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Best ATARI Arcade Games

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ATARI se fundó en los Estados Unidos en 1972 por Nolan Bushnell y Ted Dabney, Atari puede ser considerada la fundadora de la industria del videojuego, gracias al PONG. La versión casera de PONG, que se conectaba a una TV, fue una de las primeras consolas de videojuegos.

Atari ha estado presente desde los primeros días de las máquinas de arcade, fue creador de las consolas caseras, como la Atari 2600, produjo una serie de computadores de 8 bits (Atari 400/800 y la serie XL/XE), tomó parte en el mercado de los 16 bits con el Atari ST, creó la consola Atari Jaguar de 64 bits, revolucionaria para su época; y lanzó una cónsola portátil, la Atari Lynx.

En este vídeo repasamos sus mejores juegos arcade como desarrollador ordenado cronológicamente. ATARI contiene juegos inolvidables en la década de los 70 y 80 como Asteroids,Lunar Lander, Missile Command, Centipede, I, Robot, Paperboy, Marble Madness, Super Sprint…


  1. Fortunately the Japanese assisted them with seppuku

  2. I thought that atary died in the 70´s, I was never expecting 80´s, 90´s or even 2000´s atary games.

  3. Roadmasters game was used for wreck it ralph movie

  4. Never new atari and midway were one of the same.

  5. Atari created some of the most greatest videogames of ever.

  6. Two games I like: Gauntlet and Indiana Jones.

  7. you should do "Best Exidy Arcade Games"

  8. 7:35 Lunar Lander was my very first arcade game I ever played, I even remember the arcade where it was and its name.
    That game was the beginning of the end. 😁
    28:25 Oh boy Hard Drivin was critical in my life, it taught me how to drive stick!
    Good memories.

  9. Awesome overview of 70's commercial arcade gaming!
    Due to the 80's Golden Age, the 70's is often overlooked, other than Pong/Breakout style games
    I recall playing many of the games shown, and others with Black and White or Green screens, some with colored overlays.
    A hotel near King's Island near Cincinnati, OH around 75-76 had a Games room with several cool coin video games. Sprint was a fun classic 2 player game, as was Death Race and similar, and a fav on mine as a 9 year old was a 2 player Fire truck driving game, where one person drove the truck with a big steering wheel, the other the ladder trailer.
    There were Mom & Pop pizza party joints in the 70s prior to chains like Chuck E Cheese, with great game rooms with many classic 70s video games, as well as those retro cool electro-mechanical arcade games like Polaris, or SKeeball, etc

  10. Atari (Inc.) was more amazing than most people know! Unfortunately, upper management drove Atari off a cliff!!

  11. It's kind of sad watching this when you understand the context of when these games were released and what they were competing against. You see Atari go from innovating to competing, then struggling and finally being left behind and kind of embarrassing themselves.

  12. My local pizza place had roadblasters when I was growing up. Had good times playing that game

  13. Great selection of games. It has some of my favourites on there.

  14. Goes to show that Atari's golden years really were between 1979 and 1990, and even then not all of those were stone-cold classics. And after that, the Midway influence of churning out derivative games really starts to bite…beat 'em ups and light gun games over and over again. Strikes me that the last truly original game was Klax…

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