Best RUN and GUN Arcade Games & Classics (All Platforms) -

Best RUN and GUN Arcade Games & Classics (All Platforms)

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Una Colección de los mejores juegos RUN and GUN en ARCADE y Clásicos de todas plataformas clásicas (NES, SNES, Mega Drive (Genesis), Sega Saturn,PS1, PS2…..).

La lista es algo larga ya que incluye los juegos run and gun horizontales como verticales, pero podéis añadir en la caja de comentarios los olvidados u otros “Run and Gun” para añadirlos en otras colecciones más selectivas.

**Nota** No incluyo la series Ghouls ‘n Ghosts o derivados ya que para mi opinión es un “plataformas-Hack and slash” .

**Nota2** El juego que aparece no es la versión de SNES.
43:27 The Adventures of Batman & Robin (Mega Drive- Genesis)


  1. Metal Slug is the best. better as Contra

  2. OMG I have been trying to remember Wonder Boy III title for years. Thank You

  3. That was awesome. My only gripe was the Chaos Engine should have been the superior, (original), Amiga version . 🙂

  4. Mystic Fórmula, las sagas de Megaman y Azure Striker Gunvolt también cuentan?

  5. Thought the games would be up to date

  6. 그래픽이 저럴수가없는데 어떻게 된건가요.,.,.???

  7. I was hoping to find one of the games i played back in my childhood, it was an aracde with 3 player sticks, it was similar to MERC from capcom but it was for 3 players and it has the vehicle and top down camera very similar, but it is not that game, it was not horizontal like a shmup.

  8. I see total carnage, I must of missed smash tv some how🤔

  9. Uuuy no los juegos móviles no le llegan tantito a estos

  10. No My friend Pedro? Still, a commendable effort.

  11. omg. 90% of these games I played as a child in the arcade and on genesis. I cannot wait to get my arcade in the apartment to play them again

  12. AMAZING how almost each year , it was next gen in the 80's and 90. Where is the big technical Gap now ? Especially when you waii 7 years, or even 9 years( PS_360.) 😥😥😥😥😥

  13. Thanks man, this has become the video on my Run N Gun wheel on my cabinet :)!!!

  14. Where is "Space Harrier", 1985 Arcade video game made by Sega?

  15. before first person shooter games you had run and gun games

  16. Hi guys i am looking for a game where main character is a toddler who has a flute like fire from which he fire music symbols as can be powered up to star bubbles, also a baseball bat and a throwable spiky chain sphere, kid has two lives in one chance, in first hit it loses clothes second hit kills it
    I cannot remember the name please help

  17. Nice list of games,sadly the one game that im searching for a long time isn't here

  18. I would have included Forgotten Worlds on this video

  19. Hey guys. Umm I'm looking for the game where, i think there two characters only, a girl in wearing a classic gown with a beautiful hat and a boy in a suit. Their theme is black and brown. Its a run and gun game also. I want to know that game.

  20. Three wonder: midnight wonderers. I'm sure if it's considered as run and gun.

  21. 1986 Jackal first run n gun game played use to play at the local dairy before an after school!🤣👍 Love the vid bring back the best of memories👌💯

  22. I woke up this morning thinking about moo mesa, out of nowhere. ;p

  23. Commando, Contra, Rolling Thunder ⛈️, and several others… ahhhh, the memories!

  24. No KIKI KAI KAI 1 nor 2 ?
    No Three Wonders ?
    Bloody wolf n ESWAT have better console version.

  25. Contra force NES, Operation logic bomb SNES and Rambo 3 Genesis are missing

  26. Contra 3 was not in arcade game but it sure could pass as one. beautiful graphics just like super ghouls and ghosts.

  27. 1996 only few game becouse Quake is coming and change market to 3D

  28. A lot of these arcade games are fantastic. But the controls spoil them at home, when you consider games like Ikari warriors, midnight resistance used those multi directional swivel sticks genius design. Cant believe no company hasn't produced a home version. Great video by the way:)

  29. Hola y felicidades por el video.
    El personaje que sale en la portada del video (arriba de la palabra gun, con pantalón corto y a lado de una nave) ¿quién es y de que video juego es? Gracias y saludos

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