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Best NAMCO Arcade Games || TR Old School Gamer Collection

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Namco (株式会社ナムコ Kabushiki Kaisha Namuko?) es una empresa japonesa desarrolladora y distribuidora de software en el campo de los videojuegos, de las más importantes de Japón. Namco se fusionó en el año 2005 con la juguetería Bandai, transformándose en Bandai Namco.

En la década de los años 80 tuvieron grandes éxitos, quizás la desarrolladora más importante de la edad de oro del videojuego. Galaxian, Pac-Man, Galaga, Xevious, Dig Dug fueron sus primeros grandes éxitos. En la década de los años 90 tuvieron muchas series de éxito como Ridge Racer, Tekken, Time Crisis, Soul Calibur.

En este vídeo repasamos los mejores juegos ARCADE Clásicos de NAMCO (Todos los que el MAME puede emular, ya que existen muchos juegos Arcade de NAMCO sin emular), ordenados cronológicamente.

Info: (42:36) Miss name of the game: Great Sluggers ’94 (1994)


  1. Legend Of Valkyrie, so that's where Cassandra's outfit from Soul Calibur 2 came from.

  2. Back then, video games were family friendly. Not any more!!!!😭😭😭😭😭

  3. Did you know all arcade games are pac man games?

  4. Great Video. I appreciate your work. Design is very good too. You put the Names in the Videos. I can skip anytime and i am always informed which Game is played.

  5. Que recuerdos… muchas gracias por el video !!!

  6. for myself rolling thunder and dragon spirit. amazing games and on ps1.

  7. Minuto 7:50, no sé porque, pero ese juego ‘Dragon Buster" de 1984 me hace recordar un poco a The Legend of Zelda. En fin… ¡Excelente recopilación de la legendaria Namco, dejando su huella imborrable en la historia de los videojuegos!

  8. They could have made the potential to revive the games they made but nope it’s only anime games…

  9. Great video.. I watch all your videos with pen and paper then head to play them on MAME

  10. Galaga and DigDug had sequels???

    Time to power up the internet and reinstall MAME!

  11. Mappy in my opinion is the best game ever! 🙂

  12. Honestly, first time I saw Wonder Momo, I was like a chick hero nice! Then when I saw how it was played, I was like, "What the bloody hell!?!"

  13. So many unknown games shown, so many very famous cult games forgotten

  14. Each game is just as amazing as the last!
    Though if I had to choose my favorite, it would probably be Pac-Land

  15. Rolling Thunder has the wrong music for the stage. Weird.

  16. 47:20 Air Combat 22 As Japanese Release in 1993 Stated Ace Combat Japan in America its Air Combat 22 Boo Yeah

  17. Now those are some seriously good sound fx!!

  18. nice list of games but you are forgetting two of them: Galaxian 3 and attack of the zolgear. Other than that great video, I am Impressed.

  19. Well in my mid 40s now. I remember playing some of these as a kid. Especially pole position with the steering wheel, the pedal, and the gearbox. My favorite arcade game has to be Street fighter 2 or Mortal Kombat 1.

  20. I don't understand how some of these games never made it to a Super Nintendo or a Sega Genesis.

  21. Tekken 3 best Tekken in my opionion

  22. Cosmo Gang: The Video is my favorite Rare title. And it’s gonna 30 years old this year.
    Cosmo Gang: The Video 1991 – 2021

  23. 🙂 thanks for bringing back the good old memories! I really loved playing these games! I still play some of them since I have the Namco Arcade game for Xbox 360! I just wish everyone had the chance to play these good old games!

  24. PAC Man is the best namco game yeeeeeeet

  25. Namco maybe made the modern bowling arcade using the reflective glass on the arcade namco coded the game to have 3D coolest modern bowling physics and also Namco maybe put the monitor in the top to make people confused how they cant hit the screen

  26. All these games and we stay getting the same ol ones on the Museum collections…

  27. 1987's Dragon Spirit was tough as nails with no continues

  28. sega 32x and snes with the super fx: we had the greatest 3d games for the 90s
    namco 3d arcade games of the 90s: hold my beer

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