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BEST Technōs Japan Arcade Games

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En esta Colección veremos los mejores juegos Arcade de Technos Jpana, que fue un desarrollador de videojuegos japonés, conocidos sobre todo por sus franquicias más importantes: Double Dragón y Kunio-kun.

Technos Japan fue fundada en 1981 por tres miembros de otra compañía Data East Corporation. Muchos de los juegos de la empresa son compartidos con varias compañías. Su primer juego fue Minky Monkey, lanzado en 1982. En 1986 nace Kunio, el personaje principal de Renegade (conocido en Japón como Nekketsu Koha Kunio Kun)

En definitiva una compañía con excelentes juegos como Combatribes, Shadow Force, Exciting Hour (Mat Mania), Xain’d Sleena y muchas sorpresas más.


  1. The Combatribes is 1 of the BEST beat 'em up games ever!

  2. There's games i didn't even knew about here, they should make a compilation with them cause there is more than enough to have a complete package with these arcade games and their artwork.

  3. Великолепные игры… а кое-что я ещё и в виде живых игровых автоматов застал… остальное только эмуляцией… игры придуманные с любовью и сыгранные с любовью!

  4. THANK YOU very much , i was trying to remember the name Xaind Sleena.

  5. WWE Dean Ambrose got his gimmick from Double Dragon

  6. Great list but I would not put Double Dragon 3 in it though :v

  7. The best gaming company to ever do it. I believe they deserve credit for the karate champ arcade game even though they were under data east at the time.

  8. I had no idea there was a dodgeball video game, well blow me down!

  9. Hoi nhỏ nghiện game này, khoái nhất là khúc đánh với hai anh song sinh


  11. Para mí una de las mejores compañías de videojuegos del Japón,
    😞 Dios como la extraño😢

  12. double dragon 3….. pile of shit. Who ever made it.Hope he got the tin tack👎

  13. Technos created some of my fondest memories! Walked miles to play Double Dragon.

  14. Hola amigo como puedo tener ese juego que tienes dodgeball

  15. These classics need to be on 1 disc for Xbox One & PS4!!!

  16. Crash n the boys street challenge was the game I loved most from them. Interesting how they used the same look for those old sprites on nes

  17. Mat Mania is one of my favorite games of ALL TIME!

  18. Ahora dejaron de llamar Technos Japan, ahora lo llaman Arc System Works como su sucesor

  19. I am trully amazed by the knowledge this guy has about arcade in general… thanks to him I´ve gotten to know so many games and expand my arcade collection further than I ever thought!!!
    Thank you so much

  20. I agree..that is why I keep telling DEVELOPMENT team for emulate the slams as there game sounds weak.

  21. Can they please release this physically for ps4

  22. Xain't Sleena, Double Dragón, Wrestlefest, Kunio Kun and others. Games excelents! NOSTALGIA 100%!

  23. Fun fact. This company were all ex-Data East programmers.

  24. Hey man, I wanna ask you for some help!
    I can't find a game that the only thing that I remember is the resemblance with the "Moon Patrol" and "Horizon" and the 2nd boss is a humanoid thing made of spheres running. Last time that I saw this game has been 25 years ago!!!!!!!!!
    Please, tell me what game it is! Thank you!

  25. Double Dragon – Double Dragon Neo Geo and The Combatribes = EPIC

  26. los dibujos animados de kunio kun son divertidos

  27. Technos Japan they introduced the world to Jilly & Bimmy Lee… LMFAO!

  28. 20th Century Fox Youtube 2 weeks ago 4 weeks ago says:

    it makes sense that a mini boss in double dragon 2 looks like one of the guys from Demolition wrestling duo from WWF since tecnos also made a WWF wrestling game around the same time.

  29. Great video. But please put list of games in details, sucks to have to rewatch to find one title

  30. I hated how they changed the style for Double Dragon 3. Anyway, the first two games are real classics!

  31. I only recognize double dragon, i never saw any of the other games, here in spain

  32. Only one that didn't drop an arcade classics

  33. I'm surprised that Techno's Japan only produced six beat em titles when they themselves popularized the genre. Capcom made 12. Konami made 8 I think.

  34. The legendary Technōs Japan
    went bankrupt from making poor
    decisions with greedy American
    companies they made deals with.

  35. Shadow Force is low-key one of their best games, and that's from someone who friggin LOVES anything Kunio-Kun. But a 6 button beatemup with combos, juggles, a huge moveset, and great graphics and sound? Hell yeah

  36. Double dragon is a masterpiece i still play it till now.that first stage music is the best 👍

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