BRAND NEW Arcade Games at Amusement Expo 2019 - Part 1! Centipede Chaos and Nerf Arcade Games! -

BRAND NEW Arcade Games at Amusement Expo 2019 – Part 1! Centipede Chaos and Nerf Arcade Games!

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Amusement Expo International 2019 has NEW arcade games by companies like LAI Games and Bandai Namco! Centipede Chaos and the NERF Arcade game was there! IAPPA Expo is another place they show these awesome games which we hope to get to this year. We get the chance to play some of these brand new games that we have NEVER seen before! Come join us and see all the fun and games! Let’s go play!!!

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  1. Wow the games are so cool. On the rope jump you can keep 1 foot on the ground and only move the other one. Thats how ive seen others win the most tickets. Good job on the games. I have no doubt you can win some of these in an arcade. Good luck guys.

  2. You look like you have so much fun have a good time.

  3. It's been so long since Kevin played speed of light because he broke the one lol

  4. Looks like you two had a good time getting all the free-play practice in!

  5. All of these games were so fun! I'm excited to see them in the wild! Cant sit for 2 hours ha! I find your lack of faith disturbing

  6. So many cool games! It would be so fun to play for free even with out getting prizes or tickets.

  7. When Kevin was playing Speed Of Light I am glad he did not break it like the last time he play it; also love the 'channel your inner-Angel comment'' (surprised that PTW did not make a comment about that) – Plus the Centipede Chaos game looks great; love the power-up's and glad they keep some of the old school sound effects. When (and if) I ever get back to an arcade; I want to play it.

  8. Kevin dpidpt break anything! I would watch a 3 hour video! But editing…no i wouldnt do that to shan.

  9. Had choc chip waffles n coffee while watching…again.

  10. I wish I could watch your live stuff but my internet connection can't handle live videos. I really liked that nerf game, it looked like alot of fun.

  11. I like Centipede Chaos. It has that classic game feel, which is great for more hardcore audiences. One thing I would add though is a huge ticket bonus. Something like a "Megapede", a giant showdown with a 3,000 ticket reward at level 50. I'll probably have to contact ICE on if something like that is in the game.

    Nerf Arcade reminds me of that old shooting gallery video game made in the 2000s, named 'Carnival King'. Looks like a lot of strategy and precision shooting is needed for the bonus. The continuous play really helps it have better replay value than Space Invaders Frenzy, too.

    Hoop it Up seems like the game ICE was testing 2-3 years ago. Back then, it was called Wham O Blast. I would trade in the bonus and 'win a ball' holes for balancing, though. I did remember wanting this to be different from Monster Drop, but oh well.

    Did you guys try out Retro Racoons? Killer Queen? Black Emperor?

  12. Im an amusement game operator thinking about buying either a Halo 2 player or Nerf. Any thoughts on which one got more attention at this expo?

  13. dude that stash.. please for the love of all humanity get rid of it

  14. I could watch yalls videos over and over .. no joke it's weird to beable to do this without being bored .. awesome stuff though ..

  15. Nice😘I am one of your subbies on YouTube and I really enjoy your Videos💘

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