Best Arcade Games Never to Get a Super Nintendo Port, Part 4 - SNESdrunk -

Best Arcade Games Never to Get a Super Nintendo Port, Part 4 – SNESdrunk

SNES drunk
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[0:00] Intro
[0:42] Jurassic Park
[1:18] Nam-1975
[1:54] Devastators
[2:30] Desert Assault
[3:09] Battletoads Arcade
[3:49] Night Slashers
[4:19] Growl
[4:51] Metamorphic Force
[5:32] Light Bringer
[6:06] Bubble Symphony
[6:38] R-Type Leo
[7:19] Boogie Wings
[8:10] Spider-Man

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  1. I like how the one game in this entire series that I've actually heard of is the one you take great pains to talk about how you've never heard of it and you've never heard anyone ever talk about XD

  2. Metamorphic Force IS a X-Men clone, that main guy has the exact same sprites/animations as Nightcrawler did in that game

  3. Battletoads at a CiCi's Pizza…great times

  4. Endless hours and quarters on that spiderman game and wanted a port so badly. I feel bad for anyone that never got to try that game in the arcade.

  5. This is one of my favorite Spider Man games of all time.

  6. Metamorphic force does not give off Xmen vibes… that games is a hyper version of "Altered Beasts"

  7. Spider-man arcade was at Disneyland in the ‘90s.

  8. I used to play the Spider-Man on in Virginia at a Food Lion.

  9. Whoa- they made a Battletoads arcade game😳🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🙀

  10. A game that combines Bubble Bobble & Rainbow Islands gameplay ? Brilliant !
    I definately have to play Bubble Symphony (06:06)

  11. How did u get boogie wings to work only version of mame ive found that even starts it displays it with black background -.-

  12. We had that spiderman game in a mom and pop pizza place when I was growing up ahhhh good memories!!!

  13. You have forgotten about Rambo 3 the arcade game

  14. The Jurassic Park cabinet didn't have a moving seat like After Burner. It's seat did a little bit of up and down (or tilt backward and forward), but nothing as cool as After Burner or Power Drift or anything like them.

  15. Spider-Man came out with 91 or 92 no way Sega whatever put that version Spider-Man on the Super Nintendo not during The Genesis Super Nintendo War.

  16. I clearly remember Spider-Man I first played it when I went to see Alien 3 in the movies. Golden Axe Revenge was right next to it.

  17. I remember Growl! I used to beat it on the genesis all the time!!!

  18. I'm stuck in the Lightbringer level were they throw you into the cold

  19. I loved R-Type Leo! I gather that it was originally developed as a different game by a external developer contracted by Irem, but Irem liked it so much that it was adapted into an R-Type game. I had no idea that a SNES port was in the works at one point, though.

  20. I remember Spiderman but yeah nobody ever talks about it, enjoyed it as a kid though

  21. I actually played Spiderman beaten up un the arcade, good fun.
    And i loved Rtype Leo and Boogie Wings, along with Bubble Bobble (tho i sucked at this one) 😅

  22. I know Guts when I see him, Light Bringer…

  23. I regret not buying the arcade machine for spiderman

  24. Hey look! The pudgy Spiderman from Spiderverse!

  25. Metamorphic force that panther has Wolverines attack pattern from the Xmen arcade game.

  26. I encountered precisely 1 instance of a wild Spider-Man arcade cabinet in my life. It was in the arcade of a hotel my parents and I were visiting briefly while on vacation. It was a long time ago, but the game stuck in my memory.

  27. I love your channel. Just found it today. Kudos.

  28. I love how Spider-Man: the Video Game features famed Avenger "H-Eye."

  29. Unfortunately, Lightbringer had the worst comic book adaptation of all time.

  30. Id have to say that Super Bubble Bobble that was available in the Nintendo Wii play store is my favorite Bubble Bobble game EVER. Its JUST like the original, but with a graphic update.

  31. I've seen that spiderman game once in a local theater as a kid in the early 90s…once.

  32. I’m very surprised you had never heard of or seen the Spider-Man beat’em-up! It wasn’t always at every arcade in the 90s, but definitely wasn’t hard to find. Classic! And we all made fun of Spider-Man’s posture lol

  33. LoL "in the wild."
    I grew up in a small town so cabinets were few and far in my neighbourhood. A drive to the nearest arcade was where it was at but still your options were the most popular at the time. I'm loving this series, making me want to bust out a roll of quarters. Boogie Wings looks like a cat's butt 🐈!

  34. The spiderman game was at my Roller Rink. God the money I spent!!

  35. I played the JP arcade game with my grandpa after seeing Mars Attacks. There was not only a moving seat that went 360*, but a mist sprayer to simulate the Dino breath.

  36. Bubble Bobble will always be one of my favorite cabinet games. It just plays better with a joystick too!

  37. Never heard of Boogie Wings before now, but I have a feeling I'm going to be recommending that one in particular to everyone I know.

  38. I have been looking for gameplay of the Spider-Man game for years! When I was probably 9 years old, my grandparents took me camping and they had a tiny arcade/game room for kids. I played that arcade all weekend hah. Great memories

  39. 2:50 Ahh, another member of the Wilhelm Family just died today

  40. Brooo this is an All-Star list of games you put together here. I played very few arcade games as a kid so thank you sir! (PS – Enjoy your coffee 😀lol)

  41. I want on Switch
    Desert Assault/Thunder Zone
    Metamorphic Force
    Light Bringer
    Boogie Wings
    R-Type Leo

  42. I owned the Sega Spider-Man arcade machine back in 2009. Had to sell moving to a small apartment. Wish I still had it

  43. It is so sad many of this good games never ported to the 16bit consoles.Although I feel that spiderman, Jurassic Park could have landed on the Sega CD.

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