Can I Win an ICEE Machine at the Arcade? (50,000 Tickets) -

Can I Win an ICEE Machine at the Arcade? (50,000 Tickets)

Arcade Warrior
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Today I’m back at the Clubhouse Fun Center arcade in Rochester NY, to try and win an ICEE Machine for 50,000 Arcade Tickets! Let’s see if we can win enough arcade jackpots and save up enough tickets for this awesome prize!


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Can I Win an ICEE Machine at the Arcade? (50,000 Tickets)


  1. Learn from the best and the legend 😎 (arcade warrior)

  2. I watched you when I was younger and I came back a couple months ago, I love the videos so much

  3. Hey Eric someday you should change your intro from saying tater tots are ready to tater tots and ketchup Are ready

  4. Been watching you since 2015. Love the videos, good luck on reaching 5 mil erik!

  5. You should do a vlog on the games that you and your brother totally stink at.

  6. I win over 70,000 tickets with a secret trick… with one of the arcades that can handle it, faster and more winnable…

  7. God seeing Erik preparing for a behind the back spin and just knowing it's a bout to go down. its just too iconic

  8. That's awesome, may have to check it out online. Don't have arcades where I live.

  9. The reason you didn’t hit the 1000 ticket jackpot is you didn’t drink mountain doue

  10. Eric, I think we all know you already had the 50K tickets before you even started playing xD

  11. Awesome! I won one of those from my local Dave and Busters, I gotta try it out this summer

  12. Hi great video what is your favorite ICEE flavor?

  13. You should come to ct it is 10,000 tickets

  14. Hey one more question what is your favorite arcade game?

  15. Awesome video bro, I love the club house fun center!

  16. I haven’t seen you in ages Man U kinda fell off but it’s great to see your still uploading for those people that love u think

  17. bro jest me or i moss the old vids so much he also looks so different

  18. I literally watch 5 arcade channels no surprise this the best one and the thing he does with the Mountain Dew back then had me dying

  19. Wow you got scamed! I got mine at the kartrite water park for 16000 tickets!!


  21. I am seeing this channel for 2 year and i am not regretting it love you!

  22. I also subbed until I seen a NY giants shirt! Yuck go bills

  23. icee machine sound like it's mining bitcoin at the same time.

  24. Really Man you got to do a giveaway instead of Selling your prizes you win .

  25. Love the club house. Girlfriend and I went there for her bday, maybe one day I'll run into you sometime.

  26. I think arcade Matt has got you faded on the claw machines step up your game kiddo

  27. I can't even tell that it's on!!?
    It's whisper quiet!!!

  28. In all seriousness, I think ski-ball machines should have a button on either side, and which button you hit, the balls will come down that slot. I know it's not a timed game, but it must be just a slight annoyance for left handed people to reach across for a ball, especially when you have that muscle memory down on lock… Much easier to go faster when you're in beast mode.

  29. It's a slush machine, bloody American's know nothing

  30. I’ve gotten 2 of these from Dave and busters and sold them for $100 each. They are only 16,000 tickets there

  31. “Tater Tots are Ready” is the best intro on YouTube.😎

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