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Bubble Bobble Arcade In-Game Music

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In-game music for the Arcade game Bubble Bobble. Composed by Tadashi Kimijima and Zuntata.


  1. While this is more "epic" than the NES version, I think the NES version is fuller and better. And this one has some annoying buzz to it. Can this be filtered out?

  2. dam this brings back memorys from my chilhood playing this game on my c64 for hours

  3. 🎶Holy shit goddam this us an annoying fucken song!
    Once it gets inside your head, you'll sing it all night long!
    This is the game (this is the game)
    That doesn't end! (that doesn't end)
    100 levels, then start again!
    While you were stuck in the basement all day, the other children were out to play!🎶

  4. I was doing my big number 2 and my brain begins to play this song 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 WTF !!! The brain is stupid! I didn’t play this in 30 years 🤣🤣🤣

  5. 오락실생각난다 좋게 25년전 돌았네 세월

  6. una epoca que ya esta muy lejos T_T

  7. Por que la melodia suena tan… "Adorable"?? Me encanta!!

  8. 지금 보니까 버블버블이 아니라 버블보블이었네 ㄷㄷㄷ

  9. This background music has the same attract mode melody as one of the jumbo sized claw machines.

  10. Oh boy. How we loved that game. But I'm not sure whether the Yamadi Denki theme beats the catchiness. YAMADA DENKI.

  11. Damn. This makes me pretty nostalgic. This is my first game and the one that got me interested in games overall. I used to play this on the ps1 with my aunt when I was 3. I still remember always struggling on stage 63 and the music.

  12. I searched for this lmao it was stuck in my head 😂

  13. The music that filled my empty heart in my lonely childhood.

  14. I don't know why, but I feel joy everytime I here this.

  15. I don't know how it's possible, but that instrument somehow does sound like the cheap sugary bubbly soda (or what the Koreans call 'cider') of the 1990's.

  16. Still have this on the PS2 and play it before i go on holiday. I love it but always get stuck on one of the levels near the end! 😂

  17. I still rememeber this game clearly, some levels were pure bs, but very fun nonetheless.

  18. Fantastic soundtrack, every level the same which has engrained in one's brain

  19. Jajajaja 😂❤ dime loco pero recuerdo mi infancia con esta canción, suena como a melancolía e inocencia, le decía de cariño a mi mama; mamá Dragon :3 😂❤

  20. Oh dios mío es la canción de jimmyxtemante 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  21. La più bella colonna sonora di un videogame di sempre

  22. it has no right to hit that hard decades after

  23. when i was like 7 or something i used to be weirdly obsessed with this game and i adored the cute little characters. i’d even put shampoo in my mouth so that i’d blow bubbles in the shower, pretending to be the dragon from bubble bobble.

  24. I wasn’t even alive when this came out and was introduced to this by my dad in like 2002 and we played it together and it was some of the most fun i had gaming.

  25. This is the pinnacle of pre 90s gaming music, yes even over Super Mario Brothers.

  26. What does this sound like you recorded it with your toaster, and why dies it have 1Mviews? Im super confused..

  27. Name of that music please? I think i listen that in a tv commercial about a slime in a plastic can and that sound a fart😂😅

  28. Anni nelle sale giochi con questa canzoncina in sottofondo tanto da ricordarla come se ci fossi stato ieri, e parlo di almeno 33 anni fa

  29. This song for me means only one thing: arcade!

  30. Reminds me of the bike theme from Pokemon red/blue

  31. Me: quietly working at my desk
    My brain: BUBBLE BOBBLE MUSIC out of nowhere!!!

    It's such a catchy earworm, this song still just randomly pops into my head sometimes.

  32. Bubble Bobble was always the loudest machine in the Arcade.

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