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On this episode of Ben’s Worx i build a Skee Ball Game for under $30, i used mdf, plumbing parts a bucket and some vinyl.

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  1. That's awesome. Try either a softball or baseball maybe.

  2. Great project, but the video is spoiled by the heavily dynamically compressed (hence , painful to listen to), excessively loud, highly repetitive 'music'.

  3. I love projects that keep kids in tune. Giving them something other than Electronics to keep their mind busy. Great build!

  4. Cool project – thanks for sharing. I think this would be great for family parties!

  5. Great build mate could you use a wooden ball maybe?

  6. This looks great, Ben! If I ever make this in the future, I will be sure and upload it to YouTube and send you the link of it! Have a Happy Thanksgiving and God Bless to you! 🙂

  7. get rid of the music it makes the video unwatchable with the sound on

  8. Could’ve tried using wooden balls also. They sell a few different sizes at most craft stores or I’m sure you can find them on amazon or another online retailer.

  9. They make those nice stress balls they are pink in the toy isle about baseball size

  10. do you have any plans for this skee ball game. would love to build it…..

  11. Yeah I can't do that. Can I just have that one?

  12. In my local arcade the skeeball games use solid wood balls. They are billiard size but definitely made of wood.

  13. Wicked! I want one…but I dont have the tools 🙁

  14. Check amazon for skee balls… it's like 17 bucks for 3 wooden 3" diameter balls

  15. Practice your turning skills – make some wood balls on the lathe! For a heavier ball I’d try maple. For a lighter, easier to handle ball I’d try poplar and then paint them. This looks like fun! I want to make one now!

  16. I would love to live in your neighborhood! The parties must be grand with all the cool games you make! Another winner!


  17. Do you have a list of the stuff that is needed in order to build the skee ball

  18. It might be fun to add a microprocessor and some switches at each opening and keep a score for each game.

  19. You're awesome for this video. Amazing. I subscribed

  20. Can you upload the plans/measurements? Here is a list of wooden balls they sell on Amazon. Thank you for sharing your project. Looks awesome!!

  21. 🔥Another FANTASTIC build!!! Great to see your process and changes along the way.

  22. Hey Ben, I thought you would have built it a lot longer in length, and there is no roof to prevent the ball from jumping off the table when you're going for a 1000 points, but other than that, great job!

  23. You can buy wooden skee balls for roughly $15, not too pricey.

  24. Great video but……that dang loud techno music makes me want to beat you up

  25. Ben there are companies that sell wooden balls for furniture cost varies.

  26. Please come to my house and build one please! I'll cook for you!XD

  27. Nice video, please make sure your garage door is at least partially open next time you're using spray adhesive or paint or anything like that.

  28. Great video, but the bottom should be 0 points instead of 50

  29. Try a racket ball. About the size of a pool ball, but lighter and won’t be loud.

  30. Find some wood balls at a hobby shop. I love this and will be building one.

  31. How much does it cost for you to build someone one of those kits that you doing in the video

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