining, the arcade was BY FAR the highlight of the trip. But man I wish Monaco GP actually worked.
    I have yet to see an SFII arcade machine and Dig Dug. I dig Dig Dug, just as Mark does. I mean, I've played emulations of it, but it's just not the same as an actual arcade cabinet.
    I'm going on 16, so trust me, I am not blinded by nostalgia. XD I just really love good games, old or new.

  9. I had never even heard of this game before. It looks incredible for the time!

  10. Awesome getting hold of an original arcade machine for Turbo.  Used to play this in the arcades all the time (was never very good at it).  Had to get the Colecovision version when it came out and played it heaps as well.

  11. I remember playing this at Barcade in Philly.

  12. Man i wish i could own an arcade machine. Almost impossible to find an original one and if you do! You'll probably have to sell you house…

  13. I have the colecovision version and it is very good. Just remember you have to use the steering wheel.

  14. The scaling on Turbo, Buck Rogers and Subroc was analog. The sprite image data in ROM was fed into an DAC which was then drawn to the screen using a bank of 8 voltage controlled oscillators. The slower the VCO clocks were run the larger the image would be drawn on the screen.

  15. awesome.. love the external hi-score LED's. for 81 thats really sweet.

  16. Turbo was the bad guy on Wreck it Ralph… From the game Turbo.

  17. There's also a Colecotastic version of the game for Intellivision

  18. Not just this is a kick ass game but also the arcade cabinet have appeared in the video of Death Alley Driver by Rainbow, Ritchie Blackmore shredding the guitar and Joe Lynn Turner playing turbo, what more can you ask for?(well other than a vectrex)

  19. I THINK I saw this at an arcade back in the day, but i'm not 100% sure. At any rate, this game looks to be an overlooked classic!

  20. Your voice soothes like a rectal popcicle

  21. my buddy has 2 cockpit turbo machines, nice to see another fan

  22. Funny you say it is hard to find. If you are looking to buy one, I can find them everywhere. I have two cockpit models. Wanna buy one?

  23. This was the 1st sega game i played. it was at my dads work. he showed me how to open it up and flip the switches for free play mode so I would play it for hours. it was the deluxe sit down version with a full cockpit so I would stay inside it all night long after closing time and drink choclate milk and tampico from the vending machine next to it.

  24. I've played in the sit-down cabinet version. Very fun game.

  25. This is still one of the greatest driving games of all time. Easily in the top 5, IMO.

  26. Still the best video game ever made IMHO. But I'm old.

  27. ouaaaaouuu memories i was a verry young boy and now i m hold

  28. this is a great game for its time..i actually own and am currently restoring one of the sit down/cockpit style versions as we speak..

  29. For those of you in.. New Jersey!, there is a Turbo machine in Yestercades in Red Bank

  30. Those graphics look turbo-tastings for 1981

  31. Stupid autocorrect!! I meant turbo-tastic.

  32. Great classic game! I'm sure everyone from the arcade era has pumped a few quarters into that game at one time or another. Used to play it at the "Fun Zone" at Balboa back in the 80's.

  33. no relation to the awesome pixar or disney animated movie.

  34. Which classic arcade racing game was it where you went into the tunnel & your headlights came on & you could only see the other cars within the lights? I thought it was this but its not!

  35. Is the the precursor to outrub

  36. the sitdown one was even better must have spent a small fortune on that game

  37. Just picked up that cab at a garage sale for 200. Fully functional…. Just needs some love , cleaning and touch ups

  38. I was lucky enough my family owned a colecovision with steering wheel back in the day

  39. Classic Game Room. Easily one of the best Game review channels there ever was. Sadly, they are now a part of retro youtube.

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