BUILDING and PROGRAMMING my own FNAF Arcade Game!!! -

BUILDING and PROGRAMMING my own FNAF Arcade Game!!!

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This video was a journey, a long and difficult adventure. Getting a taste of challenge like this has changed me, and I have a feeling that I’ll be chasing more lofty goals like this in the near future. Let’s make the most of life, and live every dream we’ve had!
Support the other creators who’ve blessed this project!
Trevor, for building the cabinet and being the push I needed:
Neku, for matching my excitement in this project and giving it their all:
Dawko, for playing my game and recognizing my passion:
Chris, for creating beautiful music and sharing it with us silly Youtubers:
Shaun, for giving us code noobs something to build off of:
Scott Cawthon, for inspiring all of us fans with your wacky horror games that happened to change our lives!
And more thanks to my beloved friends and family, my fans whom I adore, passerby’s who decide to play my little game, and you who’s reading this 🙂 Thank you!

Music used:
Black Bird PC98 Explorers
Vampire Killer – Neku
FNaF World – Boiling Point
Corpse Party Theme – Neku
Mikos Da Gawd – Witness
Bad Snacks – Take it Easy
Chris Doerksen – Hypno
Chris Doerksen – Return Journey
Welcome to Freddy’s Madame Macabre – Bitemark Remix
Audio Hertz – World Wor Outerspace
Mary’s Theme Ib – Neku
Chris Doerksen – Something’s Off
Animal Crossing – 7PM
Animal Crossing – 2PM
Geographer – After All
Kevin Macleod – Amazing Plan
Buster Cluster – Tengu Remix
Hexalyte – Wandering Houirs
Super Mario World Castle – Neku
Gerudo Valley – Neku
Unnamed Mechanism Tracks – Neku
Chris Doerksen – Here We Go


  1. holy shit i just came upon this video and see the name andiematronic almost made me cry because it hit me with a wave of memories of watching you when i was younger

  2. man
    this is crazy
    and i mean it in the best way possible
    crazy dedication, crazy project, crazy respect, just crazy crazy crazy crazy!!!
    Spending basically 2 years making this game from ZERO and it all started with an arcade cabinet! Just, wow, i have no words to express how amazing this video has been!

  3. Gamemaking be like: I think therefore I do

  4. You made your own 8-bit styled fnaf game. There were some ups and downs that took months or years And made your own arcade cabinet for it. You did amazing. Have a good day, friend.

  5. this is…. insane. it shocks me how some people are so dedicated and like… do crazy stuff like this… like how do some people do stuff like this?!

  6. In the rocket you too much, everyone loves you. Your channel is the best and I love your cosplay and I love your first video and you’re crazy and erotic

  7. I've never found a channel that I've instantly fell in love with more. Literally everything about this warms my little autistic heart.

  8. This is absolutely amazing!! 🤩🤩🤩
    The cabinet came you looking so epic!
    The game looks like a blast, I love your style of pixel art!! I'm downloading it right now!

  9. You filmed the first November part on my b-day

  10. Andie, I just wanna say this video was lowkey the starting domino to me choose to develop a game concept as my final research project to graduate 😭
    I genuinely can't emphasize how many thank yous I wanna give you, especially for sharing what sources you used to learn GameMaker

  11. This video is awesome! Game maker studio is very good although I barely have used it myself for just a class. I really really wanna learn how to code but I need some sort of guide? Not a teacher but a guide. I also wanna learn pixel art? Although I have started to do it myself still need tons of pratice.

  12. Congratulations on becoming 27.edit.sorry its late i just watched this video

  13. When I do anything I work for a month or two and then take like five days off it makes it much easier for me to

  14. this game is so cool! definitely my favorite fnaf fan game

  15. Bruh the video isn't even in your top 20 most popular it wasn't worth it

  16. this is one of if not the coolest fnaf fan made thing ever, and im honestly surprised you made your game free, thats awesome!

  17. This is the creator of one of two well-known torture devices in the fandom.
    The arcade aspect already gives me an idea of why she added one of the aspects that made it somrage inducing in the first place.
    I'll probably add more to this comment once I finish the video.

  18. Me not like game maker 2 me suggest godot 4

  19. This was sick to come across I had no idea the source when matpatt played this forever ago!! Congrats well done this is insane for a first game!

  20. Andy might need another break because… oh boy this game took a few years to finish and it was worth it! And we can now let andie take a break.

  21. My dad made his own arcade machine in our apartment bathrrom FROM SCRATCH, which is INSANE thinking back to it. However he did not make the games he used a tv for the screen and put a program in it which had a shit ton of games including some dr mario game which is just tetris. Anyway i remember helping him decorate it. We just put mario wall decorations on it lol and we still have it till this day. My dad loves playing street fighter on it and i find it so entertaining to watch him compete against my uncle. You guys did amazing on this project and the game is great!

  22. Welcome back to be honest this is amazing what you've done

  23. This is pretty freaking cool to see however you could’ve finally made the game Freddy at large after a 5 year span 😂

    FR tho great job with this game it looks fun (yes I know I’m 11 months late)

  24. Can I just say, your my 1# fav YouTuber now

  25. As a note, famously every video game (even the really high quality ones) are FULLY spaghetti code. So mishmashing code together is exactly what you should be doing

  26. Will you be able to sell it at any point?
    I want it

  27. AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. I mean she should of just bought ClickTeam Fusion for 100 bucks finish the game faster and get the same result, but I still like the video

  29. Does it count as animation if it’s pixelart?

  30. Oh my God, she’s back

    She’s fucking back

  31. u sure took inspiration from the difficulty of the og arcades cuz man are some of the later stages infuriating

  32. i watched this when it released and now its been almost a year crazy how time flies

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