Buying Arcade Games! Claw Play VLOG!! -

Buying Arcade Games! Claw Play VLOG!!

Claw Kicker
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  1. Every one seemed so depressed when the were playing the claw.

  2. I was taking pics in the same exact spot and everything!!!

  3. I like plush time wins better then claw kicker it's stupid we get it u went

  4. Is there a place to buy these?

  5. where is that at?? I'm looking into buying a few cranes!

  6. I went there and it's amazing!!!!!!!!! I ran up all those stairs you should go on the mummy ride and Jurassic park

  7. 13:22 I can't do a give a way bc I have no transportation…14:10 I have a car now… lol he can't keep his lies straight.
    14:00 ish I'll drop the soap… winky winky giggle…. "don't replay/record this…" " don't worry I won't" he still put his friend on blast lol I had no idea he was gay

  8. What's there website so I can check out there machines for sale :-p

  9. mason yes you can make money on YouTube if you put adds on your videos

  10. omg dominick toreto seriously? that was so funny.#fast and furious

  11. subscribed since 300k subs like if you were subbed since 2013

  12. he makes the gay jokes too easy for me…."I had lots of fun last night" "but my voice is horse from screaming all night" smh lmao then he say me and dude are thinking about renting a house /appt here we love it here. aww there gonna live together when's the wedding? smh must of been a hell of a night. gave em the D. lost his voice now there gonna move in together haha

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