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Best CAVE Arcade Games

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En esta compilación veremos los mejores juegos arcade de CAVE, donde encontraremos todos sus éxitos, pero también sus grandes joyas desconocidas, lo cual lo convierte en un vídeo con un valor educativo muy alto y también de preservación del videojuego.

CAVE destaca sin duda del género SHMUP, en esta colección disfrutaremos de los arcade que podremos emular hoy en día, hay algunos que todavía no se pueden emular, como por ejemplo el Dodonpachi Sai-Dai-ou-Jou. Los Gameplay en este vídeo son más largos de lo habitual porque quería disfrutar del espectáculo SHOOT’EM UPS!!!

**Info**CAVE es una empresa japonesa de videojuegos, conocida en occidente principalmente por sus shoot ’em ups. CAVE fue formada principalmente por ex-componentes de Toaplan (Los reyes de los Shmups) tras su disolución, y varios de los primeros juegos de Cave se suelen considerar como sucesores espirituales de anteriores trabajos de Toaplan, en particular Truxton y Batsugun.

CAVE Game List:
0:00 Intro
0:27 Akai Katana
2:44 DonPachi
4:18 Deathsmiles
5:59 Deathsmiles MegaBlack Label
7:30 DoDonPachi
9:11 ESP Ra.De.
10:53 Espgaluda
13:03 Progear
14:46 Puzzle Uo Poko
15:58 Fever SOS
17:30 Guwange
19:20 Mushihimesama
21:35 Ketsui: Kizuna Jigoku Tachi
23:04 Steep Slope Sliders
23:37 Puzzle! Mushihime-tama
24:30 DoDonPachi Dai-Fukkatsu Black Label
25:33 DoDonPachi III
27:42 Espgaluda II
29:36 Ibara
31:50 Ibara Kuro: Black Label
33:22 Deathsmiles II
34:45 Mushihimesama Futari Black Label
36:44 Pink Sweets: Ibara Sorekara
38:27 Muchi Muchi Pork!


  1. amigo! como ponés esos bordes tan fantásticos que hacen que se vea el mismo juego pero desenfocado!?

  2. You're supposed to use the secondary weapon in ESP Ra. De. for multiplication and damage…

  3. Cuál es la canción del intro

  4. saludos amigo, ¿como hago para ejecutar akai katana y deathsmiles en mame? lo he bajado en varias paginas pero no me funcionan 🙁

  5. They really are the best in the game.

  6. This looks amazing!! Please please please let me know how you achieved that blurred bezel effect it’s awesome!!

  7. DAMN! My wallet will be hurt badly if I try to get all these gems…

  8. Can any one link of shooter/shoter (name of Vertical Shooter Arcade game ) Similar to chicken invaders in game play .which I can't find any where at the internet.When I first play this game it comes with commandos cd..

    In the game play which I remember there is ship as player and after playing games for some interval ship is bale to upgrade and its fire rate and bullets.where on earth i find this game.

  9. 29:37 Ibara should not be in this list.
    The ship's too big, the bullets are too slim and hard to see.
    This game is not a true Cave game and definetly not a good manic.

  10. Such an amazing company has now fallen this low. Shame.

  11. Please tell me some of these are coming to switch!

  12. Can u let me know how u got your bezels blurred on the side? Thanks.

  13. How do you add the black frame bezel to work with the pillarbox effects? Please let me know. I can’t figure it out..not sure what I’m doing wrong. Thanks.

  14. ¿Me podrias recomendar alguna web donde pueda descargar estas joyas para el emulador?

  15. Esp stylish school theme and
    Guwange (1999) creepy and stylish.

  16. Cave = also the best place to be in 2020 or living under a rock… ; )

  17. lol didnt know it comes to PS4 and Switch

  18. Awesome video! It appears to be playing at a lower difficulty levels..

  19. These vertical games could make for good smartphone ports.

  20. find a plane shooting game
    Description: vertical screen, dropping bombs is a large circle assembled from many small circles, when Player 2 drops bombs together, they combine to form a large electric circle. Regarding ammo, there is one that when upgrading the last bullet will shoot out like a cloud, but around that cloud there is a blue line that bends around like dragons hugging that pillar and chasing the enemy. The bullets fired are exactly the same as the Dogyuun game, but the graphics are better

  21. It is a crime that i didn't know about any of these games

  22. I want a cave mini arcade console, like taitos mini egret but with just cave games!

  23. Akai Katana plays similarly to Progear Arashi…

  24. Man, its great to highlight these games, but man, you need practice. Too much bombing and not understanding the scoring system doesnt do the games any justice.

  25. You have a spelling mistake in your description – Spgaluda. Should be Espgaluda.

  26. Desconocía a Cave (menos mal que a mi amigo MAME sí que le sonaban…), aunque sí que sabía de títulos como los DoDonPachi.

    Me encantan tus vídeos, son auténticos documentales sobre videojuegos y, al ver el año de producción, podemos comprobar cómo avanzaba la factura técnica con el paso del tiempo.

  27. Very nice games and some that I didn't know about.
    Thanks for the video.

  28. Os melhor jogo são este de navinha

  29. Those game are some of the best shmup ever created, even now there are always fun to play. Maybe one day CAVE Will made a huge compilation of those games ! Maybe…

  30. Hay bro, great compilations as per usual! Im a big fan of the vertical shoot em ups genre and found a couple more gems to add to my cabinets here. Id never heard of CAVE arcade games before, art work is amazing. Do you record your own gameplay for these vids?
    Cheers from A -Dogs

  31. 4:19 Last decade, I bought a copy of "Deathsmiles" for Xbox 360 which also included the audio CD Music Soundtrack…worth it. My favorite avatar is Sakura The Magician Witch who joins The Main Cast later. I'd play such every Halloween. I've since aquired the DLC alongside their Xmas Sequel VIA PS4 NETWORK.
    If you're still into old school straight shooting, this game is worth it.

  32. Thank you for your video, I didn't know that these games existed until I purchased a Super Console Cube X3. It has 16 Cave games on it, and they all play great. Love the vertical shooters, DoDonPachi is so much fun!

  33. Can you pls make atlus arcade games

  34. How to get an epileptic seizure : Turn lights off in the room. Play this video with sound on at full blast. Success!

  35. this is way, i have my old 360 working full time…

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