Classic Game Room - LOST TOMB arcade machine review -

Classic Game Room – LOST TOMB arcade machine review

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Classic Game Room reviews LOST TOMB arcade machine from Stern released in 1982. This Robotron 2084 meets Berzerk meets Gauntlet arcade game packs serious challenge as your explorer runs around collecting chests and shooting nasties with an auto-pistol that needs constant reloading. Lost Tomb is a stand up arcade machine from 1982 that has two joysticks and a whip button for your “Indiana Jones” style super whip that clears out enemies and brings down walls. Don’t forget to buy new whips with a quarter! This CGR review of Lost Tomb from Stern has Lost Tomb arcade gameplay on a Lost Tomb arcade machine located at PAPA (Professional and Amateur Pinball Association) World Headquarters.


  1. review that bosconian that was an awesome game

  2. This was a really fun machine for me in the day. Thanks for the vid Mark.

  3. "true dat mark"??? lol talking to himself, seriously????! MARK IS AWESOME!

  4. @thedarkdomino just check this video : "Classic Game Room – CYBER SNIPA SONAR 5.1 Channel Headset review" on youtube….

  5. If I ever see CGR on the high scores list of a game, I'll know somebody awesome has been playing it.

    Also I just saw Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (in a movie theater!) I wish they still made movies like that that don't suck!

  6. @thedarkdomino
    no no no !
    you've got it all wrong, you see actually Mark is just a pair of floating alien Hands from planet "Lord Karnage Planet" and the Mark that appears in this review is just his robotic duplicate named Mark mark 2.0 wich is equipped with Vectre-o-vision and flamethrowers mounted on his shoulders (which are turned invisible when he's not in "DESTROY EVERYTHING THAT STANDS IN YOUR PATH" mode

  7. @irategoblin thats a shitty gf goblin

    not to mention sf one sucked major nasty donkey balls

  8. @irategoblin HAHAHAHA its funny cause U lie and say you have girlfriend…

  9. So thats what Mark looks like. Exactly as I pictured!

  10. @irategoblin Why does everyone think that just because you have a Street Fighter arcade machine that you don't really have a girlfriend?

  11. I miss having an arcade machine in my BEDROOM! LOL I had Shinobi and that game rocked. Also doubled as a the most awesomest money box!

  12. Man stern just LOVED time limits didnt he?…

  13. I never even heard of this game before, but it looks pretty damn cool.

  14. This were the games!

    Bring back arcades and pinball machines. Destroy everything alse…

  15. Berzerk while someone is punching you in the face sounds like the most painful fun I could ever have.

  16. @irategoblin lucky streetfighter of all

  17. I like to visit the arcades, where this place is…..

  18. Must stop watching review I have at least 23 hours worth of WORK BUILT UP THANKS TO MARK!!!! Seriuosly though I need to get my work done but I can't stop watching.

  19. I was expecting: " This arcade machine is lost….Let's adopt it."

  20. Does anyone else want to take Mark out for a beer? Seriously he seems like the most awesome drinking buddy ever.

  21. That's a conversion from a Super Cobra.

    A dedicated Lost Tomb cab is yellow like Scramble, with a black Stern logo.

  22. You should review star wars trilogy arcade mark!

  23. I used to play this game in the corner store with spare quarters. It was a blast. I wonder what happened to Dan Lee (the designer). His name doesn't turn up anywhere else on the net.

  24. shinobi is awesome, i had the same idea ones. Shinobi is really great the music the artwork, damn that was one cool game!

  25. 1982!!!! those graphics look really good for that time!

  26. Mark, you are the single most amazing entertainer in the history of entertainment.

  27. Used to play this in the arcade all the time, not very common for most people I'm sure.

  28. Imagine if they made an Atari 2600 port of this game.

  29. Very cool! I only ever saw this game once, at a laundromat in the 80s, and didn’t get to play it then.

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