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Best TAITO Arcade Games || TAITO Arcade

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In this video we will see a selection of the best ARCADE games from TAITO arranged in chronological order.
TAITO distributed some games from companies such as TOAPLAN or Technōs Japan, such as Twin Cobra or Renegade, these games are in the collections of these companies.

Technōs Japan Collection:
TOAPLAN Collection:

INFO: Taito Corporation (株式会社タイトー, Kabushiki gaisha Taitō?) is a Japanese company specializing in video games, arcade and merchandising businesses. The origins of the company were founded by Michael Kogan as Taito Trading Company in 1953. Taito is best known for producing hit arcade games, such as Space Invaders, Bubble Bobble, Darius, Arkanoid. Taito also owns several arcades in Japan known as Taito Stations and distributes its arcade games through their NESiCAxLive service.


  1. Frontline, elevator action, zoo keeper, and many others were quarter munchers in my day.

  2. TAITO has made some of my favorite arcade games of all time. The Darius and Ray series and Elevator Action Returns are some of my favorites.

  3. It's pretty rad that Taito was still making 2D arcade games into the mid-2000s.

  4. Taito, enseñándonos lo que era el 3D desde mucho antes de que existiera el 3D!!
    ¡¡¡Que grandes de la industria!!!

  5. Verdaderas joyas que nunca pasaran al olvido ,quien no jugo al space invaders no puede decir que es un gamer…☺

  6. I wish they would make a port on PC of their bubble bobble/rainbow island saga

  7. This makes me think of when I discovered how to use MAME back in 1999.

  8. Lucky Punk Productions - OneManBoxOffice says:

    The Bust-A-Move games were always my jam (my favorite being 4). The many iterations of Space Invaders and Bubble Bobble were also great fun.

  9. You know what's missing the original Double Dragon game with spike and hammer and Double Dragon 2 the revenge

  10. Thanks
    Muito obrigado, de verdade!

  11. My best 10 Taito:

    Bubble Bobble
    Rainbow Island
    Chase HQ
    Puzzle Bubble
    The New Zeland Story
    Kick n Run
    Space Invaders
    Hey Trick Hero 94

  12. Was Twin Qix an unreleased prototype?

  13. Screw your "next generation" gaming. Playstation this and Xbox that, These are the games i wanna play.

  14. Espectacular colección de videojuegos de esta emblemática compañía. Qué nostalgia traen siempre los Arcade. Toda una pasada! Mis favoritos: Rainbow island, Operation Wolf, Chase HQ y Kiki KaiKai 😉

  15. I always thought Battle Fantasia was an Arksys game it must have been licensed through them would be awesome to see a sequel for that I felt it was one of the most Underatted hidden fighter games even though it had a small roster it's mechanics n gameplay combo system ate well balanced….

  16. Kick and Run is the father of all football videogames ❤
    Do you believe me that finally I found Cadash after more than 30 years !? Lol
    I never remembered the title but I remember it was a Taito game.
    Thanks a lot!!

  17. Missing Stratovox which is an iconic game. I believe the first arcade game to use synthesized sound.

  18. Did any male's ever play rainbow islands?? Always girls in my local arcades

  19. Front Line is probably my favorite arcade game ever.

  20. Taito, my favorite game developer. Amazing how MAME has this game as 1984, but the Taito Memories compilations have it listed as 1985. Looks like Taito goofed there. You can also tell this is one of the earliest Zuntata music compositions for Taito, no other game had music that rich sounding that early (that wasn't laserdisc).

    Return of the Invaders is an odd one, I've heard that one was more UPL made than anything Taito did. Same case with Last Duel on the second Capcom compilation, heard Toaplan guys worked on it.

  21. Rastan is my favorite. I left all my new generation consoles aside just to be able to play these games on a Linux retro-gamimg distro. I am happy that I grew up in the 80's and had a chance to play some of these gems.

  22. Taito has many well known arcade video games. Space Invaders (1978) is probably the most notable, but games such as Speed Race (1974), Gun Fight (1975), Qix (1981), Jungle Hunt (1982), Elevator Action (1983), Buggy Challenge (1984), Bubble Bobble (1986), Takeshi no Chōsenjō (1986), Chase H.Q. (1988), Puzznic (1989), Kick Master (1992), Gun Buster (1992) and Puzzle Bobble (1994) are all part of Taito's library. Taito also had a license from Hanna-Barbera to produce games based on its animated series on The Flintstones and Jetsons and the movie Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

  23. Taito is making a mini console version of their Egret II candy cab arcade machine from 1996. It is called the Egret II Mini and it is going to be released in March 2022.

  24. The first arcade I played in my life was "The Tin Star", from 1983. I was 4 years old and my mom bought 2 chips for me to have fun. Until today, I didn't know the name of the game and had never seen it again… I'm speechless. 😀

  25. The Golden Age of gaming… I miss going to the arcades… 😢

  26. Two Heat trick hero games and no Power shovel?

  27. How many Puzzle Bobbles can you have?!!! Too many Japanes type games.

  28. Here we go again… Hello wowroms.
    Ty mate for the list.

  29. Some of the early games look like they were done on a ZX Spectrum. The graphics are very similar

  30. The legend of kage was the best taito game I ever played.

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