Best Arcade Games Never to Get a Super Nintendo Port, Part 5 - SNESdrunk -

Best Arcade Games Never to Get a Super Nintendo Port, Part 5 – SNESdrunk

SNES drunk
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[0:00] Intro
[0:34] Dungeons & Dragons: Tower of Doom
[1:51] Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow over Mystara
[2:51] Lucky and Wild
[3:47] Demon Front
[4:27] Biomechanical Toy
[5:06] Sly Spy (Secret Agent)
[5:39] Avenging Spirit
[6:18] Sengoku 2
[6:59] Funky Jet

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  1. I remember lucky and wild. Chase HQ was my favorite!

  2. I know you're probably very busy with life but I hope you do a review for carnevil Midway arcade shooting game and the Lost world Jurassic Park arcade shooter by Sega

  3. Amazing series of videos! But I have to say, no love for WWF Wrestlefest?

  4. some games i put a lot of coins into and wanted an snes port:
    – joe & mac returns
    – kabuki klash far east of eden
    – space gun

  5. Good picks man. The Lucky and Wild bro's look like they are having seizures in the rear view mirror lol

  6. So Demon Front is just a rip off of Metal Slug. Can't people be creative!! Its a game, you can make it look however you want! Come up with your own ideas creators!!!

  7. Lucky and Wild! Great game. My friend and I beat that game in high school when we found it at the Nickelcade.

  8. Sly Spy is on Switch. It's pretty fun, good way to kill an hour

  9. Dude we are kindred spirits. Thank you for what you do. I refer to your videos when expanding my SNES collection.

  10. Lucky and Wild brings back good memories, so good.

  11. If you need an idea for a similar video: a
    Japan-only arcade games SNES owners missed out on. Valkyrie no Densetsu springs to mind. It was ported to the T16, but a SNES version could've been much closer to the arcade original. I bet there are other games like that too.

  12. Lucky and Wild was so much fun. Would have been a hard game to convert to SNes, but still, what a great time

  13. I've been using these videos to decide what to play on my Raspberry Pi arcade cabinet.

  14. You nailed It Snesdrunk! Nice to see how you manage to make a collection of the best games on the arcade!! Dungeons And Dragons is sure a classic and its only rival is Gaiapolis from Konami!!

  15. I just beat shadow over mustara this afternoon , on Pandora 1500.

  16. Are you playing demon front on a mame emulator? If so can I ask which one? I can't get that game to work for the life of me

  17. how do you keep forgetting Aliens from Konami?? that totallly could have been ported to the snes or genesis

  18. Sly spy?
    You mean D.B. Cooper’s post-hijacking freefall: the game

  19. Being a really big fan of Dragon's Crown, I can really see how much it was definitely influenced by the two Dungeons and Dragons beat em ups.

  20. I could be wrong, but I always thought the Lucky & Wild characters was a homage to the Tango & Cash movie… they sorta look alike

  21. Lucky and Wild def look more like Owen and Luke Wilson.

  22. avenging spirit looks like link from zelda on steroids, so this is where you go when you die in the ocarina of time

  23. Looks like Sly Spy stars a young stud version of the boss from final fight.

  24. It was fun just watching good players play these games as a kid.

  25. The D&D games at least were re-released for Steam and Wii U. I would buy them again on Switch, were they available.

  26. been loving this series. the dungeons and dragon games were no strangers to me, but many on the arcade games playlist have been. I do consider Shadow Over Mystara to be the greatest arcade game ever made. A short video isn't enough to truly cover it.

  27. I didn't know before Avenging Spirit originall came for Arcade. This is the best version. Keep making this list man! Your reviews are so good.

  28. I really wish we’d gotten that D&D game for the Sega Genesis instead of the lousy RPG type game we got.

  29. The DnD games would have made great home ports because of their replayability.

  30. I think the D&D games could have had a decent SNES port.

  31. I love all the obscure platforming arcade games

  32. I want on Switch:Dungeons & Dragons: Tower of DoomDungeons & Dragons: Shadow over MystaraLucky & Wild

  33. I remember playing Sly Spy and Lucky & Wild in arcades back in the day. L&W was pretty sweet, I liked it.

  34. The movie Shoot 'Em Up with Clive Owen and Paul Giamatti borrows from this game as there's a scene where Clive jumped from a plane and bad guys parachuted after him, and he shoots them as he's falling.

  35. Lucky n wild was a favorite of mine. My friend and I would save up our money and get a ride to the pizza palace just to play this one.

  36. Lucky and wild are beyond the capabilities of the SNES. The SNES is a tough hardware to develop for.

  37. The D&D mystara games were in dire need of a Halfling to round out the full Basic D&D Roster it represented.

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