Classic Game Room - OPERATION WOLF Arcade Game review -

Classic Game Room – OPERATION WOLF Arcade Game review

Classic Game Room
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Classic Game Room reviews Operation Wolf, the arcade game, from Taito! Operation Wolf is the all-time greatest arcade light gun game with a sweet Uzi and unstoppable 1980s-style action!!! Music by @OmegaRoninMusic


  1. Awesome job as always Mr. Bussler 😎

  2. Less than 100 views and 8 comments?! Now thats engagement

  3. Yes! This is an animal arcade machine – one of the best ever.

  4. This was one of my all time favorite arcade games. Seemed super realistic as a kid.

  5. One of my most favourite arcade games! I first played the NES port at a n old buddy's house of mine, circa fifth grade, later played the MS-DOS port, then the IRL arcade version. It's a literal blast, even if challenging.

    The Japanese FM Towns port seems to be near-arcade perfect, plus a weirdly ominous soindtrack that fits weirdly well. That machine might be worth some coverage, if you can get your hands on it.

  6. I absolutely loved this as a 12 year old kid when it first came out and in the years afterwards when it dropped to mere 10p a go in the UK arcades. It really opened my eyes to the infinite possibilities of video games.

  7. For as long as I love, the words "You have sustained a lethal injury, sorry but you are finished here" will stay with me forever! Also… I love that arcade. Hopefully you'll have an opportunity to review arcade OutRun too.

  8. Operation Wolf, it's not about how many hostages you save or how many baddies you put bullets into, but how beers you had along the way. Don't drink and drive.

  9. I loved this game and the sequel Operation Thunderbolt was great with 2 guns

  10. I played it on the CPC 😎

    …For a few minutes.

  11. "I shot her in the shoulder, she's fine!"

    Hot damn I missed this show

  12. I have played this game before
    I have only been aware of ports of this game since last Year

  13. Nothing but shooting, also the gun is the stuff of legends! Great review!

  14. Ass kicking game. Though I never came close to completing it. I can't recall the last time I got to play the actual arcade cab. Can't be replicated.
    I remember Hills. I bought my ColecoVision from one.

  15. Great arcade game but the music from Ikari Warriors is better.

  16. Hear that, Mark? That's the fun police, you're having too much of it. 🚔👮

  17. I remember playing this machine in the lobby of a motel some time in the early 00’s. 😅 Truly life changing 😌

  18. This was my favourite game back when I had it on the ZX Spectrum. It was one of about 5 games I'd ever played back then. Along with Yei Arr Kung Fu on my mate's C64 and Granny's Garden on our School BBC Model B.

  19. Fun fact: That's not a light gun.
    That's an optical joystick with an invisible reticle.
    The flashing was completely unnecessary.

    By the way, with Pinburgh coming back, I hope you're going!

  20. Using the light gun as a DPAD is the ultimate in cleverness.

  21. what a time to be alive, where cgr actually came back

  22. CGR reviews are fun, and that’s what no one else seems to get!

  23. Never played arcade just the nes version without a light gun

  24. Not to dump on the sick uzi with vibration but Silent Scope gun with scope is so sick.

  25. Only slightly better than this: Operation Thunderbolt! Two Uzis side-by-side with a bud (or hogg’em both for yourself!). Yeah, baby!

  26. Back when arcade games were so fun, the machines were something we never see before and it made them so special

  27. haven't seen one of those cabinets in a loooog time.

  28. Dude, I want a Karate Champ so bad. Michael is a good dude.

  29. It still feels surreal that you are back, doing new game videos! It makes me so happy! I spent so many hours in the 2010s watching your videos. Thrilled that you are back.

  30. Used to play this at The Happy Fisherman in the Lake of the Ozarks.

  31. A pizza parlor that my brother and I went to as a kid had an Operation Wolf machine. Man memories

  32. The number of quarters i dropped in this game…good Lord.

  33. More videos like this! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  34. Taito released the arcade version (modified with a cursor) in the Egret Mini II's Vol. 2 expansion pack. If you have the Cyber Stick which works with the unit, you can have a joystick version of the game that sort of has a trigger (it's not exactly a trigger). Yes, the original arcade is the best way to play the game, but the Egret Mini II is the closest you'll get to the arcade version without the full-sized machine (for now).

  35. this is one of the funniest ones yet. I just laughed my ass off.

  36. Holy Checkpoint. This was the game we played at my parents bowling alley on league night 😀 This game was my teens 😅

  37. Oh man, I've been wanting to play Operation Wolf again for a while now. Haven't played it in on an original cab in 35 years, but that gun on it is really special. Just not the same in emulation.

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