Best Arcade Games Never to Get a Super Nintendo Port, Part 7 - SNESdrunk -

Best Arcade Games Never to Get a Super Nintendo Port, Part 7 – SNESdrunk

SNES drunk
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[0:42] Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
[1:39] Surprise Attack
[2:40] Ken-Go
[3:28] Spinal Breakers
[4:26] Karate Blazers
[5:14] Arabian Fight
[6:09] Cyberbots: Full Metal Madness
[7:09] Dragoon Might
[8:04] Exvania
[8:49] Slip Stream

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  1. Indiana Jones was in my home town’s worst pizza joint, when I was a kid. Loved it enough I toughed out the pizza.

  2. Oh I remember playing this at a friend's house back in the day. Tough but fun!

  3. Wasn't that Indy Jones game ported to NES? It was basically a demake of the same game, wasn't it?

  4. Spinal Breakers looks pretty similar to Dynamite Duke, but more varied…is there some relation between the two games?

  5. That’s the hardest part if you have a full MAME romset. You can’t play them all. Yet you want to enjoy the best games ever made just sitting on a hard drive. It’s sad we never get a primal rage remaster, the only game that can never be emulated right

  6. wow i totally forgot boot tokens, new arcades are wireless

  7. Rise of the Robots comes to mind… cool naming… lousy ass game 😅

  8. I'm only seeing one comment about this, but just FYI, while that Temple of Doom game may not have gotten a SNES port, it actually did get an NES port from Tengen. Scaled down considerably, but nonetheless — SNES users may have missed out, but NES users didn't… entirely.

  9. Slipstream looks awesome. So does the Robot fighting one. Actually most of them looked pretty fantastic. Great video.

  10. Arabian Fights should have been ported to the Saturn or at the very least Dreamcast.

  11. I saw Arabian night in a French magazine back then but only screens, it just looks incredible. Technically a smash.
    The vs fighting with armored fighters looks really impressive too, it should have been released on the sega saturn.
    Konami racing game is superb too with the super scale effect at its best.
    So many wonderful games never port on saturn or ps1 🙁

  12. Why would anyone wish for arcade games to go on Super Nintendo a console that wasn’t powerful to play the arcade the correct way did and Pac-Man play the same as the arcade the games were playing the same as the arcade until the PSP Xbox PS2 consoles were released those are the oldest best consoles to talk about if a game from the arcades did come to 16 bits graphics would of ruined the arcade machines but the arcades were on PC not consoles

  13. Cyberbots was in an arcade at Carowinds when I was in high school, and I absolutely LOVED it. Could not believe how good it was. I spent so much on that one cabinet.

  14. Slip stream looks incredible! Ps if you ever do a psdrunk please cover trap gunner!

  15. You shouldn't say "but alas". They are both conjunctions. You should choose one or the other.

  16. You are surprised that a game from 1985 never came to the super nintendo? Dude, the super nintendo wasnt released before 1990, and that was in Japan 🤣🤣🤣 And indiana jones did get a convertion on the nes (you know, the console that actually existed back when the game was out 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣)

  17. I think you missed the fact that temple of doom was ported to NES.

  18. One thing not mentioned: Jin and his robot Blodia from Cyberbots are the representatives of the franchise in Marvel vs. Capcom. BLODIA PUNCH!!!

  19. nice selection, never seen some of these titles

  20. So many good titles never saw a home version, would have loved to see a Simpsons or AVP port back in the day.

  21. The NES version of Temple of Doom tries as best as it can to play similarly to the arcade version. I really enjoyed the arcade game. I think I got to stones, but never got to the bridge.

  22. If you use MAME, Ken-go's parent game name is "Lightning Swords"

  23. What's depressing about a lot of these is that in MAME they are mostly marked yellow (meaning emulation isn't quite complete). Shame as a lot of these look really good. Some day…

  24. Love your videos! Greetings from Mexico🇲🇽

  25. Arabian Fight is a fun game that I only played on my Sega Astro Mini; the only home release of the game to my knowledge…

  26. When you referenced Guts' sword for Dragoon Might it hit me that in the late 90's through early 00's we westerners would have probably referred to giant, oversized swords more regularly as "Cloud's sword" or a "Buster Sword" or a "Final Fantasy Sword" since the first mass media exposure to an oversized sword for most in the US and the rest of the west was FF7. I guess it goes to show that we have truly culturally evolved at least a little bit that we properly categorize these references to their actual origin point of Berserk these days.

  27. Cyberbots was released on Saturn and PSX, it left the arcades.

  28. jesus christ, indiana jones looks pretty old on the starting screen of that one ^^

  29. Slip Stream, played back in the day, take a while to master but very satisfying when you do on the arcade.

  30. "Tim Allen in a ninja costume." Bah, hah, hah!!!

  31. Ummm Temple of Doom was ported to NES.. so it never went to Snes,.. but still. kind of a bad game to start the video on since it was ported… lol

  32. He sound like the dude from dark castle!
    Oh hell no get this game away from me!

  33. Indiana Jones Greatest Adventures for the SNES? Temple is on it.

  34. "Spinal Breakers" is most notable for having multiple possible endings, the "bad" ones involving either the hero ("Waffle"- snerk!) or his family being infected by the zombie-android-things before he can return to safety. Mostly tripped by failing to complete levels within their time limits, I believe. ("Curse my leaden legs, if only I had strafed faster!")

  35. indiana jones didn't get a snes port coz it got a nes port…

  36. I had a favorite back in the day. It was a side scrolling game of Willow. The first Willow game for the NES was similar to Zelda in many ways. If you want to play this version, you need an arcade emulator. It lets you play several different characters.

  37. Oh man, I immediately recognized Jin from the first Marvel vs Capcom, where his theme is a banger

  38. I spent a fortune on temple of doom as a kid and never seen the bridge stage. lol

  39. The local bowling alley we had in my town ~30 years ago had Indiana Jones, but it was a left handed version (the joystick was on the right while the buttons were on the left). Only time I'd ever seen that.

  40. There was a Temple of Doom Cabinet in one of our local Pizza Shops growing up. I was around 10 or 11 when it was there. I absolutely loved it, that cabinet had some real loud sound.

  41. I kinda feel like you're reaching a bit. Dont limit yourself. This is your channel, you have a good subscriber base and you're the boss. Just call it random games I felt like talking about.

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