Can We Pull The RARE Scorpion Card from The Arcade Machine?! -

Can We Pull The RARE Scorpion Card from The Arcade Machine?!

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Can We Pull The RARE Scorpion Card from The Arcade Machine?! | unCAGEDgamez
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Recently my friends and I went to an Arcade and while we were there I saw that they had this Injustice Arcade machine! The cool thing about this machine is, they give you a card when you play, so today I will be trying to get the Rare Mortal Kombat Card out of the Injustice arcade machine! I hope you guys enjoy!

PO BOX address: David Cage – 32455 W 12 Mile Rd, PO BOX 2358, Farmington, MI 48333

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  1. Gotta make this a mini series like buying everything MK.

  2. Man on the app I had every single character on that game then I lost my iPad got stolen 😢

  3. Maybe a good kick to the machine wouldn't hurt🤷🏾‍♂️

  4. My local arcade has a coin pusher that dispenses cards and its just justice league characters

  5. Dem,I forgot back then Injustice has its own arcade machine 😂

  6. Definitely a new hunt video. Keep making these till you collect them all

  7. You should of asked the camera man to go against you because you will get 1 more card

  8. Thank god this wasn’t invented when I was a kid.

  9. i dont want to hear it i pay three for the ones around me lol

  10. I didn’t know there was an injustice arcade game

  11. wait the arcade machine is just the mobile game

  12. Bruh no joke I played this at Dave n busters for the first time and got the scorpion card, but I threw it away casue I knew I was never coming back 😂

  13. @unCAGEDgamez walmart has mortal kombat shirts you may like now

  14. I tried looking up the pull rates for the cards in this game but all I could find is the price of the actual arcade game… apparently its about 7k but still no idea about pull rates lol

  15. I enjoyed watching you play CAGE ! 🔥you should do more videos like this

  16. They have one of those machines at round 1 it’s fun getting cards also I wish we had a gauntlet legends arcade machine

  17. I also played this game a few days ago at D&B and I got Night Wing and Green Arrow cards. Next time I'm just gonna buy the cards. LOL

  18. Yo cage I have a bunch of extra scoprions as I play the game a bunch, want a scorpion and I’m willing to send them to you for a autograph


  20. All my logic cells tell me this was a setup wiht the arcade joint for the sake of mutual advertising, but I will have faith. But my heartass can only take so much betrayal

  21. I actually have the scorpion boss card but it doesn’t say boss it’s just the character art and the stats in the back

  22. A better question is can you pull that handgun out of the closet and create a self-inflicted gunshot wound in the side of your head?

  23. What up what up cage I was at dave and buster and I got the scorpion boss card he's an over powered card

  24. For a future challenge you should come back to this and try to get the Mortal Kombat Scorpion and the Boss Version!

  25. Did you now that I have scorpion in injustice league arcade

  26. I have collected these cards for about 4 years. I always know that the one you want is the one you won't get. Just try to have fun and don't get your hopes up too high. But most of all if you don't get the card you want just try again.
    Ps. Thanks now that I know there is a Series 3 I am missing only the new cards/BOSS cards. So you have helped me.

  27. I like this one better than a mobileI got four boss cards

  28. I actually got 2 boss cards on my first time playing it was awesome

  29. This card is rare?! I pulled it my first try! Holy moly!

  30. Got the 5⭐️ Foil Boss LOBO CARD today

  31. Scorpion isn’t a rare pull it is a high quality silver card

  32. I’m watching this video because I just saw a INJUSTICE mobile arcade machine and I got three cards

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