Can I Win The LAST Gaming Pillow At The Arcade?! -

Can I Win The LAST Gaming Pillow At The Arcade?!

Arcade Matt
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I’m at Dave and Busters arcade trying to win the last gaming pillow in the prize area with only $30. Can we win it? I play a bunch of arcade games, coin pusher, winning jackpots then cashing in all of my arcade tickets for the gamer pillow prize, if it’s still there!

Dave and Busters has a huge arcade with lots of prizes. Arcade Matt takes on the challenge trying to win the big arcade jackpot for the last prize at the arcade. Arcade Matt likes to play the claw machine, coin pusher, carnival games, and more! We’re always trying to win the coolest and biggest prizes at the arcade! Sometimes we even win a PS5, Nintendo Switch, or Xbox! Let’s play!



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  1. If you would, please like the video

  2. I hit 1000+ on jurassic Park a couple weeks ago on my 3rd try ever. I credited your videos! Thanks matt!

  3. So you're saying the trick is to have the arcade manager rig the machine. That sounds like a solid strategy.

  4. Wow its something else when watching an Arcade Matt video and he's going for a prize I have

  5. I wish I can share your enthusiasm Matt for the jackpot raise. But my local arcade dropped the jackpot on quik drip to 500 and the base is 200 now. It was originally 500 min and 1000 max. So I stopped playing it unless it’s maxed

  6. Talking about starving while at a restaurant. People tend to forget D & B serves food.

  7. could’ve bought yourself 3 of those pillows with $30

  8. Idea: bypass all greed. Win as many jackpots as you can. On the games you’re the best at.. like games you can win jackpots consistently only and see how high of a score you can get… I mean I know there’s pressure but. Casually ease into it? Idk.

  9. You have 99 chips and a jackpot on wheel of fortune wasn't one😂

  10. please do another VS challenge because I really enjoy watching them

  11. Come on people like the video never gonna get to you get the thousand 5000 likes

  12. Great video! Have a homemade vanilla cake with chocolate frosting slice coming though screen!

  13. Wasted $150 for a pillow that cost $10 on amazon

  14. Are there any Chuck E Cheese near you. Would be cool to see a Chuck E Cheese video unless they don't allow fiming

  15. Wow Arcade Matt, you’re getting better at Crossy road & I’ll send you my video I have for more practice

  16. Love watching your videos!! Just started watching you this past year and I've used some of your tricks and it worked!! Your awesome!! Hope to see you sometime around the lower part of Illinois!!

  17. Now you put disclaimers in, haha! JkJk, love the videos as usual

  18. Matt…. Seriously…. People actually comment and say that the stuff you play is rigged?? That’s so weak that people can’t just appreciate skill and applaud it.

  19. Thank you for your continuous uploads matt. I'm going through crap right now and there's a chance I could be autistic as well. Watching your videos brings a little hope and fun to my day, so thank you ❤🎉❤

  20. Challenge idea:

    Try to win exactly 3,756 tickets and see what the best prize is that you can win

  21. This challenge may sound hard but fun at the time. Make a video where you see how much money it takes to hit the monster drop monster jackpot and monster drop extreme monster jackpot in the same video.

  22. I went to Chuck E. Cheese last time and the jackpot for the pirate wheel was 50 and as for pop the lock it was also 50 but since you have the all you can play card you can play it over and over and so the jackpot gets lower each time you swap

  23. 😂😂😂 You always crack me up Mr. Arcade Matt when you do the sarcastic funny voice of "The Manager rigged it for you" 😂😂😂
    It's all Amazing Skill you have plus it don't hurt thatcha play these games for a living and do have fun. I always Sincerely Appreciate You when you offer tips on the games; especially the claw machine games. As always wonderful video and Thank You Camera Man Mr. Adam for doing a Marvelous Job filming Mr. Matt 🙂

  24. Not as good as u matt, but other day only miss puff was needed for 1k tickets. Took 5 tries to get timing down but got the 1k finally

  25. Happy Sunday to all you Goobers and Dingleberrys!!! Shabang!

  26. You should do a video where you and another person go head to head for a prize and see who gets enough tickets for whatever prize…like set how much you both have to play with and see who gets to it first…I dunno, just a thought…lol

  27. SMASH that LIKE button everybody!! I want my CAMEL!!!!

  28. Are you going to do more coin pusher videos at aces break away and play

  29. Matt, here's a tip for you when playing Crossy Roads. Whenever you see a road blank, that's your advantage! When the road is blank with no cars, the police car passes by.

  30. The unhinged eyes of an arcade Matt 😂

  31. Yes please I would love to win one of your prizes

  32. My daughter just asked "do the deliver to England"? Of course they do Sweetheart. Your about to owe my Little princess a Camel Arcade Boy🇬🇧🤣

  33. Aww yeah! That Crossy Roads run had me cheering. Better be straight chilling on that pillow in your next stream 😎

  34. My wife and I went yesterday for her birthday she destroyed it at the arcade especially on the wheel of fortune she hit 3 1,000 jackpots she walked away with over 10,000 tickets I have about 3,000😂😂

  35. I got a dave n busters by me they have alot of the games u play so its nice to try those

  36. This is cool Game Over pillow one, but you made it the fantabulous jackpot tickets with outstanding video ever! Shabang, Dude! Well done! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  37. Does your Dave and Busters allow you to exchange tickets for food vouchers? If so, that'd be a fun $25 dollar challenge with you and Adam, try to earn enough tickets with $25 to get free food

  38. You should see how many tickets you can win with 50 bucks and see if you can make a profit

  39. Super cool video…I’m loving these challenges you’ve been doing!! WTGAM!

  40. Always a great day when Matt uploads arcade videos for us

  41. Always a great day when Matt uploads arcade videos for us ❤

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