Classic Game Room - NINJA GAIDEN arcade game review -

Classic Game Room – NINJA GAIDEN arcade game review

Classic Game Room
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Ninja Gaiden review!

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Classic Game Room reviews the NINJA GAIDEN arcade machine from 1988!!


  1. Gotta play The Sega Genesis version if you can. Plays similar to the arcade version.

  2. This game must have be mind blowing at the time.

  3. PharXmor was awesome.The one where i grew up had a WWF Wrestlefest arcade machine in the front of it.I loved that game.They also had a great selection of NES games to rent.The good ol days.

  4. Winners don't use drugs, they sell them. Thanks William S. Sessions

  5. you should review cadillac and dinosaurs. one of my fav

  6. I just found your channel and realized your from the burgh…that phar mor reference takes me back…been collecting for less than a year but already have over 1000 games…keep up the good work

  7. sadly, I've never seen this game in the arcade. they were always full of shit

  8. You have got to play the Lynx port, it's the only port of the arcade game!

  9. Never played this in the arcades, but knew it as Shadow Warrior on the trusty old Amiga. A very impressive port.

  10. I was waiting for you to mention the game over screen too bad youtube 30fps shit fucks up the sawblade hahahaha

  11. Sick i didn't even know about this very nice ……

  12. I remember playing this as a kid at a gas station and the game over screen freaking me out,,,  and being amazed the nes ninja gaiden games had a arcade machine. I remember what it looked like though.

  13. this blew my mind when i first saw it as a kid. ninja gaiden is a nintendo game! i said. it was amazing. never did get to play it enough.

  14. Way cooler than my NES version. I want this arcade!

  15. I remember playing this game as a child! Kickass!!

  16. That game over screen used to frwak me out qhwn I was a kid lol

  17. I know the NES classic is a better game overall but I still had a lot of fun with this one. It was a big step up from Double Dragon which came out the year before, but gets all the love due to coming out first. It is criminal that this hasn't had any kind of re-release on a digital storefront or a compilation disc. Tecmo Koei needs to right that wrong.

  18. This game is also out for the Wii Virtual Console Arcade but the music is slightly altered. (The Road Warriors Boss Battle Music was removed because it sounds dangerously close to Black Sabbath's "Iron Man" song.)

  19. The first time I played this the game over screen completley freaked me out.

  20. The only way to play the original nowadays is through m.a.m.e.

  21. fuck i feel old… i loveed this gamein my youth, and i also called it ninja gay-den.. lol

  22. It's pronounced NECKA GRABBEN. 😀

    P. S. Love your channel.

  23. Ryu imo, is the COOLEST Ninja in Video Game History.

  24. i remember playing this game so much, I could beat it with one man! Great game!

  25. Five health bars?! What dip switch settings is this thing on? Normal is only three.

  26. This game was fun for a while but the hit detection was awful, enemy AI was very aggressive, and it had that shitty checkpoint system (when you die, you go back).

  27. I have one of these. After I get it refurbished I want to know how much it would sell for? Anyone know?

  28. Yeah, it's like the band Iron Maiden (pronounced Iron My-Den) ??? when will people realize? lol

  29. First 'Phar Mor' reference I've ever heard. Nice. I remember getting Punch-Out! and Metroid for NES there brand new in box for like 5-10 bucks each. This was when the N64 was on its way, and they were trying to unload old NES games. Good times.

    Edit: Or it might have been a 'Going Out of Business' sale. Either way, a good memory.

  30. I love how the Stage 2 Boss theme is basically Black Sabbath's Iron Man!!

  31. LOL PHARXMOR – i used to go to the one in Orlando allllllllll the time – they had a solid game rental section – it was the only place that i remember ever actually renting Gameboy games

  32. This arcade version came on the Atari Lynx it was not too bad at all

  33. You can play Ninja Gaiden Arcade on Ninja Gaiden Black on original Xbox and collect 50 Golden Scarabs in Ninja Gaiden Black to unlock Ninja Gaiden Arcade game and this is one of my favorite games of all time and beat em up games are great.

  34. Drugs don't use winners. Jesus mark. You made me laugh pretty damn hard

  35. Loved this game as a kid…best thing I'd ever seen at the time…very colourful and great boss characters and I always had to be the red/orange ninja for some reason…

  36. that isnt the arcade cabinet.. the game yeh but not the original stand up.

  37. I think this was the first arcade game I ever loved. It was indeed the effing coolest. I didn't get why everyone was always talking about Shinobi instead. (Years later, I absolutely love Shinobi and Shadow Dancer. I still have to rank the NES Ninja Gaiden trilogy as king though).

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